Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today we're going to find out, is the Tesla Model 3 worth it? Hey, are you famous YouTuber Jake Roper from Vsauce3 and Beme? – No, I'm Michael Cera – Alright let's go drive the car, let's go drive the car

– You didn't hug me back! – So it is time to drive the Model 3 So you've had this for how long? – I've had this for four days – So we're on Angeles Crest which is one of my favorite roads anywhere, this feels pretty good, there's a lot of regenerative breaking, that's always something when I get in an electric car I let off and you're basically dragging on the brakes – It helps you drift How does it handle these curves? – I'm not going fast yet but it feels pretty responsive

You're not used to being a passenger – No I'm not – I'm not even starting yet So you can imagine that there will be more models later on but this is the long range battery with the standard rear-wheel drive, right? – Yeah – So I'm assuming that the all-wheel drive would be even faster, although probably a little heavier maybe, with the motor up front

– Yeah but it will be faster, I mean you can see that with all of Tesla's cars, between the 85 and then the 85D, you did get about a second of extra acceleration from zero to 60 with the D – Right you just have all that extra, and also you have two motors – You get two motors and you also get more range – So what brought you to the Model 3, cause you have a Model S now, right? – So I do, well by the end of this week I will not have a Model S anymore – Oh so you're getting rid of it

– I'm getting rid of it, there's a few reasons The Model S is a wonderful car but it's very large, it's also very expensive, this car is about half the price of my Model S and to me I can't notice too much of a difference in terms of fit and finish in the feel of it, I prefer this one more actually – When I drove the Model S on this road it was fun and you could tell that electric torque is right there immediately, but the problem was it's heavy, it weighs like 1,000 pounds more than this – But the thing that blows my mind is how well it turns, cause I thought the Model S turned really well, but this one, it's just, I keep saying the word tight, it's just so tight how it turns – I heard that some people have complained about the ride so we drove up from downtown LA with this and on some of the bumps it's a little stiff

– And kind of what I was telling you, my Model S has air suspension, this one has spring, so it definitely is more stiff and more, you feel the road more but it's not a huge deal – Ready? – Do it (laughs) – Oh man – Oh man – Holy smokes, you went all the way up to forty-five

– Shh, you can't say that on camera – I'm sorry, you went all the way up to a nice number – So that's one of the nice things about an electric car, it just punches you, we're going like 40 miles and hour and you roll into it and it puts you right back in your seat – It's immediate – I noticed as we got to slightly higher speeds, it did kind of give out a little bit, you can tell it's meant for getting on the freeway versus blasting down the Autobahn but it still definitely picks up

– That's why they really only give you the zero to 60 number – Right, that's the thing though, this is such an early build of the car, it does feel like it's a little bit of a beta, not everything is complete, you were saying that the FM radio was just added, right? – FM radio was just added, auto wipers were just added as I'm filming this yesterday, with this car you can only get the premium model at the moment so it comes with heated rear seats which have not been turned on yet – Wait, wait, wait, you're trying to say that this has heated seats that you cannot turn on because it needs a software update? – Yes, but only in the back seats, the front seats work – This is a higher specced up model, the MSRP is 55? – This was 55,000, out the door but then it's also $1,000 document and transportation fee – Sure, so it's 56,000 in total

– Excluding tax but then you get the $7,500 tax credit and then in California at least and it depends on your state, you get a $2,500 rebate, so you save $10,000 by buying this car – Which is a lot of money – How does it compare to your car, 'cause you have a very sporty Audi? – I have an Audi RS 3 which is a little bit more on the sporty side, it's faster, I will say but this feels a little bit like, what's scary about this is the speed seems way way less because it's quiet, we were just doing a reasonably high speed and it just feels like I'm driving down the road so it's like, in that car that I have, you hear everything, you hear the motor, you hear the turbos, you hear the exhaust, this is a much more calm and serene experience, so this is not something that I want to go to the track and abuse for six hours – Besides the acceleration and what have you, what is the handling like compared to your Audi? – It's good, I think with a more aggressive tire we could be pushing it a lot more, oh here's my tunnel, we'll forward through it anyway, ready Warp speed! Now just spending a couple minutes with the model three, something that's immediately jumped out to me is there're a lot of really interesting quirks with this

Now the first thing actually you pointed this one out, the wheels, they actually come off or at least the arrow part – The arrow wheel cover can pop off, so we can just do, I'm gonna use my muscles, oh they don't exist – I got you – There we go – The idea is that this is going to help with the aerodynamics, right, but I actually kind of like the wheel that's inside, I actually didn't realize this was a thing

– It's not bad if you get a Tesla center cap there, and maybe some lug nuts that match the color, that's totally fine – Looks good Now like a lot of modern Teslas, there are cameras all over the place, so just on one side you can see that there's a little camera to look back behind I guess for traffic over on this side, do you actually know how many cameras there are, 'cause there's another one up here – There's here you have there, then you have some up front, you also have radar and sonar, then you have the same on the other side then you have the camera on the back, all really they give you a complete picture of what the car is seeing when it does it's machine learning for actual automated driving – So all model threes come with the autopilot hardware preinstalled, so basically the difference is you have to pay to unlock it, so essentially it's a $5,000 upgrade? – I believe it's 5,000 for autopilot and then they have full self driving which is another 3,000

– But that's not out yet – That's not out yet – But the idea is that if you basically pay for some software updates, it has all the hardware to essentially be pretty much fully self driving – Oh yeah – So as soon as I saw this car, one of the first things that jumped out to me were the door handles

So the model S, they actually pop out, with this one, you actually have to press your thumb in and then grab the handle like that, it's a little weird, it's not quite what I would expect – I feel like you get used to it right away So it's like boom, boom! – There's actually a surprising amount of room back here, look at this you have your wonderful window sticker – I like to show that off to people – So this is for on the go charging if you don't want to buy an actual EV unit, or Tesla's chargers, this one you just plug into the wall

– You have the adapters – 120 volt, and then this is the 250 volt adapter, so you plug it in and it charges with this – So here you have your charging port on on the X and the S it's also hidden behind one of these guys but this wouldn't open, you push in, ooh, comes out and then the colors adjust depending on whether you're charging or not, so that's pretty nice, and then you just tap it to close – Can you actually control that from the screen inside? – You can actually control it from your phone – Of course, naturally

– So it does come with these things, I actually should show you, so this is what the key looks like – So it looks just like a hotel key or something – Yeah it's like a credit card, so you can use that to unlock the car and start it, or you can use your phone – Most everything on this car is controlled via Bluetooth on the app, right? – Pretty much, you can adjust, you can do most things in the car as well – I really like the way the model three looks from the front although that is not big, wow

So this is still the rear wheel drive one, so figure that there's not a lot of space in here, I wonder if they actually go all wheel drive there's gonna be even less space – The nice thing too is you can have little holders for your groceries right there, it's clever – Pretty sure you're gonna fit two grocery bags – And a small child – So the interesting things about this car, is the screen, because that's basically where you control literally everything

– Yep, that's all there is – But you can do, to be fair you can do basically everything, so you have climate control, you have heated seats on the bottom, you have your nav screen here and you have pretty much all the main controls from the car that you would normally see in your guage cluster – Yup And then you would also have, you can go more into different apps so you have music right there, but you can bring it all the way up like that and they have radio, streaming, tune in, all that stuff and then you adjust all your settings there – Something I'm noticing is, this is really quick and responsive

– Oh yeah, it's super fast – One thing that I think a lot of people are wondering about and this is something when I first drove in it as well, was something that was like oh not so sure, is having all of your speed and everything all on this side but it's not actually that annoying, I feel like you can get used to having your spedometer and your mileage and all that kind of stuff right off to the side – It's right in your peripheral as you're driving, you can see it right there – There are some weird things with the software in the model three, including the fact that you have to use the screen to open the glovebox So will you show us the wonderful process of opening our glovebox? There it is

– But the thing I like about this is the less you have, the more you realize what you don't need – Right – Which I think is a very fantastic thing, like having all these buttons and knobs everywhere are nice but how often do you actually use them, once they're taken away you realize oh not that often, but this is a fun thing, which is I wonder if this one could be considered more design over practicality, but the fact that there is no way to actually adjust the airflow with your hand here, physically, you have to do it this way, which it's a little weird, I think it looks cool – Well if you're on auto pilot here, which we can't try 'cause we're on a little canyon road, but – But autopilot I can say having driven autopilot one point oh with my S and autopilot two point five with this, it's great

Let's just say we're going to the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, which is a lovely place, but if you're going there, our navigation will pop up over here, and that's okay, but when you're driving you then have to look all the way across this to here, and that's kind of a bummer, and if you did let's say we're driving and it goes you know what, you're gonna get there with negative five percent, it'll automatically route you to a supercharger on the way, so it'll make sure you don't die, well your battery doesn't die And you have your charger here so you can set your charging unit, I have it set all the way for a trip 'cause we were driving a lot but you generally want to have it right at the bottom of that So you don't do it all the way So use for roadtrip, charging will take longer, daily driving needs – After spending the day with the model three, I gotta say I'm a lot more impressed than I thought I'd be, of course huge shoutout to my good buddy Jake from Vsauce three for lending me your wonderful vehicle to do a video on

You should definitely go to check out Vsauce three and Beam and J Cooper and all the other wonderful projects you worked on I feel like you have a specific outro, my friend – I do – Shall we do it together? – Yes, are you ready? – Yes – And as always, thanks for watching

– Was that cool or was that not cool, I don't know

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