iPhone 7 – What To Expect

Hey guys this is Austin Another year means another iPhone but what does Apple have in store for the iPhone 7? Probably the biggest rumor is that the next iPhone will drop the headphone jack

This seems a bit ridiculous at first glance but it’s worth considering that the connector itself is pretty ancient, the quarter inch jack has been in use since 1878 and the smaller 35 millimeter version is still over 50 years old Considering there really hasn’t been much to improve on since should say a lot but Apple has another idea: using the Lighting port This has been in the works for a while and you can actually already buy a pair of Lightning headphones today The Philips Fidelio headphones work by integrating a lot of the parts you would usually find inside the iPhone over to the headphones

Instead of relying on the DAC inside the phone to create a signal that can drive headphones the Lightning port simply moves the raw data to the headphones where all the processing happens The problem is that with all of this hardware built into the headphones they aren’t cheap It’s not the end of the world for audiophile grade hardware like this but good luck picking up an affordable pair of Lightning headphones any time soon The advantage is that this really does improve audio quality, not only is there no hiss in the background but even compressed MP3s sound really nice Pair this with Bluetooth headphones getting better and better and the removal of the headphone jack and DAC means there’s extra room inside the iPhone for a better speaker or bigger battery

This being Apple they’ll probably sell an adapter to be able to use normal 35 millimeter headphones with the iPhone 7 but as crazy as it might sound the days of the headphone jack might be numbered Another big possibility is the return of a four inch iPhone For most of the lifespan of the iPhone it had a relatively small 35 or 4 inch screen but with the iPhone 6 things got much bigger

This was a smart move, for most people the larger size is a better option but there are still a lot of people who prefer a smaller phone Rumors started picking up when a leaked China Mobile slide mentioned an iPhone 7c and have since blown up all over the internet Apple still sells the 4 inch iPhone 5s so releasing an updated version of that phone with a tweaked design and additions like Apple Pay and faster internals could make a lot of sense Especially when you consider just how good more budget phones have gotten it makes sense for Apple to get more competitive in the mid range Unlike the normal iPhone 7 which is expected to come out September like always, this new smaller iPhone is likely to come out much sooner, somewhere in the March to April timeframe

Another interesting rumor is that the iPhone 7 will feature two rear facing cameras This isn’t crazy, not only have there been Apple patents describing how something like this could work but it’s been done before HTC launched the Duo Camera on the One M8 back in 2014 which featured a main camera along with a smaller sensor that works together to give you interesting effects like changing the perspective of your photos On the iPhone this could be used to let you take a wide and tight picture at the same time, letting you take full res pictures while recording video and more If this happens it’ll probably be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus but it could be really interesting

Another feature that people have been talking about is the addition of waterproofing This is something Apple has been slowly working on in the background with the addition of a gasket on the 6s which makes the current iPhone remarkably waterproof already And legit waterproofing is something you can find on a lot of other phones like this $200 Sony Xperia Aqua It’s nice to be able to get a phone a little wet without having to worry about a giant, bulky case One of the more interesting rumors is the addition of wireless charging

Yet again this is something that has been in other phones for quite a while including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 It works by using a charging pad plugged into the wall which is able to send power a short distance wirelessly through the glass back and into a coiled wire above the battery This is undoubtedly cool but in reality it’s not massively faster than just dropping your phone on a dock Bloomberg recently posted an article that Apple is working on wireless charging that can work at a distance Apple has already patented ways of integrating a charger into something like an iMac, it wouldn’t be fast but imagine your phone wirelessly charging just as seamlessly as it gets on Wi-Fi

This is likely another year or two out but it could have a massive impact on battery life So what do you guys want to see on the iPhone 7? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one!

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