iPhone 11 Review – Buy this one.

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the iPhone 11 and if you're considering buying an iPhone, this is the one to get

So we have to start with the cameras So this year, the iPhone 11 has a pair of cameras A standard-wide angle as well as a new ultra-wide What I'm curious to see is exactly how this compares to its predecessor, the iPhone XR So first of all let's start with the main shooters

Well I can immediately see there's a lot more dynamic range on the 11, especially when you look over Ken's shoulder, there's a little bit more detail in the road, whereas it's pretty much bricked on the XR Also, this looks sharp Like that looks significantly sharper If you look at the text above the red, like on the handle, I can barely read it, it says "Camera front", but on the 11 that's actually pretty clear Something else I like here is that it seems to be a little bit more natural on the 11

So, even though the XS as well as the XR, they had good cameras, sometimes they would be a little bit too over-aggressive with their HDR trying to pull a little bit more detail out even though the image didn't quite look natural Whereas on the 11, if there's a darker area, it doesn't mind sort of crushing it down a little bit to give you a more natural look There's still a lot of detail, a lot of dynamic range That's pretty impressive Something new this year on the main camera is that apparently it has 100% focus pixels

So if I kinda move in and out, specifically if I get nice and close, it should actually do a pretty good job of keeping you in focus Now the other thing which is new here is, of course, that ultra-wide camera, so I'm recording video with the standard shooter However, if I press the ultra-wide button, it immediately jumps out to the ultra-wide perspective This is obviously going to give you a little bit of a loss in quality, specifically in low light, but I mean that's actually cool, especially considering they've got that really impressive video stabilization I mean, this almost looks like I'm on a Gimbal or something

So, this is what video looks like as I'm walking with the ultra-wide camera Between that perspective as well as the super steady shot Gotta say, this is actually pretty impressive, and if I want, I can jump right back into the main shooter And I've gotta say, they've done a pretty good job of keeping it consistent There's no doubt that this year, one of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone 11 is the definitely on the camera front

So, neither of them are perfect Both have a lot of issues with the camera and the screen However, I prefer the look of the 11 It looks a little bit brighter, a little bit more saturated, especially in the background That portrait mode still actually does look pretty nice though

Let's do a portrait selfie, shall we? So the front-facing camera has been fully redesigned for the iPhone 11 So this is the standard shooter However, if I press the button, it'll make it a little bit wider Look friends I'm actually curious to see how the portrait looks though

What's my iPhone 11 portrait face like? You know what? It completely missed my glasses Literally, my glasses are like cut off there Yikes That's not great, lemme try another one Yeah that's better, didn't lose the glasses there

It does a pretty good job of cutting the hair out There's a lot of detail on my face too Definitely no smoothing going on Now we also have the slofie, which is, of course, a slow-motion selfie Let me demonstrate

(laughing) It does slow-motion front-facing video now So, there's no doubt that the iPhone 11 is a pretty big upgrade on the camera front However, when you compare it to the Pro, what you're losing here is a telephoto camera this has the ultra-wide and the wide but not that zoomed-in shot Now a triple camera set up is certainly nothing new LG, Huawei and Samsung have all been shipping triple cameras for a little while now

Now while it is nice to have a telephoto, honestly the 2x zoom on the Pro, as well as something like on the Note 10, isn't actually that big of a deal You do lose quality by going with the Telephoto And while it is a little more zoomed in, often times I actually find it's not that useful As far as I'm concerned, if I was going to pick two cameras, I would prefer that ultra-wide That being said, the 11 Pro does have that other option that you're missing on the 11 but I mean, eh? Now, one of the major new features this year is a night mode for the iPhone 11

So to test, we're here in the studio which has been pretty much completely blacked out There's a little bit of light over here from the window, as well as a tiny bit from the ceiling, but it's pretty dark in here, as evidenced by if I turn off this phone screen, you can't see me anymore, can you? Hi Matt, are you ready to be my photo demo? – Oh yeah, I'm ready – Okay, let's start out the iPhone XR With the XR, ready and erm I will say it's not terrible There's a little bit of detail here, but muddy would be a good way to describe that one

Let's try on the Pixel Okay, are you ready Matt? – Oh yeah – Ready, and you know that actually looks really impressive, so there's way more detail here I mean, I can literally see your individual eyebrow hairs That's pretty solid

So something interesting with the iPhone 11 is that we do have a little night-mode button, so I can actually change how long it's going to run So this is with it off and it'll go up to 3 seconds, or max of 5, but I'm gonna leave it on the auto setting Alright, are you ready Matt? – [Matt] Yep – And, shooting, holding still, counts me down and boom we have our photo That's also very impressive

I mean, it looks like there's straight up light in here Take a look at what Matt looks like right now, and now take a look at what he looks like on the iPhone 11 The Pixel looks to be a little bit smoother but I think it's mostly because they're sort of aggressively cleaning up that detail I do think that the iPhone got the color balance a little bit right On the Pixel, everything looks a bit blue

That's pretty impressive Although, I will say your skin tones definitely do look better on the Pixel, but everything in the background looks very washed out That's pretty close Regardless though, this is super impressive considering just how dark it is in here If I'm going to point out the biggest weakness of the iPhone 11, it is definitely going to be the display

So, just like with the iPhone XR, we're looking at a 61" IPS panel And well, just like the iPhone XR, it is usable, it's fine, but it is certainly not as good as most other high-end phones on the market, especially that iPhone 11 Pro Not only is it fairly low resolution, but it also lacks the excellent brightness and contrast of the OLED on the iPhone 11 Pro Now, last year, this actually was a slightly closer comparison, as the XR, even though it didn't have the higher resolution, it actually had was a slightly brighter panel with very very slightly better color accuracy compared to the XS

But this year, it's no comparison The 11 screen is fine, it's usable, but it's not as good as that 11 Pro Now, there's some other small differences, including that bezels are a little bit bigger on the iPhone 11 But on the flip side, you actually have a wider array of colors available So you have this, what do you call this? Like lavender, lilac? There's yellow, there's green, there's red, there's white, there's black

Personally, I like the colors and I also really like the fact that it does only have the two cameras on the back Obviously, it would be nice to have three cameras for practicality, but it's not ugly This is much much better than the 11 Pro I know I'm giving the Pro hard time and I'm sure a month from now, I'll completely forget about it, but I can't unsee just how unsightly those triple weird cameras are This looks so much cleaner

Now, there are a couple of other downgrades with the 11 but most of them are fairly minor, so it does only support 2×2 LTE as opposed to 4×4, so speeds will be a little bit slower It is made out of aluminum instead of stainless, which feels not quite so premium And there are the other things, such as while it supports fast charging, it doesn't actually come with a fast charger in the box, which is annoying A lot of this stuff isn't a big deal I mean, am I ever going to realize that my two meters of water resistance on the 11 isn't as good as four meters of diving on the 11 Pro? No, I'm never gonna take it that deep, but I don't know why anyone else would

If you take a look at Apple's site, they probably proclaim that the iPhone 11 Pro is the first iPhone worthy of the Pro name Okay, so when you look at it in real life, this is actually a very straight forward upgrade compared to last year So instead of selling the iPhone XR, they have the iPhone 11, the XS is turned into the iPhone 11 Pro, and the XS Max turned into the 11 Pro Max, because, yes, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is now a name that I have to say with my words While Pro Max isn't exactly a great name, I actually do think that the iPhone 11 is a much much cleaner branding play, compared to the iPhone XR of last year So I think a lot of people sort of maybe

They didn't write off the XR, because it was a very big seller for them, but a lot of people assume that this was the budget iPhone It's the one that you didn't really wanna get Obviously, a few years ago there's was the iPhone 5C, which was, straight up, a worse iPhone compared to the 5S of the day

However, with the iPhone 11, they've made this, pretty much, the default option If you're gonna go buy a new iPhone, I want the 11 or do you want the Pro with that? Do you fries with that? Do you want super-size with that? What if they called it the iPhone super-size? I talked in the past about why the iPhone XR was my favorite iPhone of last year And there were a lot of reasons for that Not only was it $250 cheaper, but of course, it had the best battery life of any iPhone It was so much better than the XS

However, when you look at the 11 this year, things have changed just a little bit When Apple announced that the iPhone 11 is cheaper than the iPhone XR, I was legitimately impressed So now, when you look at the line up, you have at $700, the iPhone 11, at $1000 dollars, you have the Pro, and $1100 dollars for the Pro Max, but it's actually even a better deal for the XR as soon as you look at the storage Wait, I mean the 11 The 11, 11

So, all three phones this year come with 64 gig standard However, the iPhone 11 has a $50 upgrade to go to 128 gigs of storage, which in my opinion, is the sweet spot If you wanna upgrade the storage on the Pro or the Pro Max, that's a full $150 to go to up to 256, which I think is probably overkill for a lot of people So, if you want some kind of mid-range storage, the value proposition looks even better for the iPhone 11 One thing that's the same between the iPhone 11 and Pro are the specs

As inside, they share the same Apple A13 Bionic chip Now, the A12 of last year is already the fastest chip on a phone And this promises about 20% more performance So that's good It's easy to kind of make fun of it of it's a little bit faster here, a little bit faster there, but the Apple chip making team deserves some major, major props

This thing is ridiculously powerful Now, there are two ways of looking at this On one hand, it is a nice thing that both the lower-end iPhone 11, as well as the higher-end Pro, have the exact same spec In fact, compared to last year, whereas the iPhone XR had a little bit less RAM, they also shared the exact same four gigs The other side which I do think is important to consider is that as an Apple designed chip, they've actually made some pretty significant gains in efficiency, so this should be around 30% better than last year

Again, directly relating to some of that better battery life that we're seeing on all three of the new iPhones Obviously, having a bigger cell inside is important, but having a more power-efficient processor that is more powerful and less power-using? Power inefficient? Basically, it is a faster chip that needs less power to run They've done this by employing buzzwords, such as machine-learning Okay, so hear me out here The machine-learning algorithms they're actually using in that specific part of the A13 chip are actually very powerful

And what they use it for is actually turning off different parts of the A13 Bionic that aren't being used Now, generally speaking, there's some kind of level of finesse where you can turn off a core, or you've idled down something, you can do some stuff traditionally However, almost every potion of this A13 chip can be completely idled off which means that you're not losing battery life just sitting around doing nothing It's actually a very, very clever thing that they're doing here Now, I think all this plays into a much grander vision of how the iPhone can continue to stay relevant

Even at $700, while this is cheaper than the Pro, it is certainly not anywhere near the excellent budget options which could be several hundred dollars cheaper On one hand, you have people who have older iPhones which honestly are still totally fine and not really needing an upgrade, and on the other, you have people who are brand new to buying a new smartphone, and they don't mind switching over to Android And I think, to be able to convince both of those groups, you gotta have the whole package, right? And that why you see such an emphasis on the camera adding the wide-angle, adding these different options That's why you see such an emphasis on the performance, the battery life I mean, at this point, if you're selling an expensive phone, you need to deliver on all aspects

It's no longer good enough to have a 90% phone, but it lets go on this or that I mean, there are so many excellent phones which are available for three, four, five hundred dollars that the world has changed in a major, major way And when you got that iPhone 6S which is still putting in work all these years later, I'm not surprised that Apple's getting a little bit nervous And they're really stepping up the game here

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