It’s Finally Time for 8K

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today I'm here at CES with a little bit of a sneak peek at what LG has cooking up

Not only were they awesome enough to sponsor this video, but importantly, they gave me a badge to get in a whole day early, so I can explore before everyone else gets here, shhh So if you look behind me, you might notice the star of the show This is the LG Signature OLED TV R The R stands for rollable, as these are well, completely flexible OLEDs So there are a couple components to the TV

First of all, is the stand which does come with it, but above that, that is the actual main base So you can see as the TV rolls out, it's all sort of coiled up inside, and there's a really cool mechanism that actually sort of, pulls the TV up and keeps it straight Now you might think, oh look at that rollable TV, you're gonna notice some sort of picture quality issues or anything, but just like with the wallpaper TV, it looks exactly like the other OLEDs with the added benefit of being able to disappear when you don't wanna watch TV So you might wonder, why exactly do you want a TV that can roll up? Well if you imagine if you put it in front of say a window, you could roll it all the way down and have essentially just a nice piece of furniture, and when you're ready to watch TV, you hit a single button and the TV springs to life, rolls to life, animates to life I'm out of synonyms and adjectives So in addition to full view, which is the TV extended, you also can use what's known as line view And this gives you about 75% of the TV rolled up, so it's much smaller, and in that case you can put up things like the gallery, listen to music, or you can just completely hide the TV, and the speaker does still function Now as you might expect, we don't exactly have a price on this guy, although it won't come cheap

But it actually will be coming out this year Now if that's not crazy enough for you, I think this definitely will be This is an 88 inch, 8K OLED Yes, you heard me right It's an 88 inch, 8K OLED

I want one Every year at CES there are a ton of TVs, and usually they get better and better, but this is hands down the best looking panel I have ever seen, like full stop So of course, OLEDs already have great picture quality When you combine that with a full 8K resolution, I mean, it is ridiculous You cannot see pixels unless you're like, really uncomfortably close

This is legitimately my dream TV Right, it's massive This is the biggest OLED they've ever made Even watching this video, you can watch it in 4K all you want, you cannot see just how sharp, just how crisp this TV is Now it is very early days for 8K, there's really not a lot of 8K content out there

So YouTube is actually one of the few platforms that does already support 8K, so you will be able to watch 8K videos straight on the TV But on top of that, it does support HDMI 21 Actually you know I've never really thought about it, we've never uploaded a video in 8K, but theoretically we could upload it and watch them all on our 8K OLED Right LG? Now, if that's not enough 8K for you, there's also a brand new NanoCell 8K TV

And the main difference here– Ohhhh! – Sorry (censor beep) – If that's not enough 8K for you, there's also the 8K NanoCell TV This creates OLED for LCD, and you have to go down to a mere 75 inches, as if that was not already enormous enough But the main thing here is that you still get all of those key upgrades with going to 8K Moving into a slightly darker environment, we have the LG Cinebeam HU85L

Now this is their latest ultra short throw projector, and at a full 120 inches, this looks nice Now we are at a pretty bright show floor Usually you wanna watch a projector in a little bit of a darker environment, but this is surprisingly bright Of course, it is a full 4K projector, and importantly, it is a dual laser projector as well When I say ultra short throw, I mean it

You get a full 120 inch display from only 7 inches away What's cool about this, is that the unit itself is actually still fairly compact I know it's not quite as portable as the last Cinebeam that we took a look at, but if you're doing a proper home theater set up, full 4K, plenty of brightness, this is a really good way of going Now when it comes to audio, there's a couple really cool things here, and most noticeably there's the SL9 Soundbar So on one hand, you can actually wall mount it and have it completely flat, or if you wait for it to actually come up, you also could do it in a standard orientation like you would normally put on a table

What's cool about this, is that it does take advantage of Dolby Atmos as well But it's really cool to be able to have a single soundbar which can serve multiple functions depending on how you want to use it In case you're curious, it sadly does not come with a full, motorized wall mount (cheerful music) Is that how you do an audio demo? Continuing down that audio side, we have a series of XBOOM speakers And first of all, we have the small guys, so these are the XBOOM Go

(upbeat music) Yeah, there we go So on the XBOOM Go side, the PK7, the 5 and the 3 are all available on sale right now On top of that, we also do have the AI side of things So these both take advantage of Google Assistant So this is actually something we've already taken a look at in the past, but this is the one that has the full smart display with Google Assistant

– [Austin on device] Hey guys, this is Austin The LG gram was one of my favorite laptops of 2017 – The idea that you have the display does make Google Assistant a lot more useful, and on top of that, it sounds pretty solid as well It sounds pretty solid as well I like when my voice cracks in the video, oh boy

There's also a pair of brand new LG grams this year So not only does the 14 come in a 2 in 1 form factor, but there's also now a 17 inch gram Considering that you have a full 17 inch display, with a 2560 by 1600 resolution, the fact that this laptop weighs less than 3 pounds is incredibly impressive Now, if we walk a little bit over to this side, we have the gram 2 in 1 So what's cool about this, is of course you can use it in the standard laptop mode, or you can flip it around and take advantage of it being a full 2 in 1

Now if you wanna know more about the gram, we're actually going to be doing a lot more on this very soon, so stay tuned, and with that, I think we're about to get kicked out Like, literally everything's turning off around us So that my friends is a sneak peek at what LG has at CES this year If you're interested in anything that I talked about, I'll have links to as much of it as I can in the description And stay tuned, we might just get a couple things in the office for some videos

(censor beep) It's legitimately time to leave, they're shutting everything down around us

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