Inside the Future of Cars – BMW CES 2017

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today I'm here at CES 2017 at the BMW pavilion where we have the future of the interior

So BMW was awesome enough to not only sponsor this video, but give us a sneak peak at a lot of stuff And this is gonna be where we start Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold on hold on, back this up What is going on right here? – [Demonstrator] Okay, so this is our HoloActive Touch system – A HoloActive Touch system, okay

– So it's made up of three components You have a mirror display here, which is providing the hologram, right – Right – [Demonstrator] You have an LCD screen below It's reflecting an image that appears to be floating in space

– That is crazy – [Demonstrator] Then we have a gesture camera here – [Austin] Okay, got it – [Demonstrator] This is tracking where your finger position is – Right, wait, I feel something when I touch that

– Right and so this is provided by, it's an ultrasonic array – Dude! I'm just going to touch it for a while, is that cool? I'm just gonna do this From the side it looks like absolutely nothing, but, that is crazy Wow, so basically it's this piece, this piece, and the camera, it all comes together – They come together to make an experience

If you have a screen that's far away from you, you can't touch it, so we need to move the screen closer So the way to do it is with a hologram – This is incredible That is wild – And when you're ready we can go on in the story

– I mean, I guess, I could do this for a while, but okay So what else do we have? – So, with autonomous driving, routes are not about getting you through a city but other ways that you can get around recommended to you – Got it – Click yes here So could it be, say, based on mood or how your feeling? – Wait, hold on, so I can pick the route I want to take through the city based on how I'm feeling? – Yeah

– So if I like wanted a nice, leisurely drive – Yeah, click calm then – I'm feeling calm right now – [Demonstrator] So it's able to read your biometrics, it knows your heart rate, says that you're calm, and then it gives you your appropriate route based on that – [Austin] Wow

– [Demonstrator] So we're going to go around the lake, take a nice calm drive around the lake – So, where are the biometrics? How does that work? – So this would be based on sensors built in – Oh, actually in the seat? – Yeah – Wow – Yeah

– Okay, okay – And so, click accept route – I want this route, absolutely (guns firing) The headrest has speakers – So we have directional speakers built in the headrests – [Austin] Oh, I see

– And then there's shakers built in the seat back – Yeah, I know as soon as it started I felt like, kina like the bass almost of the seat – And you can take a video call right here And this would be a personal call that you could take I can't see it because it's the hologram

– Right – I'm listening to something else You're watching and listening to this call – [Austin] Alright well, would you like to join the call? – I would like to join the call – Would you like to talk, okay, let's

– Let's talk to Patricia So here she is up on the main screen here And the system is scrubbing through the content of the call It's giving you a recommendation So in this case, Megan broke her shoelace at the game

We send one directly to her So it has an Amazon Prime Air connection – Prime Air, of course – So here are the gold shoelaces Let's send them to the game

– Hold on, hold on a second, let's break that down, right? So what happened was, I got a video call I answered the video call It was live transcribing what she was saying to me, it analyzed what she said, realized that she needed some shoelaces, and immediately pulled it up on Amazon – Yeah – [Austin] Can I get this right now? – Not right now

(laughing) – Can I just take this home with me right now? – Yes – I'll level with you for a second, right I was walking over here, I'm like, this is kind of an interesting looking car I sit in here, I'm actually in The Matrix right now – Yep

– This is unreal – So this is the idea that we have in this me time, we time that we've been talking about – Dude, thank you so much, this is absolutely unbelievable My car is terrible now, I need a new one with all of this I need holograms, I need holograms in my life right now

Obviously this is not something that you can buy today, right? But the idea that you get the hologram You get the audio You get the cleverness of being able to actually figure out what somebody is saying in real time, figure out the intent and then order something from that, is wild I don't know how long this is going to be until it actually comes out But that was the future

Like I legit don't know what to say right now because that was the future This is awesome

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