Neutron Gaming PC Build – May 2014

Hey guys this is Austin and today I’m here with a video going over my latest gaming PC build, the Neutron When putting together the Neutron I wanted to build the best all around gaming PC without costing a ton of money

That’s why we’ve got a quad core CPU, solid graphics card and an SSD all in a case that won’t take up your entire desk The most important part though is how does it handle gaming? To give you an idea of how it stacks up with some of my other recent builds I ran them all through the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark This is a great general test to see how the graphics compare and as you’ll see the Neutron nicely shows off what it’s capable of Open up Battlefield 4 and you’re looking at a very playable 478 frames per second even on full Ultra settings at 1080p

Jump over to Metro: Last Light, another excellent looking game that also happens to be a lot of fun and the Neutron delivers just over 42 FPS on Very High settings Another game that delivers awesome graphics is Bioshock Infinite where we’re also able to play at 1080p on Ultra at 55 frames per second Load up Grid 2 and not only is it totally playable on Ultra but you can even crank the resolution up to 1440p without the system breaking a sweat Now let’s crack open the Neutron and see how many quarks we find inside That was a joke that no one is going to get, yeah

For the case we’ve got the Rosewill Line-M which I’ve used a few times in previous builds as it’s a great choice with a pair of 120mm fans and enough room for a MicroATX motherboard There are actually two versions of the Line-M, the standard model and the A model which I have here The only differences are the lack of an LED for the front fan and one fewer USB 30 port on the A version which makes it about $10 cheaper The choice is up to you but either way you’re getting a solid case

For the processor we’re looking at an Intel Core i5-4430, a quad core CPU based on the Haswell architecture While a Core i3 would get the job done moving up to the Core i5 means you get four physical cores which can definitely come in handy, especially in some of the more demanding games On the graphics side we have a Sapphire Radeon R9 270X, an excellent mid-range graphics card With 2GB of memory and a factory overclock the 270X is a great choice as you guys saw earlier it handles 1080p gaming no problem For the motherboard we have an MSI B85M-G43

This is a great MicroATX board with USB 3 along with SATA 3 and support for up to 32GB of memory Speaking of for the Neutron we’ve got 8GB of GSkill Ripjaws RAM clocked at 1866MHz which should be more than enough for now while still leaving room to upgrade later on For storage we’ve got both an SSD as well as a standard hard drive This really is the best of both worlds in my opinion as you can install Windows and other programs onto the SSD and everything else can go onto the hard drive

Samsung has made some excellent SSDs for quite a while and the 840 EVO is definitely no exception as with 120GB of capacity you’ve got a decent amount of space Put it together with a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue and you’ve got yourself an awesome setup that isn’t actually all that expensive One thing I will mention is that to fit both drives into the case you’ll need to also grab a 25” to 35” adapter as while the SSD can be mounted on bottom there’s no room to actually plug it in

Speaking of for the power supply we’re using a 500W Corsair CX500 So if you guys have watched these gaming builds before you’ll know that I really like to use these supplies as not only are they going to be fairly affordable but they’re also very reliable and most importantly they’re going to have plenty of power to handle the system today as well as with some additional upgrades later on Put it all together and you’ve got yourself an awesome gaming rig that’s perfect for 1080p As always you guys can find the full parts list in the description of this video over on my website Anyway I’ve got to give a big shoutout to Hulu Plus for making this video possible! You’ve probably tried Hulu on your computer but Hulu Plus is so much more

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com/austin and you’ll be able to try it out for free for two weeks and help support the channel That’s hulupluscom/austin so go check it out and start streaming TV today Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one!

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