Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack…

– Hey, guys, this is Austin Ken, why have you gathered us here today? – Because the headphone jack is dead

– Is it though? I just saw the Galaxy S10 it's got a headphone jack – Shhhhh So the premise of this video is that you're going to fix the headphone jack, gonna bring it back to life? – I'm gonna try The first solution is the one that comes in the box, which are these – This is not a headphone jack

– Yeah – This is not a headphone jack at all They're fine, I mean they're not like the worst things in the world, but now that they like kind of just they're fine – They're okay I mean they come in the box so how much can you really expect? – So what I do when I need a headphone jack is that I just pull out one of my many adapters, including USB-C, headphone jack – To Lightning – To Lightning, yeah

– The only problem with this and the Lightning headphones down here is that you cannot charge and listen to your music at the same time – Ah very Well you can wirelessly charge You don't have a Galaxy S10E in your pocket Now available at Samsung

Oh I'm sorry, I'll stop, I'll stop – You wanna tell me something about our backdoor deals? – What is our solution, Mr Bolido? – Okay, so Belkin came out with this thing So it's- – What? Oh – Yeah

(laughs) – This is two Lightning ports to a single Lightning port Like, can I plug in two headphones at the same time? – I don't believe you can, because I believe one gets turned on for power, the other one gets turned on for audio So here's a power bank Very simple, easy We have a Lightning to USB-C because that's what I have around

Got some Aure Samo right there – Look at this Cut all this out I hear anime stuff, okay cool – Yeah, charging, listening to music

– Yeah, revolution You can charge and listen to music at the same time As if you can buy a Galaxy S10 and do the same thing – How much are they paying you? – Not enough to deal with this (laughs) I get the idea that you want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time

The way I want to do that is not with another pair of Lightning headphones Because there are a few decent pairs of Lightning headphones, but generally speaking at this point, it seems like the Lightning jack might even be on its way out I would not want to invest in anything Lightning Not specifically, besides maybe to replace a cable on some old headphones or something, but besides that I'm not going to pay this money to listen to my stupid AirPods, earpods, whatever these things are

What's our better solution? – I don't exactly have a better solution – You're giving up already? What kind of video is this? You need to be more excited You're like I have the solution Be confident – The urBeats Lightning- – Oh, with Lightning, I've seen these

The idea is that these are lower end Beats, right? These are like what 60 bucks or something? – Yeah, like 50, 60 bucks, something like that They also have the regular one as well I highly doubt we'll notice that much of a difference, honestly, between the Lightning version and the 35 mil version, but just for the sake of science Why not? – I like that these are yellow

These are like iPhone XR colors – Instead of this, you have this – These Beats are magnetic That's a nice touch Do these actually sound any good? – You tell me

I literally just opened them now – I'm gonna listen to your music so you can listen- – I'll listen to my music and then we'll just form our own opinion with our music – These aren't bad These sound okay – Yeah, I'm not crazy thrilled about them

– 60 bucks – 60 bucks – They're fine I've listened to worse for the price – For what you'll find at Best Buy, if you just wanted to grab a pair of $60 headphones

I feel like most people will be happy with these – The thing is the Beats sound I hate a lot less the cheaper the price When you're talking like 3, 400 bucks, I'm like eh – If you're paying $100 for this, I would be upset – Even so, but we're talking 50, 60 bucks, there's definitely someone who's gonna really like this sound

Someone who really wants things very punchy, very kind of bass heavy, I don't hate it – So we actually unboxed these on Mystery Tech These are the Zero Audio Carbor Tenor headphones – Those are dope The isolation of those is insane

– We were on flights yesterday and they legit cut out a lot of the ambient noise These are a slight bit tinier – That's a fair bit smaller – Yeah and most importantly, I feel like this just sounds way better than this – Even with the headphone jack, even with the headphone jack

These come with the phones I don't think they do anymore, but they're still reasonably cheap so it's not crazy to have at least a couple of these adapters – I'll argue that for $50, I don't think it's a bad idea to just carry this thing around and just keep it on your favorite pair of headphones – This is getting a little goofy What's your solution, what do you? – This is what I roll with

I feel like it's the end-all, for me, as an iPhone user that wants great audio but with a setup that might be more than what other people would take, but I'm fine taking – Okay, you've really hyped this up I need to see your setup now – Something that I actually have wanted to play with for a while I ended up getting one of these

This is the DragonFly Red DAC from AudioQuest It's meant to drive high impedance headphones, as well be a better DAC than this thing – Okay, so this is a USB-A How do you get this to the iPhone? – I got a dongle – Oh

Damnit – There are two pieces to this One- – It's really floppy – So we have Austin's pair of headphones – Final E4000s

I'll be real with you I don't know if I totally notice a massive difference I'd have to listen to them back to back, versus the standard adapter It sounds good It definitely sounds solid

– The reality is is that this doesn't have any additional characteristics to it It's gonna sound pretty similar to this – It's just better A little more detailed – Ever so slightly better, but the idea with using something like this is that you can actually listen to high res stuff

– Ah, you're not using Spotify with that, I see – Spotify is pretty much the bottleneck It doesn't output high res If you use stuff like Tidal, for example, then you might notice an ever so slight difference Oh, yeah, yeah

– Let's not play that anymore So what's the cost of the DragonFly plus the camera connection kit? – 200 bucks at Best Buy – The camera connection kit is like 20? – No, so this thing is like 45 bucks – What? – Yeah, this is, I believe 20 to 30 (grunts) This thing is, what, like 15 bucks or something like that? – Probably

– USB-C to Lightning – You can fix the headphone jack on the iPhone if you don't mind something which is, I would say, not particularly compact or portable and also if you don't mind spending in excess of $200 (train horn in distance) That was a really long train horn That's like an impressive one This is something you do? – Not when I'm running around, no, but

– This is a thing that Mr Bolido has done in his life This

– It's also not done yet Let me just – Of course, there you go

So – No, we're not there yet And then I gotta charge it

– Okay, I've got power to the phone I've got – Remember, this thing pulls power too so you need to keep your phone charged so that

– Wait, does this actually impact your battery life? – It pulls something- (laughs) – Why is there a bunch of other accessories down here? What else is down here? – These are actually just the boxes of what we just- – But wait, what's this then? – Oh – This is a headphone jack You're hiding a whole other headphone jack here

What's that for? – I forgot about this – You can't even do a video, man You don't even know – I forgot about this This might be a nice middle ground for people

It is a Lightning to Lightning for charging and a 35 – And headphone jack Now that makes more sense, right? It's still a little on the goofy side, but you can easily charge your phone and you can listen to audio at the same time Basically, we're gonna compare my setup with a single dongle and that's it, to your thing

– Yes I think for scientific sake, since I already know what this sounds like, you should listen to both back to back By the way, he's listening to Spotify, which most people would be listening to anyway For as far as a scientific comparison is concerned, this is probably for the masses – This sounds kinda cheap

– Oh – It's not that bad, not that bad, not that bad Let's be calm here – Is Ken right? – Damnit, Ken Why is your stupid solution better? Why is this the best solution? Why am I

? That's better, dude It's not even close This is fine

This honestly doesn't maybe even necessarily sound as good as this It's okay Honestly, for all I know, this could be the exact same thing and it's just like a placebo This sounds decent, but the DragonFly, it's got so much more punch It's so much clearer

I'm – Who would want this garbage? Just get dongle city Dongle city

Or you know, at the end of the day – LG V40, Galaxy S10 – Or just get AirPods

– This is not even remotely the same category You're talking about AirPods? I like AirPods, but you're not getting this kind of quality out of AirPods – Yeah, but Bluetooth is the future – No, clearly this is the future (laughs)

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