My PS5 & Xbox Series X Setup!

– Hello and welcome to the ultimate gaming, streaming, and recording battle station So, thanks to our good friends at LG who have very kindly sponsored this video, we're about to build a setup which is not only ready for PC games, but also for the next generation of consoles

So, Wes, it starts out with the LG OLED 65GX, which is not only one of their highest-end OLEDs but also it's one of the ones with the flush mount, so it almost looks like one of the wallpaper TVs But beyond that, we're completely renovating this part of the office – Yeah So we've already gone ahead and we've replaced the boring white wall with slightly less boring artificial wood – It looks good

You did a good job with this – No one has to know it's artificial wood, it's real – So essentially what we're going to do is we're gonna mount the TV up here, we're gonna move pretty much everything here What we wanna do with this setup is have everything run into our OLED But the idea is that this setup should be completely ready for the PS5 and the Series X later this year

But the best part is not only can we play all these games, but we're also going to be able to stream them and record them for videos Essentially what we need to do is we need to figure out the TV being mounted here, we'll have a PC down here, a monitor, and our desk down here And then we'll have, probably on this piece of furniture, we'll have where all of the consoles sit, and then they'll all be routed into the TV – Correct, and we will actually be here holding up the TV with our hands just like we're holding it up right now – So one of the nice things about the 65GX is that it comes with its own wall mount bracket

Now, unlike most TVs where you would use just a standard VESA mount and then you would drill it into the wall, this is actually meant to be a flush mount So if you've seen the LG wallpaper OLED TVs, it's something kind of similar, in that there should be pretty much no gap between the TV and the wall, which is great 'cause gonna look awesome for our setup But the downside is that we need to make sure before we drill it in and start building the entire setup, that we know exactly where everything is going to go, including all of our cables – [Wes] And not only is this gonna hold the whole TV up, I believe it's actually only two bolts that slide into there This whole thing pops out after it's mounted on the wall

You then sort of click the TV in and you sandwich the whole thing up against it – Wes, why did you spend all of our money on HDMI cables? – Honestly, they just had the best boxes, and that's kind of how I buy cables So we have a bunch of them that are HDMI 20, that means we'll be able to do 4K60 – Yeah

– But, for the newer consoles and for future-proofing, we have a few HDMI 21 cables, which are much more expensive So normally you would not need one of these The TV actually has four inputs But for ease of use and because we have so many things going in different directions like if we wanna do a console right to the TV, console to capture cards and TV, you need something like a matrixer

It actually has four inputs, but also four outputs – [Austin] So we can take any combination of things going into this and out – Exactly – So we can send the same signal from the console to capture card, to TV But you can imagine when we have the TV up here, all of our consoles, all of our lighting

Our Twitch camera, PC monitor, desk It's gonna be really cool – Yeah, just so we don't jinx it, we should probably just call this the average setup (Austin laughs) This is your average living setup – The average gamer paradise

Wait, that’s Jud's thing – The average gamer's Tuesday – Let's fix the TV – Yeah – Right

Yeah – Probably time to stop talking and start working So it is day two, and we are ready to finish up the setup – So we'll actually hang the bracket And this is actually held to the back with a really strong magnet

So that's why- – Are you tryna tell me a 65-inch TV is being held up by a magnet? – Well, it's not a CRT So, okay – The power of OLED being very lightweight, okay All right, I'm sure they know what they're doing – Yeah, but that's why you gotta put the spacer in so it doesn't slam shut on us

– So, you feel comfortable with me actually tightening this up? – [Wes] Pop this guy on first and let's see what we got – That's pretty close We're touch over to the right but- – Honestly, I buy that – Yeah – [Wes] I think we're close enough where we should go for it

– It's fine – The buildings also not particularly straight as well – [Wes] Oh, yeah that was part of it (Austin laughs) Yeah, compensating for the fact that the floor is not level – All right, all the way in? – Go for it

– All right (drill whirring) – [Wes] Right inside that circle there is the magnet So what you're gonna wanna do is find a spot to kind of put the screwdriver under and pop it out Yeah, now you kind of actually just pull it away with your hands It's gonna be a little stiff, but you should be able to do it

– Wow – Yeah – So that's it So that's as far as we can actually pull the TV out Oh, dude, yeah, see the huge magnet

(laughing) – Yeah, no, it's super strong Yeah, when I first saw this, I thought it was kind of over-engineered but after actually having it on the wall, it's one of those things that's like engineered to the tee – Yeah – It's very purpose-built – Look, when I have my brand new LG OLED on the wall, over-engineered, definitely what I'm looking for

I don't want like, "Ah, it kinda works" I want it to be firmly attached to my wall Now, let's figure out how to get this on the wall – Yeah, well, so you can see here, the pegs that you actually put in a much beefier than I expected – Wow

I've never tried one of the wallpaper TVs I know this obviously isn't quite the same line, but it's related just because it has such a cool wall mount that's included in the box It really is meant to be more of a display piece But it has all the features of the high-end OLEDs that you expect, including G-SYNC Including 4k, 120 frames per second

Including, obviously, all the excellent picture quality, the contrast As far as I'm concerned, this is about the best possible TV we could have here This is our cable solution for this setup This is what Wes has been spending the last week prepping – [Wes] Basically, I planned it out so not only can the consoles go into the matrix, but we'll have an extra HDMI 2

1 cable, that will just be free-roaming So if we wanna bypass everything, we wanna do 8K60- – [Austin] Or 4K120 directly from a console – Yeah, which this TV can handle We'll be able to do that We have a direct line from the GPU of the PC directly into the TV if we want to use- – For G-SYNC

– And then we have an auxiliary input, that's just gonna surface at the desk So say that we just get some random PC in that we wanna try out, we can just plug it in without messing up the whole system – And because we have so many different devices and we wanna have the flexibility, essentially the matrixer, as big and expensive as it is, essentially allows us to say, bo, bo, bo, bo, bo, bo, bo I made the sound effect again You can press the buttons and it will switch everything in any orientation that you want

That's very cool So this simple cable cost how much? – I think these were like 130 bucks for a 25-foot run But it's really cool because essentially this little unit here and this little unit here has an encoder and decoder It just shoots the signal over fiber optic, as fast as it can, full 48 gigabits, and then it receives it and decodes it on the other side But this is really the only way to do it without an amplified HDMI signal

– So we have our cables run One of these HDMI is a little thick, so hopefully- – A little chunky – It actually will fit flush But I think we'll be okay So, our mounting, very high

This is (laughs) It's dense All right, ready? And up

Up, up, up, up, up, up, up Okay, back, back, back Up a little higher I can't tell – Toward Wes

– Toward Wes? Okay Yep, we got it We got it It's in It's in

I'm in on this side Are you in on that side? – I feel like it – It's on Wes' side – It's on one side Okay

– Yeah – All right, let's make sure- – [Austin] Oh, see here Hold on Oh, that's it I got it, got it, got it

– That's it – We're in, we're in We're in – All right – [Austin] Okay, gently let go

Let go Let go (Wes speaks faintly) No, it's okay, it's okay – Yeah, gotta- – We gotta lock it in But at least in place now

(TV mount clicks) – Okay Are they both clicked? – That one click, and I wanna double-check if this one's clicked – I can actually reach it (TV mount clicks) – At this point, we have our 65GX mounted on the wall, and when they say flush mount, they mean flush mount This thing is all the way up against the wall

But with our cables running here I actually feel really good about this So essentially, now, well, we have a lot more work to do But for now, why don't we get the TV fired up, run something to it, and just make sure this is all actually working So, with the TV hung up, now let's run through the temporary setup So we have some of the consoles up and running, but before we do that, shall we actually make sure the TV works and we didn't somehow horribly ruin it

– Yeah – Where's the remote? Actually, you know what? Wes, would you just do the honors? Press the power button, make sure we didn't ruin it – Here we go – Oh, the light turned off And? Yes! Ah, dude, it looks so good up on the wall

And the thing about OLED God, I feel like I'm such a fanboy right now The thing about OLED is, is that it has such great viewing angles that no matter where we are in the room it looks great So let's actually put the TV through its paces Austin Evans

And, of course, you have full voice support for not only with the remote, but you can also just say, hey, LG Watch Mystery Tech (upbeat music) Eh, look at that! Oh, Wes? Wes? We forgot to do the peel! Three, two, one (gasps) Oh, it's so good Look at that

– Oh, man – Oh! Look at all our grime from our fingerprints just disappearing Look at that Oh, it's so good Yeah! Wow, it actually looks much better

I was already getting used to it with the plastic It's like, "All right, it looks even better now!" You know what I really like about this? It looks great from no matter what angle, especially when we're shooting in here Obviously one of the problems we're gonna have with this setup, is we wanna make sure that we can minimize reflections But a lot of that is gonna be once we get the full lighting revamped done in here But with that alpha9 mark 3 processor, what you're getting here is incredibly nice picture quality, especially when you turn on the game mode, because you have a lot of things that will help enhance the image, but also you have a very low latency experience too when you're ready to start gaming

So right now we have a very temporary setup So, not only do we have a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, since obviously the new consoles aren't out yet, but this should in theory work So we have all three of our consoles, including the Switch, going into our matrixer, our matrix Matrixer or matrix? – Matrix – Matrix

And then it is going out to the TV We haven't taken advantage of the extra leads right now But theoretically if we turn this on, switch HDMI one, we should be able to play all of these together, and the matrix could also kick a different signal out to our monitor So the monitor's gonna roughly live here, obviously once we have the desk So right now we have our PS4 Pro and Xbox One X routed through the matrix

So PS4 is going up to TV, Xbox is going here So, first of all, let me see what the latency is Oh, that's nothing So theoretically, can we swap them? Can you push Xbox to TV and PS4 to monitor? – Yeah, so they're in order The inputs are one, two, three

And then that's output A, that's output B So you want this guy to have the PlayStation now, right? – Yes – Okay So what output B goes to one – One, okay

– And actually, while we're here, we should see how good the sync is between the two of these guys – Oh! So now we have the PlayStation up on both – [Wes] Correct – Dude, that's trippy man, look at that – So it can be a splitter or we can route differently

– That is so cool Okay, wait, so now let's put Xbox on TV – [Wes] Okay, so we would select output A (HDMI matrix beeps) And that is input number two (HDMI matrix beeps) – Hey! There we go

And now we can just do tap through here Dude, that is going to be so sick Especially when you consider that once we have our PC and our streaming setup really built here, we can very easily stream from all these consoles Instantly we can play on them, we can capture them And the nice thing about the OLED, if we launch, say, "Red Dead", for example, it has a ton of features which are helpful not only now but also going into this next generation

So this TV not only has FreeSync but it also supports G-SYNC, the very first TV to do that Which means that not only, "You need to be online" Okay One moment, please One of the nice things about the GX, is it really does have all the gaming features that we want for the setup

So, of course, not only does it have HDMI 21 thanks to that a9 processor, which means that we get 4K, 120 frames per second But also we have a bunch of things including not only FreeSync but also NVIDIA G-SYNC, the first time that has actually come to a TV So no matter if we're plugging in the latest consoles, the next-gen consoles, or, of course, a gaming PC, you can get the most out of the TV It also has a very low response time right out of the box, and it has support for things like auto low latency mode, which especially for those next-generation consoles is going to be really important

As essentially the console can say, "Hey, I’m playing a game," the TV will automatically go to game mode, automatically go to the quickest latency So no matter what you're playing you're going to get the best experience right out of the box It is really cool to see these TVs with things like filmmaker mode as well as game mode, so they can automatically take advantage of the best modes and the best sort of frame rates and everything, for whatever content that you wanna watch or play Especially once we have the entire setup, well, (coughs) up to date (coughs) Once we have that all done, this'll be great

And we have a desk here But this is so cool to have The display hung up It looks so cool on the wall Obviously, we'll hide these cables

We'll have our PC, which we're still building, and then we'll have all of this sort of nicely done I'm really excited This is gonna be a killer setup for streaming, for gaming, for watching, videos, movies, and, of course, for chilling Are we gonna chill? Are we're gonna just OLED and chill? – [Wes] We can, like, hang out? – What does that? Hang out? – Relax and stuff – You mean watch stuff, not for a video? We're just watching content and playing games for fun? I don't think we do that here

– No – Thanks very much for watching Obviously, feel free to go check out the wonderful GX TV at the link in the description And huge shout out to LG for sponsoring this video and enabling us to build the ultimate setup Stay tuned

There's a lot more we've got to do to make this thing ultimate Including update our Xbox

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