Is a $130 Laptop Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin We take a look at a lot of budget computers But this, this is something a little bit different

At $130, is this Dell Inspiron worth it? At $130, not only is this one of the cheapest brand new Windows laptops you can find, but impressibly, it's made by a real company Not some random thing I've never heard of that's straight off of Amazon Now what makes this kind of interesting is that not only is it going to be power by an AMD processor, something a little bit different from these ultra sort of budget systems, but on top of that it does come with a full year of Office 365, which by itself is like, what $100? Now when it comes to spending $130 for a brand new laptop, you shouldn't expect a lot of accessories So of course we do have the laptop itself here, as well as the power adapter, which is really nice and tiny At $130, this is incredibly cheap

But what we're looking at, at least at first glance is something that doesn't look all that different from a lot of the $170 to $200 Windows laptops out there And one of the big reasons behind that or at least one of the main differences is that this is going to be running an AMD processor Which is interesting, because Intel basically gives away their processors at this price point Actually it doesn't feel that bad, to be totally honest I mean sure, it's going to be made out of plastic, and port wise there's well two USB ports, and a micro-SD card slot with an HDMI, so not exactly full featured, but I mean, it doesn't feel like they cut a lot of corners here

Well look at that, there's also going to be dual front firing speakers Not that they're going to be particularly large, but it beats having them on the bottom I feel like there's gonna be a catch though There gonna be a reason why this was $130 brand new One of the main competitors for something like the Inspiron 11 is going to be this, the HP Stream

Now this overall design has been around for quite a few years, it's been slightly tweaked here and there, but this is going to be different in a few major ways But the most obvious is going to be the processor As opposed to being powered by an Intel Celeron processor, this guy instead is rocking an AMD A6-9220e Unlike the Celeron, this guy's going to be based on AMD's last generation APU cores So what that means is that you're going to be getting two Steamroller cores, that start of 1

6 gigahertz, and can boost up to 24 gigahertz, sometimes, and a little bit more emphasis on the sometimes in a second, but what that means is that you are going to be getting fairly low performance as opposed to a much more expensive computer but in this sort of sub $200 category, it's actually going to be a pretty decent step up It does feel like there's slightly too much performance for the fanless design to handle sometimes, so when you're doing intensive tasks such as Windows update, a lot of times the bottom, and especially the keyboard will get very warm to the touch And it's not going to be scalding hot or anything, but it does means that you're going to be losing some performance, thanks to throttling Put it side by side with other similarly priced laptops with Celeron solutions, and you'll see that this actually is going to perform pretty well

Now the only real knock against it is that it only does use single channel memory, but again that's very similar at this sort of price point, and thankfully we do have a full four gigabytes of DDR4 on board One of the biggest issues when you pick up a super cheap laptop like this is going to be with the storage Both of these options are only going to give you 32 gigabytes of eMMC flash Now it's going to be fine as far as speed, but storage-wise, it give you almost nothing left out of the box But anytime you actually have to do a major Windows update, like I had to do when I first set up this laptop, you actually have to use external storage to get it to work

I had to plug in a USB drive to even get this thing fully up to date on Windows If you pick up a laptop like this, it is basically a necessity to pick up at least a 64 or 128 gig micro-SD card and let it live inside your SD card slot Trust me when I say, even though it's going to add a little bit to the price, it is going to make this so much more usable With Radeon graphics on board, this actually isn't going to be too bad at least in theory So of course we have to try everyone's favorite game Fortnite

Oh actually, no, we don't Just trust me, you don't wanna play Fortnite on this Of course when it comes to spending $130 on a laptop, you're going to have to find some compromises And one of the biggest ones with the Inspiron has to do with wifi Now in 2018, pretty much everything has an AC solution

Typically this is gonna be good for between 100 to 300 megabits per second down and up This guy is using the nearly 10 year old N-standard which is going to give you about 40 megabits up and down and almost worst than that, it's going to be prone to a lot more interference because it's going to be 24 gigahertz only For a cheap laptop, it's acceptable, it's something that I can live with, but it's not exactly going to be the best solution in the world Something that doesn't suck surprisingly is the display

Now on paper it's just a basic 116 inch 1366 by 768 panel However in practice, it actually doesn't look bad at all Oh sure, it's going to be a TN display, so we're not going to be getting great color or contrast, for especially viewing angles, but it is going to be a lot better than pretty much anything in this price point And impressively, it's actually going to look better than some laptops that cost double the price

It's not great, but it's definitely usable, and a lot better than I was expecting -The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever, it has the biggest screen– eh, okay, so the speakers aren't exactly great, even though they are facing towards you, they're definitely on the quieter side, but I mean there's a headphone jack? The only real issue I have with the way that the keyboard is laid out is going to be the size Of course this is going to be an 11 inch laptop, and you expect things to be a little bit cramped, but what I didn't expect was that the actual keyboard itself is going to be smaller than a standard layout Mind you, it's not going to be a huge difference, but it's enough to slightly trip me up Something you can get used to, but it feels like they had plenty of space on the side to expand the keyboard all the way out, as opposed to using it on these bezels

Thankfully it does have a Windows Precision touchpad Mind you, it's going to be a little bit on the small side, but it really is not bad at all So you're going to be getting all of the Windows 10 gestures, it's got a nice surface, accurate tracking, Honestly, some much more expensive laptops could learn a thing or two from this It is nice to see at least decent input on a system that's going to be so cheap Nothing really feels super of plastic-y or cheap, it's all going to be very, very usable

There's also some interesting touches with the design So even small things like having a little bit of a curve here below the track pad to make it easy to just get your finger in here and open it up And you're also going to be getting something that's going to be a little bit smaller than the competition Alright, so this is a test of the Inspiron 11's webcam Surprisingly it actually runs at a full 720p, and at least based on first glance, it doesn't look bad? What's really going to make or break this laptop is the price

So at $130, which is what I was able to pick it up for, it is an incredibly good deal Now unfortunately, of course with all the sales and stuff, you might actually end up finding it for a little bit more Right now, taking a look around at other retailers, it's giving me something like $170 to $190, but even at a sub $200 price, it is hard to argue with this Inspiron The wifi might not be amazing, but the rest of the computer actually is really, really not bad

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