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– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today we are going on an adventure So when Mi reached out and wanted to sponsor a video on their Power Bank Pro, I felt like what better way of showing it off, then to give you guys a sneak peek at the kind of travel tech that we take with us

With 10,000 milliamp hours of capacity, this is going to have plenty of juice to power all of our devices during the trip, and it does come in a pretty small and sleek form factor, unlike some other larger battery banks, this is going to be easy to fit in your pocket, easy to fit in a bag, no problem So as you'd expect, it's straight-forward to use We have a full sized U-S-B eight port to charge your devices The power bank itself is charged with a U-S-B C port, and you have a little battery indicator here to see how much charge your battery bank has The Mi Power Bank also comes with this U-S-B A cable to U-S-B C, so you just plug it in and you can charge your devices this way, but if you don't have something that charges with U-S-B C, you just pop off this little end here, and you're also going to be getting this micro U-S-B

And of course, you can't leave without making sure your phone is charged So the Power Bank Pro has enough juice to charge something like the Pixel two, two in a half times, and it does support a full eighteen watts of output, so something like the pixel is going to be easy to fast charge Alright, that's enough talk Let's get out of here and actually, well, show the travel tech I mean, that's what you came for, right? (hip-hop music) So the first things we do on any trip is, well, spend time on a plane, and what better way to do that, then with a Nintendo Switch

So, not only is it great for a little bit of two-player Mario Kart, but of course, the Mi Power Bank is able to fully charge it no problem Just keep in mind that you can't fast charge the Switch Now I'll have you know, that I would have won the Mario Kart match, if it weren't for Ken not actually shooting the video You know, it's kind of hard to play with one hand and shoot with the other And yes, these are excuses in fact

Now, because we were just up here for about twenty-four hours, and we're shooting a couple videos, I'm traveling pretty light So in addition to the camera we're shooting with right now, I also have my Sony R-X 100 And what's nice about this guy, is that even though it's a tiny, little pocket-able camera, we're actually still getting some pretty nice looking four K video – So this camera also has its fair bit of trade offs, like for example, it only records for five minutes in four K, which obviously I'd like for that to be longer, but also, it doesn't have the greatest battery life in the world, which is where something like the Mi Power Bank comes in – The main camera we're using today though, is the Sony A 6500

Now in a lot of ways you can think of this as the bigger brother to the R-X 100 So not only do we have an interchangeable lens, we're also getting a proper microphone input, and importantly, a much bigger, super thirty-five sensor However, we actually forgot to charge the batteries, so the Mi Power Bank, about to come in handy Actually legitimate, I'm going to plug your camera in right now (laughs) Now, I can legitimately say the Mi is literally powering this video

Of course, no travel is complete without a smart phone, which is where the iPhone ten comes in So this is my daily driver right now, and for the most part I've been pretty happy However, both Ken and I are also rocking the Google Pixel Two I like the Pixel two, whereas Ken's rocking the X-L, but we're both using it for pretty much the same reason The camera is absolutely the best you can get on a smart phone right now

– [Ken] So one of the things I've been doing recently is taking thumbnails for YouTube using the Pixel two, and this is going to be the one for this video – So after a day of shooting, next step is to bring the footage back and actually start editing So, our weapon of choice here is going to be the 2016 MacBook Pro Actually never really updated to the newer one, but this is sort of our mobile work station As you can see, the desk is a little bit of a mess, thanks to, well, all of the stuff we need, including dongles and S-S-D's to edit off of, but one of the most important things is going to be our headphones

I've talked about these in many videos before, but these are the Status C-B ones, and especially when you're editing on like planes, and hotel rooms and all over the place, it's nice to have a good pair of headphones that you know you can trust, especially when you're editing footage that was shot in a park, and in China Town, and on a plane, it's nice to actually know that your audio is not going to be terrible So that is everything that is in our travel bag, and of course, huge shout out to Mi for sponsoring this video, and if you guys want to check out the Power Bank Pro for yourselves, the links will be in the description over on Amazon Now, you might be wondering why am I riding this incredibly stylish scooter Well this is the Mi Electric Scooter, and they actually gave me one to not only check off on this video, but also to give away for you guys So this is really cool, because not only are you getting eighteen miles or range on this guy, but it's also convenient if you need to take it for a little trip, for example, I know Ken takes this back and forth around work all the time, and what's cool is if you want to actually travel with it, it's simple just undoing this one thing and then it will clip together right here, and you just pick it up and walk around with it like this

It's pretty lightweight So just like with the Power Bank Pro, you can check out our link to this guy on Amazon in the description, and I do have one extra to give away to you guys To enter, all you need to do is leave the word "scooter" in a comment in this video In two weeks I'm going to randomly select one and send you guys a scooter Okay guys, thank you so much for watching and I will catch you on the next one

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