Invisible Mouse MYSTERY TECH from WISH

– Welcome back to Wishtery Tech, where we make some very questionable decisions on Wish purchases Look, this has not gone well in the past, probably not gonna go well today, but let's spin the roulette wheel and see what we find

Oh, that's so good! It's like a 1/12 scale phone We should get this just for thumbnails Alicia: "I love it! "Really small though" (laughs) – [Ken] If my Tinder had reviews – Ken! Is that a naked tree? That's a tree with (beep), that's weird

Ooh, a racing wheel for $62 – [Ken] Oh, that sounds like it could be okay – Refurbished though? – [Ken] Yeah – For 62 bucks? – [Ken] How much is the shipping, 'cause that's– – Free shipping – [Ken] Oh, then that sounds good

– Whoa, look at this! Only one second, go from this to this That's a great Photoshop Oh, interesting, a 32 mil F16 manual aperture and everything lens for Sony E-Mount – [Ken] Let's get that

– What is this? It's a girl eating a microphone? – [Ken] Is that Taylor Swift? – Not all white people look alike, Ken, although most white girls do look alike (clears throat) I found a $56 MacBook – [Ken] Ohhh – Oh, you clickbait (beep) It's an iPad keyboard – [Ken] (laughs) Now you know what it feels like to be one of your viewers – Damn

Yeah you make the thumbnails, you can't blame it on me Oh my god, do you want an intelligent voice translating earphone with 28 languages? I mean, we have to try this, this looks ridiculous – [Ken] Yeah, sure – Hmm, a 400 watt solar panel Do you think we are going to get 400 watts out of a $50 solar panel on Wish? – [Ken] Probably not

– Should we try it? – [Ken] Sure For 62 bucks, that just seems like it will be a fun gag outside Ken, look the 2021 upgrade of the Beats We're in the future – [Ken] That's um, pretty sure that's illegal

– Wait how is it refurbished if it's in 2021? Okay, I'll buy it Do you want a Shure SM57? – [Ken] That looks kind of official-like – We can try it, 27 bucks – [Ken] Yeah, no, do it – Okay, the 1600 DPI optical USB gaming mouse, which actually looks really cool in the photo

I mean sure it's terrible, but six bucks, why not? All right, so with that I think we have all the items we need for our Wishtery Tech Extravaganza Now I'll be back in like two months when these things actually all show up Oh well hello, and welcome back my friends, it is currently three months later as for some bizarre reason Wish shipping was delayed However, we're back with my invisible mouse – [Matt] I gotta tell ya, from over here it doesn't look very invisible

– Can you see me, Matt? Am I invisible yet? – [Ken] It actually doesn't look that bad, though It sounds good – [Matt] It doesn't sound bad – It doesn't feel good, it feels very hollow Let me actually plug it in and see what it's like to use

Oh, I forgot it's RG (trails off) B (laughs) it's just B – [Matt] Well no, it's got a little R in there – Look the problem is, is that the mouse, because it has no like sort of rear anything, the entire weight, mind you it's very light, but the entire weight's on the front, so as you go to move it, it's almost kind of front heavy, because there's literally nothing back here besides just a little grip to sort of keep your hand from falling over See, if I try to push this down, the entire mouse is picked up, but I mean it's pretty easy to be reasonably accurate

Now I'm just using like a normal like wood surface here which is not remotely smooth – [Matt] So, it's really pissing me off that they put a single super bright spot on– – Oh, you're right, it's just right here, it's not on this side So there's one LED in this entire side In fact, there's only one LED period Essentially, it's just reflecting through the plastic, 'cause look– – [Ken] The laser

– Yeah, and then the laser– – [Ken] Yeah, the laser actually shines through the top – Wait, I just realized that's not the laser, that's not an extra light, that's just the laser firing up or something right? – [Ken] Yeah, that's not an LED – It's fine, we paid almost nothing for this If you don't mind waiting several months for it to show up, I'm pretty happy with this, that's actually legitimately pretty cool I mean I don't know if I would recommend it, but I definitely used much worse mice and some of those mice were more expensive so

Oh this stupid thing What is this? Wait, that's it? We don't have any pedals for it? Ken, pedals are a very key important component here So this is what I am almost positive is a used 458 Thrustmaster wheel

– [Matt] A used Thrustmaster? – [Ken] You don't want those used – It's clearly designed for an Xbox, because you have the XYAB, which you have your little mode selector switch I bet you guys should program that into F1 to, I don't know, open up DRS or something, but I do have a racing set up at home with a pretty nice wheel and pedal, so I'm curious to see how this lines up What I don't have is a chair Hello there, Tiny Austin here, I'm gonna say right now this is not the most seamless smooth of experiences, mostly 'cause my pedals move, and, uh, I'm making excuses

– [Matt] I feel like you make excuses a lot when you go to play a racing game You're like, "I'm so good at racing games" – Okay, you know what, Matt? – [Matt] And you always have an excuse– – That's fine – [Matt] for why you're not good at it – Oh wait, I have a good excuse

I don't know how the buttons work – [Matt] That's an okay excuse – Yeah, that's a pretty good one, right? – [Matt] I'll give you that one – I don't think its working (buttons and pedals clicking) – [Matt] So, there's a review on Amazon, which I quote is, "A great wheel, "but not for PC Master Race

"This is a truly great product, and I love it, "but it does not work on PC out of Xbox Play Anywhere "racing games, even though it's USB "There is no way that I have found "to trick a game into seeing it" – Well that's unfortunate Oh, I caught it Ugh, so these are our Beats Studio Wireless, and immediately I can tell they're incredibly lightweight but also, (plastic crinkling) can you hear that plastic? – [Ken] Very cheap shrink wrap

– I don't think these are real slash legit Also, Beats Pure ANC, 22 hours beats that – [Ken] That's actually, why isn't Apple using that? Beats that? That's a really good catchphrase Oh, I don't like the look of that Oh, what, what? – Okay, so we have our slightly dirty Beats headphones

I can tell you immediately these are not real, 'cause they weigh like half of what real Beats weigh Look at this, you see those little things they printed on the side? Oh yeah like real Beats have These feel– – [Ken] Oh, I love the studio logo on the– – Studio three! Dude, these are such bad knock offs They're not refurbished If I can give anything to Beats by Dre, it is they make very high quality feeling head phones, and sure maybe that requires them to sneak a little bit of extra metal for the feel

I don't care, it still feels nice This feels like a toy, I will say I've worn these for, I didn't even start playing music, I just paired them, and my ears are already very uncomfortable They're not the right size for anything, it just sits there and just squishes on your ear so it's like, it's not like an on ear, it's not soft, but it's like an over ear that's small, so it just sits flat right on the edges of your ear – [Ken] Wait, wait, look at the window for a second Look, there's a light on the side of the Beats

(comedic whimpering) – It's like I'm listening to the ghost of music, it's like there's this speaker in the other room I'm listening to It's so harsh I'm not gonna lie, those might be, try those, try those, those might be the worst headphones I've ever listened to – Okay yeah these feel cheaper in person, I'll say Oh that's– – Just prepare yourself, prepare yourself for this

(soft hip-hop music) (laughs) That's bad, that's bad – Okay if (sighs) – That's bad! – It's not– – Bad! – Horrible – Bad, B-A-D-D – [Ken] It's like a slight step above horrible

– No, no – [Ken] It's like a centimeter above horrible – No – [Ken] It could be worse – I challenge you, I shouldn't say this on camera, but I'm gonna say it anyway, challenge you to find me a worse pair of headphones for next Mystery Tech

I bet you can't do it – [Ken] Oh, I mean I can, but are you sure? – No, please don't do that, that's a terrible idea (loud plastic clattering) That didn't work cause it came back toward me, but we're just going to continue Look at that, I am catching everything today This is supposedly a pair, a single Shure SM57 Legendary Instrument Microphone

Now if you're not a audio guy like Matt is, then you'll probably not know that this is a legitimately very very popular mic This is kind of the industry standard for a lot of people, and for good reason Might not be the most expensive mic, it might not be the best sounding mic, but it is a very very popular mic that is used in many popular places, so– – [Ken] That was the most surface level explanation of that– – [Matt] Yeah – [Ken] That you could've drawn out of your hat – [Ken] This is a microphone, it records things, it definitely picks up audio

– [Matt] Ken's description was about 1000 times more descriptive than yours – (laughs) The roast is real right now So I'm going to plug it in – Ow – Taco test test SM57

– That's fake, man – Wait, so I can't hear this right now, so can you please describe to me what you're hearing with this microphone? – It's very tinny, it's a more of like an old-timey radio sound – Really? – Yeah, it's like, it's not great, it's not bad If you needed microphones and, for you know, recording your band in your bedroom or whatever, for 26 bucks I actually think I would pick this up, but it is not a real SM57, so – Confirmed fake, next item please

I just feel like, you know what though, – [Matt] I can't really leave until you stop talking – I say that, yeah of course, I know – I wanna go back to my spot – I know, I know you do, so the thing is, I actually like holding the mic like this, it feels really good I feel like I have a lot of power in my life, so I'm just gonna, you should just stand here while I do the next item

This is the TransTalk wireless translation headphone How, uh, awkward are you that I'm gonna make you stand right beside me as I do the next item? – I get to host an episode of stuff with you, right? So, if you're gonna make me do this I'm gonna be like, "Hello, and welcome to this is–" – Anyway, I have the mic, so we are going to go ahead and continue with the TransTalk So here we have a wireless translation headphone with an app I love when I have to download an app for some weird, random item that I purchased for Mystery Tech It's great, it's my favorite thing in fact

Get it at Google Play Item not found! Great, love it, awesome, sweet That was a really fun item wasn't it? Aren't you so glad that you're spending your time watching this wonderful video all about Wish Mystery Tech? Boy oh boy, I am so happy that I'm here right now I Just love when things don't work – [Ken] You're gonna break your Z-Flip, my guy

– It has an iPhone app, the iPhone app actually shows up, so it just doesn't work on Android How are we going to try this? Does anyone speak any other languages here? – [Ken] I can give you three sentences in Japanese – Okay cool, we're gonna do that I'm gonna download this super sketchballs app on an iPhone So you as the phone person are listening to Japanese

I as the headset person am listening to English So if you say something in Japanese to the phone, you tap the button I should then hear it in English on the headset – Okay – This is like a dumb version of Google translate, let's go

– It actually looks like a version of Google translate as well – Okay – All right – Konichiwa – Wait– – [Phone] Hello

– Oh, it did it – Wait, here do it the other way – Wait what? Wait no, no that's right – But why are you hearing it on the phone? I'm not hearing it on the headset – Well, it is working, I'll say that much

– Wait, let me try this Wait it's text What's the point of the headset? It's just the app! – [Matt] I think it's the other way around – Hold on, wait – [Matt] So, you speak English into the headset– – I think he's right

– [Matt] And then you show it– – What's the point of the headset? This is just a Bluetooth headset – [Matt] Yeah – It's an app – Yeah – Like Google translate

– Yeah – So what's the point of this? – There is no point – I am so offended by this Mystery Tech I have not been this legitimately upset Normally I can blame Ken, it's fine, but I have nothing to blame here besides myself and Wish

I'm gonna blame you anyway Ken, how dare you let me order these items? (speaking Japanese) – [Ken] It's lighter than I thought – (laughs) You can just hand it to me too Okay, so this is the stupid baby phone Here we go, this is, no wait, nope, sorry hang on

– [Matt] Did someone say, "This is"? – (laughs) Matt, are you gonna let me do this right now? – [Matt] Yeah Do I really have to do this? – [Matt] Yep – If you would like to know more about tiny phones, we did a video on this all about the smallest phones, so feel free to click on the card or the link in the description – [Matt] Why did you do it like an old telephone? – I was trying to be like Gladys (laughs) This is the tiny doll phone that we got

As you can see, it is incredibly detailed, so much so that Ken can't keep in focus You can see if you look very very closely, that it is an old Samsung wallpaper, like a Note 4 or something – [Matt] You spent a dollar on that – I got a dollar worth of enjoyment out of that I can give it to my doll or my, um– – [Ken] What is your doll, is that you call Karen? – [Matt] Hit F in the chat, boys

– Okay, that was a poor shot What is this, there's labels on both sides Just, you know what, we're going to censor the entire frame, so the entire frame is just gonna go black as I unbox this Instead, this is now going to be an ASMR unboxing (plastic crinkling) Now we're going to take a look at this super high resolution large aperture lens, and hopefully this is calming you down, so that you will continue to watch the video, and now we are going to open up our little leather bag

So nice, so kind, I'm very excited to give this a try Oh, so so cute So now we have an E-mount, so this can go on your little Sony cameras, that's very exciting – [Matt] You're not whispering anymore, now you're just going really high-pitched You can talk normal

– Okay I can talk normal, fine This is the VELEDGE APSC F1632 mili lens I mean Ken, you know we can put this on that camera, right? – [Ken] No, no, no, no, no, we have an A7 right there – All right, just give me the A7

– [Ken] No, no – I demand to be the voice of reason – So currently what Ken is doing, if you cut to that angle, is he is currently replacing the normal lens on our A camera – [Matt] No, what are you, oh my god, why did you do that while it's still recording? – I don't know but it's fine Now, we are currently using the brand new lens

I don't know if this is focused – [Matt] It's not in focus – It looks really, actually it's not that different – [Matt] I'll be honest, it's not – So this is where Austin finds out that we bought all of these lenses to flex

– So this is what it looks like when we are recording with our $90 lens, so, are you trying, That's, that's, you're showing the labels again Okay, so this is Mystery Tech now where we huddle around this tiny lens, so– – [Matt] It's not in focus! – This is our next item for Mystery Tech that Ken just gave me It's a solar panel that we bought on Wish so why don't we go outside and see if our $61 solar panel actually works Okay, so we are now recording with our cheap lens, and we have our Wish solar panel, which I will say actually looks to be reasonably large

Reasonably sized? Reasonably reasonable It's a pretty big solar panel Well, we're charging – Yay – Oh, device charging slow, oh no, it was charging slowly for a second and now it's charging at full speed

Oh wait, now it's back to slowly – I mean, I am moving this so like– – Yeah, can you get max sun, 'cause it is a little cloudy out right now – Well we are like yeah if we– – Yeah – If we step over here– – Yeah yeah There we go

– Max sun – Max sun? Still saying charging slowly, that's fine Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this episode of Mystery Tech It's a little bit of a weird one, but you know what, every episode of Mystery Tech is weird, because we don't know what the hell we're doing See you next time

A little to the left – Which one, which left? – Your left – Your left, okay – We have the same left most of the time – No we don't

– Sometimes – I'm turned around, I'm turned around right now – (laughs) Aren't we all?

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