Is the 2017 iPad Worth It?

Hey guys, this is Austin! Linus: What camera do I look at? Linus: Im helpless, this is not my studio Theres only one camera Linus: I QUIT! Linus: Hey guys, this is Austin Not bad actually And today were here, with the brand new 330 dollar iPad So, as a guy who's done an unboxing or two, would you like to have the honor? Linus: oh yes So with an Apple product, you want to NOOOO! *laughing* OH NOOO! This hurts, this hurts! ooh! Linus: Look now I made a handle 🙂 AND YOU DO IT UPSIDE DOWN! Power cable, lightning cable, no one cares about any of that What I care about, is the actual iPad When was the time you used an iPad? Linus: I use an iPad like every day or two? Yeah, which one do you use? Linus: I have iPad Two Oh look at that! real homebutton Linus: Oh does it actually Thats an real homebutton Linus: Oh im surprised! So this is, I dont even know the proper name for this is Its the 5th gen iPad, but some people call it the 7th gen because its the 7th one

Its also the cheap one, so its not an iPad Air or Pro It's the 2017 iPad So what's intresting about this iPad, its sort of a Frankenstain of a few different models So this is the chassy of the iPad Air One, which is a little bit thicker than the Two and the Pro Because of off that, it should have a much bigger battery actually It also has the same processor, the A9, from the iPhone 6s Which even though is not the newest thing, its still better than what was at the previous iPad Air Two However, what is NOT new, which is actually originally from the iPad Air One, is the display Linus: Yeah So it's no longer laminated, which means that it still looks fine, they say its supposed to be a bit brighter Although I dont really know if I believe that or not But what is intresting about it, is that you can actually kinda see theres like a lot more air gap Its still a good display, its still Retina, but it is definetly a downgrade from something like the Air Two or the Pro Linus: I think thats the worst airgap I have ever seen on a Apple device Linus: Okay, but it does have some redeeming qualities Yes Linus: So the fact were using newer, low power hardware and

Its the iPhone, so its not an iPad specific chip! Linus: No, and that we have a thicker chassy is that battery life on this thing should be like Stupid Linus: the bees knees Linus: So basically this, is like an allday laptop with a 60 wat hour battery So essentially this is a little over half the size of that, but obviously a tablets gonna eat a lot less power than whats it like an i5, i7? Linus: yes, its like an dual core i5 Does anyone have an problem with iPads and battery life? I feel like iPads are one of those things that they kinda just last forever, you plug them in every few days, I mean Linus: Unless you actually use your iPad a lot If its like you use it as your main computer Linus: Yeah I mean Which is not crazy Its not crazy, infact So for comparison, this is the iPad Pro 97" Linus: Oh rotate it, rotate it TAKE PICTURES TAKE PICTURES! *BOOM BOOM* Linus: YOURE DEAD BUDDY! Linus: Oh my god, your pictures are so much better Oh I think this may have a better camera Linus: Im pretty sure it has a better camera because like look at the noise Its really not a fair comparison, the pro is $600 and this is $330 So if you loose some stuff on the camera, its kind of crazy, but you know whatever, you can kinda deal with it One of the bigger things though, that I actually do like about the Pro is stuff like the cover So while that, you can't, I mean you can use it as a computer but its much more difficult But this you actually do have not only a nice little cover to kind of keep things protected But you also have a reasonable keyboard Its small, its not perfect But if you need to like type a little bit on that its not terrible Linus: Define reasonable I almost feel like these are for different people right If you really want to replace your laptop and you have a little bit of an lighter workflow Im not saying you should do it im just saying this is more well suited to replace the laptop Its okay buddy, its ok im here for you Need a bag to breath in to Its ok, its ok, I got you, here you go, hold this, there you go You also have Apple Pencil support here which is not on this iPad Linus: Not included And honestly I feel like it depends on who you are I think but there are lot of people who actually can get a lot of use out of a proper stulys like you would get on something like the surface And I think that, thats a big part of getting an iPad for lot of people and this just doesn't support it One of my thoughts is that for me when I use an iPad one of the main reasons I do that is to watch videos And this has a decent screen and ok speakers but this has a much better screen and I would argue way better speakers Linus: But it costs twice as much and battery life isnt as good Which is fair Linus: So you can watch crappier videos for longer and cheaper Theres an definetly youtube joke here somewhere but im gonna leave it Linus: This has better speakers it has some creature comforts like the ability to add a keyboard Yes, the Pencil Linus: It has support for the Pencil and costs twice as much Linus: So bottom line Yeah Linus: I mean it's right in the title of the video It is in the title of the video Linus: Is it worth it? Kind of I think if you want a cheaper tablet I mean for $330 you're getting in to not budget territory But its lot cheaper than like traditional $500 iPad Linus: Im a little excited to think that maybe Apple is finally listening Linus: They made it a little bit thicker and they but a big fat battery on it Yes Linus: And that's something that I think im not the only user who's been asking for it So what do you guys think about the new iPad? Let us know in the comments below and I guess you could go check Linus out, he has a channel that is kind of decent I guess Please do not drop my iPad, like that Linus: Didn't drop it

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