Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Worth It?

– This video is sponsored by PUBG Mobile Hey guys, this is Austin

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Now, if you go all the way back to 2011 when the first Galaxy Note came out, it kinda changed smartphones in a big way Quite literally, a big way, as not only is it one of the biggest smartphones of its time but fast forward to 2018, and that has kinda become the standard This has a massive 64-inch screen

But the real question, is the Note 9 even worth it? With an eye-wateringly high thousand dollar plus price tag, at first glance, the Note 9 doesn't look all that different than its predecessor However, that's not necessarily going to be a bad thing The previous phone was one of the nicest builds and designs of any smartphone in 2017, and that definitely follows through in 2018 With an all glass aluminum build, there's no one who's going to complain that the Note 9 is an ugly looking smartphone The only problem, and this is actually kind of shared with the Note 8, is that it is really, really big

Now, I know, I just talked all about how the Note was one of the very first phones to bring fabulous to the mainstream, but this is just really tall As you'd expect from a Samsung flagship, you are going to be getting IP68 water resistance, wireless charging And if you look on the bottom, what's very unique with this, almost no other phone has it, actually open this up here, you're going to see a little round port Now this is actually not all that common in phones these days, but it's known as a headphone jack It's not really something that most people have

This is back in the days before Bluetooth where you'd use wires or something to connect to your headphones I don't know, it sounds really weird, I don't think anyone actually uses it, but in theory, if you want to plug in your headphones to your Note, you can do that There's also an S Pen, but no one cares about that Hey guys, this is Austin And today we're doing something just a little bit different

One of the big upgrades on the Galaxy Note 9 this year are stereo speakers, which is especially helpful considering that before, having a single speaker on the bottom of such a giant phone seemed ridiculous But what they're doing here, just like on a lot of other phones including the S9, the iPhone, is they're going to be using the earpiece as well as the bottom speaker to give you a pretty convincing stereo effect It also helps that it's properly loud So last week, I took a day off, and I left everyone in the office with one simple mission You're also going to find the Bixby button

I'm still going to complain about it, and Samsung is still going to do absolutely nothing to fix it But luckily, I have a much better solution One thing I have had some issues with is the fingerprint sensor Now, thankfully Samsung has moved it to below the camera as opposed to right beside it, which is a nice change However, the problem is is that it actually isn't all that accurate

What's new this year is that you swipe your finger across the sensor once to be able to enroll it as a fingerprint Now that sounds great, and it's a lot faster to set up, but the problem is, it's just really inaccurate for me Now sure, being able to tap your finger on it a bunch of times when you first set up the phone is kind of annoying, but at least, you know the fingerprint sensor is pretty good Whereas here, no matter how many times I try to re-enroll a set of different fingers, it just isn't all that accurate Now maybe it's just an issue with my Note 9, whether it's the software or the hardware, but the good thing is, the facial recognition is going to be pretty solid

So you have a form of face ID known as Face Unlock as well as iris recognition, which in combination should be able to unlock pretty quickly That's not gonna be quite as fast as something like the OnePlus 6, but it's around on par with the iPhone X, and honestly, security wise, you'll be okay It won't unlock for Ken, but it'll unlock for me, so I guess that's a good thing With a Snapdragon 845 on board, just as you would expect, this is going to be right up there with the rest of the Android flagships of this year And while on paper it's going to fall a little behind the iPhone X and its crazy fast A11 chip, you're definitely not going to be disappointed with the performance of the Note 9

What this isn't, at least based on my first impressions, is as fast as the OnePlus 6 And considering that this is going to be about double the price, that's not really going to be a good sign Now a big part of that has to do with software OnePlus has a fairly stock looking skin, which doesn't have a lot of extra bloat, and while I don't want to say that the Note 9 is full of the old school touch whiz of Samsung's past, but it's definitely not going to be as speedy and that higher resolution screen doesn't make things better One of the big advantages of the Note 9 has to do with its gaming capabilities

So of course, there's the biggest hottest games of 2018, which are available on the Note And of course, we have to talk about the battle royale that everyone is playing right now, PUBG Mobile, who were awesome enough to sponsor this video This is the official mobile version of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds If somehow you haven't heard of it, it's a free to play battle royale game on both Android and iOS, which features 100 players, all dropping into a massive island for a winner-takes-all battle But I don't need to tell you that

You've played PUBG, right? Well, PUBG is now on your phone As you'd expect with a high end phone like the Note 9, it's going to have no problem playing PUBG at fairly high settings Plus, since it's Android, you can actually customize it all the way up to Ultra HD, you can change the frame rate cap, you can even change the style of the game It's especially impressive, considering that you're getting the full experience, with both of the game's huge maps and it's all going to be powered by Unreal Engine and give you full 71 audio outlets

Not only can you play with four people on a squad, but there are going to be faster paced arcade modes, which are over in eight minutes for a quick game I'm always going to be partial to a mouse and keyboard, but the controls really are not going to be bad, especially for a mobile shooter The moral of the story, PUBG Mobile is fun regardless of where you play it, but it's especially good on the Note 9 With a 64-inch, 2960 by 1440p AMOLED display, it shouldn't be any surprise that this is one of the nicest smartphone screens on the market

Now, sure, when you put it side by side with the iPhone X, it looks very similar, and to be totally honest, Samsung has been on top of the panel game for a few years now so even something like an S7 or S8 looks good But this, this is about as good as it gets One of the more surprising upgrades with the Note 9 has to do with the battery And no, it's not that it's going to catch on fire or anything because that's totally not what used to happen Instead, the Galaxy Note 9 has a much larger 4000 milli Ampere hour cell

Maybe because of that, Samsung was a little conservative last year with a fairly small 3300 milli Ampere hour battery, but this year, with a full 4000 on board, not only is it going to easily last through a full day, something that couldn't always be said about the Note 8 or even the S9, but also gives some differentiation, which is always been one of my big issues with the Note If you're not into the S Pen, a lot of times, it just makes sense to buy the normal Galaxy S So at its core, the Note 9 still has a pair of 12 megapixel cameras, one wide angle camera with a variable aperture as well as a telephoto option Now, I've always felt like, especially on the S9, the variable aperture is nice, but it doesn't make a huge difference Now, while it's not necessarily a new camera feature, the S Pen has been upgraded with the ability to use it as a selfie pen? – Remote? – I guess? – Just snap selfies by pressing the button

It's pretty cool – So we do have the live focus mode, which is going to be the same as the Galaxy S9, and while it works for the most part, it does have some problems with some pretty major differences in contrast, so that's not great – Yeah, I've noticed a lot of overexposing the background with this, especially in some of the pictures that I've taken, it definitely has that issue – One of my big issues with the Note 9 is that you could have bought the cheaper and almost identical Galaxy S9 Plus six months ago Now sure, smartphone's definitely evolving, and there are some advantages of going with the S Pen and with the Note

But when you look at other phones like the Oppo Find X, which brings different design and something that's legitimately different around this price point, this is kind of a harder sell, especially when you consider that the OnePlus 6 is equal to this in a lot of ways at half the price On top of that, there's some serious competition coming up with the next generation iPhone and Pixel right around the corner Now sure, if you really need that S Pen, by all means, go pick up a Note 9 But at a thousand dollars plus, I just don't think it's worth it for most people And of course, huge shoutout to PUBG Mobile

If you guys want to check it out, the link will be in the description And let me know, would you actually want to pick up the Galaxy Note 9?

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