Laptop battery last 34 HOURS!

– Well, hello there I'm about to spend 24 hours surviving in the desert with nothing, but my Dell Latitude 9510

Dell of course are sponsoring this video So, you might be wondering, why am I in a plane crash right now? I don't really remember a little bit weird to be completely honest with you Alright, so we have a very long time to spend in the desert So let's see if we can find, I don't know, something to do, like telling you about the Dell Latitude 9510 Look, tons of people are working remote right now and that's where this shines

So I wanted to take it up a notch by being about as remote as humanly possible Now this lightweight laptop comes in at only 31 pounds Perfect, especially for me wandering in the desert all day It also boasts a whopping 34 hours of battery life, which is assuring because I don't really think there are a lot of outlets out here for a quick recharge

– I will say that in doing some pre-production for this video, I actually really loved the trackpad and keyboard – [Austin] Yeah – [Ken] I kid you not like the trackpad is genuinely one of the best Windows trackpads I've ever used It is nice and clicky, – [Austin] Tons of key travel – [Ken] And also tons of key travel as well – [Austin] Yeah

– This is one of the best like fit and finishes overall for a laptop that I've ever used And of course, it's a 2 in 1, and of course the pen sticks on the side If you want to use it, you can just take it out and you can use it to draw You can use it to write notes It can be used in tablet mode or in tent mode

It can adapt basically to this style of work that you do – [Austin] So there are a couple of things about the 9510 that are legitimately really cool So first of all, is it's actually the smallest 15 inch laptop that I've ever tried And that is because of its Infinity Edge design This allows the Latitude to have a 15 inch display inside a 14 inch chassis giving it a smaller footprint, but somehow they're still able to pack a full 88 watt hour battery inside, which is how they get to that ridiculous 34 hours of battery life

Now, beyond that, it does have the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i7 vPro processor So a couple of features which make it really helpful for being out here in the desert So not only does it have great thermal management with a couple of heat pipes You have a carbon blade fan And the thing is, this is still a full six core laptop

We have a ton of power as well We have Thunderbolt 3 ports We have HDMI, we have USB-A I mean, there's a lot to go for this And honestly, it's something that I don't really ever take a look at, right? I'm usually more on like the XPS line or something, but when you look at the business laptop, you have a lot of really nice features, including four microphones on the lid? So you know what I should do

I should edit this video while we're out here on the Dell I mean, we've got hours to kill and it's hot So I might as well take advantage of my battery life now – [Ken] Yeah, we could push it – Yeah

Which actually will be interesting to see what the performance is because obviously the temperature out here is incredibly warm So we'll see it, that thermal actually can sort of, those terminals can hold up And so off we go in the search for an editing spot with actual shade, as the temperature already reached over 100 degrees All right, this is a little bit more like it I feel like we can actually find some shade where I can do some editing in here

You think I can edit inside the truck? This gonna be really hot Yep, its hot I mean, I could try Uuuh Nah, I am good

Wait, look at this, this doesn't work, does it? What's Drizzy Fizz? (buttons clicking) All right Well it says closed, that’s That's pretty locked

– [Ken] Oh, payphone – [Austin] You think it works? – [Ken] I haven't seen one of those (dog barking) – [Austin] The (bleep) was that? – [Ken] There's a dog in there – [Austin] Alright Let's go around the other side, which is kind of, I see why it’s locked now Oh dude, this is perfect

Look shade, my favorite thing Yeah, this will work (dog barking) Very disturbing So one of the coolest features of the Latitude 9510, is Express Sign in So you look at the laptop right now

It is off It is asleep But if we walk in front of it, it has a proximity sensor, which means that it can detect I am here And then using Windows Hello will log me in via facial recognition That is incredibly cool

Not only do you have the ability to sort of just look at it with your face and unlock it, just like it was your password, but the fact that it has that proximity sensor means it's you don't have to touch anything And the best part is if I walk away and wait one minute, it will turn itself off So I literally never have to touch anything besides I guess the keyboard and the trackpad sometimes, but that's just actually use the laptop It always keeps you signed in and signed out Wait, wait, I need to do work right now – Think you can edit inside the truck? – You know what's impressive about this is that it is well over a hundred degrees here, but because we have the dual sinks, the dual heat sinks, we have the carbon blade fan and we have the material on the inside to keep the palm rest from getting too warm

The performance is actually totally fine Now that I'm done editing, let's go out and do more exploring while trying not to get lost in this blistering heat – Are you actually serious? (laughing) We have to cross this Why? Why, why would we have to– what's that? What's what's now, no, no, no What's this? – [Ken] What's that? – [Austin] What do you have on your back right now? What is that? Where'd you get that? – I found it

– [Austin] What do you mean you find this? – [Ken] It was in the gas station – You got this at the gas station, – At the gas station – [Austin] What does this do? – Oh, it has like a bunch of fans and a pipe – [Austin] Is this a cooling apparatus? – If I had to guess? Yes Do you want it? – So the idea is that all of this, whatever it's doing is being powered by this USB cable

The good thing is that the laptop actually still has like 80% battery So I guess what we'll do is we'll put the laptop in here We'll power the entire thing using the Dell I mean, look, I'm glad we have battery What I'm not happy about is I have to build Jimmy Neutron’s failed experiment

(country music playing) Does anyone even know who Jimmy Neutron is? Am I too old for that? (country music playing) Jimmy Neutron was cool Can't believe I have to build this thing Okay What the– That's it Okay

Whatever this ends up being, it is not worth it The dumbest dumbest thing ever (Austin sighs deeply) I think it's easier just to burn to death Do you have any idea how I'm supposed to do this? How would you screw this on? That is both sides of this are locked tight together (Ken drinks) Okay

So I think I have this backpack assembled So now let me grab the Latitude, plug it in and take advantage of that huge 88 Watt hour battery So theoretically, if I plug this into the laptop and then I fire up the fans, this will work Oh! It works There is fan action

Yes, I have a tiny bit of mist I don't think this is going to be any cooler than just the wind, but at least it works It works! Now I gotta put it on It's very loud Okay

(instrumental music playing) Theoretically, if I stand up right now, I will be mildly cooled all by my wonderful Dell laptop Okay Here we go Oh, I've done it Goodbye

I'm going to walk across the desert now, it helps if these fans are facing toward me This is definitely just heavier It makes no difference (instrumental music playing) Dude, I think we gotta chill Can we like stop and get something to eat? I feel like I haven't eaten all day and we still gotta make it all the way over there

I have some MRE's You have your choice Do you want shredded beef in barbecue sauce or do you want elbow macaroni and tomato sauce? – [Ken] Those are in a bag, dude – MRE's – [Ken] They're in a bag – Are you hungry? Do you want to eat or do you want to just watch me eat? Have you ever had an MRE before? – This is an all time low for me, Austin Evans

(Austin laughing) Oh no, God, what is this? The bag is bleeding (Austin laughing) It's actually tastes like Chef Boyardee – Maybe it is He's putting it in a different pouch – Honestly, that's probably what they did

– Scale of one to 10 How sunburned are you right now? – Do you want the safe for camera answer or? – No I want a non-safe for anyone answer – My people were made for the sun – Mine weren't

– Fair – How long we've been out here? What? 10 hours now? So the sun is just going down How long do you think we're gonna last tonight? Before we inevitably call Matt and give up – How much macaroni do you have? – That's the last one – Do you have cell service? – Nope

– Nope – Then how are you're going to call Matt? (Ken laughing) – Well, the laptop It has optional 5G That's not out yet, but it also has 4G – Oh, it's 4G now

– Yeah, so I'm sure we'll have the service somewhere – I'm getting tired of this macaroni – Like I say, the barbecue is actually I'm like enjoying it, the more I eat it (both laughing) it just started out gross, but I'm legitimately hungry and then the more I eat, I am like, this is okay (Austin laughing) – It sounds like working for Austin

(both laughing) – That sums up my four years working for you – All right I'm gonna actually try to see if we have service You know what? Do you want take a guess how much battery I have right now? Without looking – Wow

(Ken laughing) – 80% – You can't tell me now when I've already seen it – Dude I've got 80% on this – That's crazy 10 hours we've been here – Yeah, I don't have service

I think we have to walk farther to try to find service Which way do you, can you smell the internet? Which way is the internet? It's really dark I can't see much anymore All right Things are starting to get a little bit bad

It is pitch black out here The batteries on our lights are dying and we've run out of not only food, but most importantly, we've run out of water Thankfully though, after walking for a while, it looks like we were finally able to get just a little bit of cell service [Ken] Wait, wait I know that, is that Skyping? – Shhhh

Matt! – Where have you guys been all day? – What do you mean, where have we been all day? We've been out in the desert shooting the Dell video – Didn't show up to work – Oh, you lost me? Wow – Oh, you're chopping out hella hard – Oh, it's almost like I'm in the middle of the desert hanging onto a tiny bar of service

Matt I can't lose you buddy Come back to me, Matt, come back to me Can you please come get us? – Where are you? – We're at a dry lake bed in California somewhere – Alright, sounds good

I'll be right there to pick you guys up Matt, thank you Alright We'll see you in like four hours – Maybe, maybe like six, seven

– Its okay It’s just Ken and I here, we're very lonely So my friends is our attempt to spend 24 hours in the desert while we may have failed, the Dell Latitude 9510 didn't So you can definitely be sure to check it out at the link in the description If you want a laptop that's far more durable and robust than we are

Matt's gonna be here like before the sun comes up, right?

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