Is This Your Next Smartphone?

– Dual cameras, an aluminum build, a fingerprint sensor, a bezel-less display, and a headphone jack in a smartphone in 2017? Hey guys, this is Austin When Honor reached out and wanted to sponsor a video on their brand new 7X, all I needed was the word headphone jack and I was in

Now the first thing I noticed is that blue is actually pretty nice So something I really liked with the original Pixel was the very blue color While this isn't quite so vibrant it is definitely unique There's not exactly a lot of other stuff in the box There's a European style power plug as well as a micro USB cable

The idea here is that you're getting a lot of what you would expect on a 2017 flagship but at a much lower price So the actual official announcement of this phone will be on December 5th, but from what I've heard it's going to be under 300 euros Considering the price, this feels good So the design actually reminds me a little bit of the iPhone 7 It has very rounded corners it's a bit of a seamless design, but when you flip it around front the screen is a lot bigger

While it would be nice to see USB-C on the bottom instead of the micro USB port, we do however get the headphone jack I will say that the bottom firing speaker on this is maybe not quite as loud as I'd like, but the addition of the headphone jack kind of evens that out for me There's also a fingerprint sensor on board, and it's fast Basically as soon as you put your finger on the button the phone wakes right up Inside it's powered by a Kirin 659 octa-core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigs of storage

Kirin is Huawei and Honor's SOC manufacturer, so unlike pretty much every other phone out there that has a snapdragon chip, this is going to be something a little different And Honor claims that this should be able to hold up better under longer periods of use, such as gaming When you get into a game like Modern Combat 5, you'll see that it actually holds up pretty well, and it does take advantage of the 18 by 9 display So while yes, this is not going to have the same power as something like a flagship, it looks surprisingly good and for pretty much any game that's available on Android it should be able to handle it And with a 3340 milliamp hour battery, you should be able to get some pretty good gaming in on this guy

Honor claims that it should last up to a day and half of normal usage Software wise we have Android 70 with EMUI 51 on top This is a bit of a heavier skin however you can customize it by re-enabling the app drawer which is what I've done here, and there are some cool features like being able to pull down and get something very similar to Spotlight

A big selling point of the Honor 7X is the bezel-less display So it's rocking a 6-inch 2160 by 1080 max view panel When you look at it up front it's pretty much all screen So it has similar screen to body ratio to something like a Galaxy Note 8 And while yes, the panel itself is not maybe the most color accurate thing in the world, at this kind of price there's not much to complain about

Plus, that wider 18 by 9 aspect ratio does a really good job of showing you more wide screen videos such as our iPhone X Is It Worth It, it fills out a lot more of the screen One of my favorite budget phones of this year, is the Moto E4 Plus With a 55 inch screen it's actually a fairly similar size to the Honor, however you can see just how much less screen real estate you actually have to work with here Having such a big display is also helpful when it comes to split screen

So you tap and hold on the multitasking, you can pull up like another app, and if you want you can be watching a video at the same time as you're scrolling through a web page, replying to a message, whatever Around back we have two cameras A 16 megapixel main shooter backed up with a 2 megapixel secondary camera for stuff like portrait mode (Laughs) Wow, that's so stylized Let's go crazy town on this

You can tell they're really sorta pushing the shadows and the highlights, but with this sort of wide aperture mode that's an interesting look I mean, it's different Get a little bit of HDR action see what the dynamic range is like That's not bad I mean it helps it's a little bit cloudy right now, but it's pretty much keeping everything in the shot

You can also enable a simulated bokeh for the front facing camera The front facing portrait actually doesn't look bad So it does lose a little bit of the side of my face and especially the glasses which a lot of phones have a problem with, but considering that it's doing this purely on software, whereas on the rear facing cameras you do have that secondary camera to sort of figure out the depth, this isn't bad This is what the 1080p video looks like from the Honor 7X So while it would be nice to have 4K, the stabilization is actually not too bad and even when I'm kinda trying to move around and change exposure stuff it holds up pretty well

The Honor 7X is an interesting phone So considering the price there's a lot to like Stuff like the bezel-less display, the dual cameras, the good build quality, solid battery life But the question is what this thing actually costs Honor will be announcing the full price of the 7X at a launch event on December 5th, and I'm very curious to see exactly where this lines up, because if the price is right it's really compelling phone

So, what do you guys think of the Honor 7X? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one

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