Is the Surface Laptop Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the new Surface laptop

Is it worth it? A big shout out to Microsoft for hooking us up with this Surface laptop early Now this is not a sponsored video, but they're cool enough to let us take a look at it before it actually goes on sale So this is the mid-spec model What I'm really curious to find out is what is a Surface laptop like to use? So Microsoft has been making Surfaces for quite a while, but they've definitely never done a laptop quite like this There's the Surface Pro, which is much more like a tablet

And there's the Surface Book, which is kind of a laptop but it also is detachable and its a little bit unwieldy whereas this is a proper, honest-to-goodness laptop Did I just say honest-to-goodness? Inside we get the power adaptor So what's cool about this one, and something that actually I think that more people should do, is it actually has a USB port on the adaptor So not only can you charge your Surface, but you can also plug something like your phone in This, is the laptop itself

My first impression of the Surface laptop is that this feels like a really high end piece of hardware So unlike previous Surfaces, which were made out of magnesium, this is all aluminum and it feels awesome On top of that when you look on the inside, you'll see that instead of having a metal cover for the keyboard, it's actually lined in this Alcantara fabric finish What this allows Microsoft to do is offer some really cool looking colors So this is burgundy, and I've gotta say, it looks like no other laptop I've ever tried

So on the inside, you still get that same Alcantara, but in the red, it really does pop This Alcantara finish does feel nice, but I'm curious how it will hold up over a few months or years of use I can definitely imagine with your palms sitting on the rest all the time that maybe it could get a little bit stained or dirty Now that's not a huge problem with the Surface Pro 4 keyboard, which of course you can just take off and replace with something else, whereas with something like this, it's pretty much stuck on I don't think there's any way of taking that

Nah, it's definitely not coming off there For comparison, I've been spending a lot of time with the LG gram lately Now this is a very lightweight laptop which is nice in that definitely not the case with the Surface laptop

Now that's not exactly a huge downside That extra heft does make this feel like a very premium product, but also is going to weigh a bit extra in your bag One slight issue with the Surface hardware are the ports So on the right side, all we have is the magnetic Surface connector, which is mostly used for charging or dropping it on the dock But on the other side, the only other ports we have are a headphone jack, mini DisplayPort, as well as USB3

There's no USBC, there's no thunderbolt, and there's only that single USB port It would be nice if there was a little bit more Especially on a high end laptop like this The big elephant in the room with the Surface laptop though is Windows 10 S Unlike the full standard version of Windows 10 that most laptops come with, this guy is running the S edition

Now what this means is that it cannot run any apps that are not from inside the Windows Store However, say you wanna download some third party app such as Google Chrome, too bad, it's not going to be in the store To be fair, there are a fair few apps that are available in the store, such as Netflix, Facebook and VLC, but the issue is, say you need to install some weird piece of hardware that needs a program to set it up Well, that wouldn't work on Windows 10 S, unless that driver's going to automatically install once you plug the device in, you're out of luck Now I get the general idea of having Windows 10 S as an option

So say you're going to be buying a budget laptop and to save a few bucks, they decide to use the S version instead of Windows 10 Same thing goes for say if you're at school and you want to make sure that the kids aren't installing random malwareexe, that's fine, that's great However, this is a $1300 laptop, and the idea that I can't even install Google Chrome on it is a big issue The good news is you can upgrade the Surface laptop to full Windows 10 Pro for free

The only problem is, you can only do that until the end of the year After that, it will cost you $50 to do The good thing is the upgrade from 10 S to Pro actually only took about three minutes And now we have the full copy of Windows on the laptop Inside, the Surface laptop has fairly standard specs

So this is the mid-tier version, which will run you $1299, and for that, you get a seventh generation Core i5 processor, eight gigabytes of memory, as well as a 256 gig SSD I feel like I'm going to keep making this comparison, but that's literally the exact same spec as you get with the LG gram, which coincidentally costs a couple hundred dollars less This guy is rocking a 135 inch display with a weird resolution of 2256 by 1504 What that means is, it actually is a really nice display

Not only is it sharp, it has really nice color, contrast, viewing angles, all the standard stuff and to top it all off, it's a touch screen Hey guys, this is Austin My voice might be gone, but what isn't is the MacBook Air What also isn't are the speakers This actually sounds pretty good

The keyboard also is pretty solid So it does feel very similar to what you would find on the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, but that's not really a bad thing Now with a Windows 10 laptop, generally I wanna use the touch screen more than the trackpad, but as far as Windows trackpads go, I don't really have a lot to complain about at all here Alright, so we are up and running with Overwatch Now this is definitely not a gaming PC, but you can play some lighter titles

And here we're running at 900p on low and it is usable However, luckily we have a professional MLG Overwatch player, named Savage Kenny – The frame rate is, not ideal, I mean we're hitting frame rates that are definitely usable But if you're especially taking Overwatch very seriously, I find it really hard to like what I'm getting out of this laptop Oh my god

– Once you upgrade Windows 10 S, the Surface laptop is a solid piece of hardware However the value is just a little bit hard to justify Don't get me wrong, this is a terrific laptop, but for the price, you're definitely paying a little bit extra for that nice build quality and for that terrific screen So, what do you guys think about the Surface laptop? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one

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