My Favorite Headphones of 2019! 🎧

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today we're taking a look at my favorite headphones for 2019

Before we get started though, I've got to give a huge shoutout to the sponsor of this video LG and the LG gram And not only is this a great laptop to listen to music on as we will be doing here shortly But importantly, it is also solid laptop Which I have covered in many videos in the past

Now this is the new 14 inch version Which is thankfully finally a two-in-one So of course the gram has had a touchscreen for a while But having the additional modes make a big difference You aren't giving up performance either with a full Whiskey Lake Core i7 processor

The real star of the gram though, has always been the battery life, as well as the portability Now with a massive 72 watt/hour battery, it easily lasts through a full day of use And importantly because LG marketing people are clever, the gram name is not just for show This entire laptop only weighs about a kilogram Which in American terms, is very very light

Or like, two point something pounds When it comes to a single laptop that does basically everything well It is hard to go wrong with the LG gram Headphones on the other hand, are a little bit more complicated Now there are tons and tons and tons of different options

One of favorite picks is actually one of the cheapest on this list The OnePlus Bullets at a massive wallet-blistering price of $20 Now don't let the OnePlus branding fool you Even though these are, of course, made for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T They've worked with every USB-C device I've tried

Including the gram, including the iPad, including Macs and pretty much anything else I've plugged it into I've gotten that pretty solid sound out of them Dude, the buildup is real So the cool thing about the Bullets Is that well, yes they're not the greatest sounding headphones in the world

They sound surprisingly solid There's a lot of punches, a lot of bass But you don't really lose a lot of the high-end And importantly, you're spending 20 bucks here I think if I was blindfolded and put these next to like a $70, $80 pair of headphones

I probably would still go with the Bullets They are really impressive for the price The only small issue I've run into Is that sometimes the ear tips actually come off in my ears But to be fair, I have been using this pair of Bullets for what, 6 months or so now? So it's gotten a little bit on the older, crustier side

But all that being said, you get the inline controls You get the mic And, like I said, works on pretty much anything USB-C If you do have a phone necessarily have a headphone jack The OnePlus Bullets are a great choice

Unless you use an iPhone Then this next pair of headphones wasn't originally going to be in this comparison Until Ken got me a pair for Mystery Tech These are the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore It's not a great name

What they are, is a great pair of headphones So only $40 What you're gonna hear, is not only A a little bit of a better balance sound They're also really really tiny But importantly, they have killer isolation

I mean, once you put these things in, it totally drowns out the background noise Like, Ken say something right now – [Ken] Hi, how's it going? – Okay, I can hear you, nevermind If I'm being real, I had never even heard of these headphones until Ken got them from Mystery Tech But they have a surprisingly good sound

And then again, we're talking about $40 So we're getting a little bit up there in budget But still, in the grand scheme of things, not too bad The detail in these headphones, is super impressive Right? It's not something that I usually have

Because I do usually listen to headphones a little more with the bass But like, you just hear every little crinkle and crack and pop, and Sounds like a Rice Krispie commercial You hear all the music You hear all the music

For 40 bucks, it's hard to go wrong with the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Carbo Tenore Carbo Tenore They're good headphones, just buy them My favorite pair of in-ear headphones right now though, are the Final E4000's

Yet another Mystery Tech item And honestly, these live in my bag every single day Some of these other headphones I kind of bring out from time to time Here we're talking about what I'm listening to Not only edit on, but also just to listen to music and what-not

Usually the Final's are what exactly land inside my ear canals That's a little too much detail But it's fine – [Ken] Austin – So what I really like about these headphones, which just makes sense

Is, of course, that audio quality So not only are they very nicely detailed But importantly, pretty much everything sounds good, right? So you wanna listen to something a little bit more bass heavy, solid, great It's got a very special sound there But also it doesn't lose any of the detail on the highs

I mean, it's just a really solid all-around package And honestly, that's a big reason why I listen to these, right? They live in my bag, I can edit on them, I can listen to music, podcast Whatever the case is, I know I can trust the sound to be not only pleasing, but also reasonably accurate They also do have a detachable MMCX connector Which means that while it does come with a 3

5mm cable You can swap it out for either a USB-C or something like Lightning So, the main takeaway here, is if you have a little bit of a budget These are absolutely killer for everything that you listen to That sounds really aggressive, but it is true

I love these headphones I seriously love them Like, you'd have to really step it up with Mystery Tech to get me to give these up Now these next pair of headphones, are by no means new But they've been in my rotation for years now

These are the Grado SR80e's And I think I did my first video on these like, back in 2015 And they're definitely a bit on the speciality side of things Again, you're getting a very unique sound with these guys Plus, you're getting a very cool retro style

Now with an open back design, the main downside here is also one of its main strengths It has excellent soundstage and it does sound very very different than most closed back headphones And even a lot of in-ear headphones But that downside, is that everyone else is going to hear exactly what you are listening to Lemme demonstrate

Oh no Wait No! It's rattling! Okay, so here's a little inside baseball So we actually shot this video a few months ago And due to some time constraints we actually had to reshoot it

Because some of the headphones changed In that video, I broke my last favorite pair of headphones The Status CB-1's They literally just broke They were completely fine five minutes ago

Do you see that, where it snapped? It's like a cursed video, man It's just taken another victim So I guess normally what I would say, is that the Grado SR80e's have that super impeccable sound And especially if you have something like a Dragonfly Like a really nice DAC

It will really make these things come alive But I guess the downside, is a little actually the same downside mentioned in my very first video They are very retro-looking headphones But build quality is what I would say Straight out of 1983

So you wanna go fully wireless? Well the next item I would recommend, and hopefully these don't break Are the brand new Airpods 2 Now the original Airpods, I got a ton of use out of, right? I mean, sure they don't sound amazing But importantly, the actual just the seamlessness of how they work Especially back when they first came out

I mean, mind you, this is almost three years ago Was totally game-changing Now with the Airpods 2, it's a little bit more of a subtle upgrade, it's not really a huge difference as far as the audio side of things But we do get some nice additions Also, man, these pair so fast

I literally pulled that out of the case and it was already done (case click) I mean as far as audio quality goes, these aren't any better than the original Airpods, right? And to be fair, these are the same price So the main difference here, is that you can pick up the wireless charging case version Which is cool, although it's like 40 extra dollars But really the main difference with the Airpods 2

Is that they sync a little bit faster And they have a couple of additions, like Hey Siri But realistically, I mean, they just replace the old Airpods and they do exactly the same thing for me So, they're just a little faster The cool thing about these, though, is just how seamless they are

So right now I'm listening to music If I take it out, it automatically pauses my music I can very easily just sync one Airpod if not both at the same time And it's all connected to my iCloud account So between phone, Mac, iPad

Whatever the case is, everything just works super seamlessly And that's really the key to this The most expensive pair of headphones this round up Are also probably the best all-arounders These are the Sony 1000XM3's

Now this is a pair of headphones which I think a lot of people have gotten excited about Now they're expensive, right? I mean these are what, like 300, 350 bucks? – [Ken] Yeah – Now of course, this is a pair of Bluetooth headphones But you can connect it over a normal 35mm jack

What's nice about them, is that they have kind of cool features So they charge via USB-C, they last up to hours on a charge And on top of that, they have straight up the best noise cancellation I've ever heard on any pair of headphones, ever It even has some cool things, like if you hold your hand on the side, it will turn on ambient mode Which then allow you to hear your surroundings

Pull it away, and your music cranks right back up There's so much cool stuff here Oh, also I should probably mention They sound really good, which is a very important component of a $300 pair of headphones I should've mentioned that first, I think

There's a little bit of an emphasis on the bass side of things But they do sound pretty good But the main thing here, is that if you're interested in something that's a little bit on the noise canceling side of the spectrum and you've got some budget for it The 1000XM3's are totally dope So those are my picks from my headphones of 2019

As always, links to everything including the dope LG gram will be in the description Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go waste a lot more money on buying more headphones So I can do this video again in 2020 Or more specifically, Ken is going to go waste a bunch of more money (laughs)

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