Is a Q&A Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin It is finally time for another Q and A

But, before we get into it, this video is sponsored by Honor and their new View 10 So, I did an entire series talking about it over on the Honor channel, with Jonathan Morrison and Sarah Detchee, and here's a sneak peek – Here guys, Jonathan here, back again with Austin Evans and Sarah Detchee We just talked about AI, and I got a surprise – A surprise? Oh boy, tell me what

– Close your eyes – Okay – Don't close your eyes – Okay (laughing) – Ohh, I think I know what this is

– What is it? – It is the Honor View 10 – Now, word on the street is, this is packin' some power inside Now, what I think is cool is, if you measure it in the work environment So, say your team all had these in their pocket – So, the idea that everyone has an actually smart assistant to help them kind of not be late to work, or remember to text me when you're coming in late to work

Not like anything specific I'm talkin' about – Or maybe a situation where you're out on production in a different country, maybe? – And you'd have the actual translation – Yeah, so I've been in situations where you have to do interviews or meetings and, it's sometimes a little hard to communicate when you don't know that language – I think AI has a lot to do with taking data and taking so much information and really packing it into something that people can understand So, especially, we make videos, we collaborate with people, I think bringing that into the workplace with collaboration saying, oh this person can't make it

Maybe your calendar updates, and depending on other information, it makes new plans I think that's exciting to– – And the idea that having something smart that opens up so many possibilities, right? Where it's like, you might not necessarily think, oh, let me connect this dot with that dot, but the phone's like, oh, I know this is what you're doing and this is who you're talking to The more information it knows and when it actually has some intelligence behind it, it can sort of connect a lot of dots and make your life easier in a lot of ways that you might not necessarily think of What's the dumbest thing that's completely ruined a video? We didn't quite lose the video, but there was a project that we shot, actually a few months ago, where I deleted all the raw footage before it was finished So, what I ended up doing was I took the export that we had done, sort of the temporary version, and then I just recut that and put it back together as a video

Since the house fire happened and you moved, do you think it helped or hindered your future compared to if it had never happened? Oh man, I think it helped Things were going well for me before it But, the fire was really kind of like a wake up call to me and it was sort of a forced fresh start, which I like to think was a good thing What is the difference between your video editing and Ken's video editing? So, there's been some rumors going around that Ken edits all of our videos However, that is completely false

Jimmy, care to comment? – Everyone's gonna find out what I finally do (Austin laughing) – So, the way we do our edits is actually– Jimmy does, I would say, 95% of our edits these days – Yep – I'll do it a little bit here and there, but he's editing this video right now – I am

– Make a thumbnail for this video yourself Don't let Ken do it All right, so this is me I'm very blurry Then, this is Ken

Little known fact, I actually taught Ken how to make his thumbnails, and this is how every one of them starts It's like this, and then, here's a giant smile 'Cause Ken's just a happy kind of guy There you go That is how to create a thumbnail

What was the transition like from being a single person rodeo to a team, specifically with Ken? (laughs) Well, now it's great But, I distinctly remember Ken's first day in which he forgot the lens adapter and a microphone cable Then, at one point, I'm pretty sure I took the camera away from you and just shot myself It was, uh, (laughs) How much of your Twitter timeline is filled with Ken's anime retweets? Over 90%? All right, so for all of you guys who are smart enough to follow Ken on Twitter, the best way of doing it is to mute his retweets

Because Ken, he tweets some great stuff His retweets, a little questionable Hey Austin, when are you getting married? Just kidding, suggest some best laptops for video editing Generally speaking, gaming laptops are pretty good for video editing, and I really like the Acer Predator Helios 300 So, not only does it have a GTX 1060, but it also has a core i7, plenty of memory, an SSD

That's great And if you're on the final cut side of things, the MacBook Pro 15-inch has been honestly what I've been using to do any kind of video editing for like, a year and a half now? When did you move to LA and get the office? I actually moved to LA in August of 2015 I was literally driving from Missouri to LA on my birthday I originally actually worked out of John's office So, you guys probably know John from TLD

I worked out of his office for almost a year actually until we got this office that we've been in for the last year and a half or so That's when Ken came on That's where we just kinda really started building things up But, yeah it's been a little over two years at this point What piece of tech are you most excited to see at CES? I feel like what I'm really, really pumped to see is more on the AI side of things

The self-driving side of things I know that this CES actually got to ride in a BMW that was fully self-driving Or essentially fully self-driving I was able to drive on the freeway, take my hands off the wheel, talk to Ken in the backseat, and it totally just handled everything So, being able to see more stuff like that this year would be awesome

Do you think Bitcoin is going to fall down sometime, and have you invested in it? I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon, to be totally honest I think that it's going up It's a little wild and volatile right now But, generally speaking, I think it is sort of trending upward, and I haven't invested my life savings in it, but I do think that there's potential, and I've put a little bit of money into it Does Ken ever get frustrated or annoyed between takes? He just seems so chill all the time

You guys have no idea I live a personal hell every day I think I'm on camera and everything's happy and great, and I'm having a great time Then, Ken's just yelling orders at me, "Do it again! "You can do better than that "I'm not feeding my family with this

" It's honestly kind of sad He pretends to be chill, but honestly it's not safe I I need help To Ken: how annoying is it to work with the "Hey guys" guy? – Not as annoying to me as it probably is to Jimmy since he has to edit every video At least I can listen to music while Austin's talking, so I can block it all out – Hey Austin, what's your favorite fast food restaurant? I used to say Taco Bell, but since I moved to California, it's gotta be In-N-Out How much has life changed since the start of your YouTube channel? So, I was actually reminded of this the other day

Someone tweeted me a screenshot from a comment I left on a Marquez video seven years ago, talking about my 2009 was great and I was basically totally committed to making videos in 2010 So, a lot When I started the channel, I was 16, living at home Didn't have a job Didn't have any money

Didn't have anything I think compared to then, I feel like I'm a different person Like, if we're being totally honest, I had not really fully grown up when I started the channel I didn't really understand a lot of things in life I feel like my life could not have possibly turned out to be any more different if I had not created the channel, and not made that first video

I honestly can't even picture where I would be if I would have gotten that job at Best Buy and sort of lived in Missouri forever It's kind of scary to think about it to be totally honest Anyway, that is going to be it for this Q and A Of course, if you guys have any more questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, and as always, Ken will catch you on the next one

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