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(box thumping) – Hey guys, this is Austin And welcome to a very special episode of Mystery Tech what

Austin's Mystery Tech Wardrobe (Austin laughing) Why is this Xbox? What, it's a what (laughing) – [Ken] So our friends at Microsoft got you the limited edition Xbox Onesie – Why is it triple XXXL? Uh, I've got (zipper sliding) (light-hearted guitar music) All right so now it's time to complete our adventure into Xbox Mystery Tech (light-hearted guitar music) – [Matt] Oh no, oh no

– Okay it's fine (plastic thud) Hey guys, this is Austin (plastic tapping) Oh So this my friends, is a box from PITAKA Now you might know PITAKA from a certain controversy a couple months ago, regarding a case, some beef perhaps

So let's see what they've sent over It's a very nice box I gotta say It's very, very nice Okay, that's a lot of stuff, all right Wait

(book thumping desk) Ken, did PITAKA pay you to put this in here? – [Ken] No? – I smell shenanigans Why is there a giant box of PITAKA stuff on my desk right now? – [Ken] 'Cause they wanted it out of your good graces? (zipper sliding) – So I'm just gonna take a second and point out that I am currently dailying a Latercase Just so the record shows – [Matt] Watch out, someone is going to make a blog post about you – That's fine

Everyone should know where my true allegiance lies (zipping sliding) With the bald Canadian himself (Austin laughing) – [Ken] Oh, what is that? – Magnetic wall-mount organizer wireless charger So you mount this to your wall and you stick your keys onto it, and you have two wireless chargers So if you have a magnetic case like one of these it'll go like

(Ken laughing) – [Ken] How do you function daily? – All right let's see, let's see what we get with the PITAKA case I assume it's gonna be very similar to what I already know That looks pretty similar – [Ken] The features are probably a little different – Yeah I think the Latercase actually feels a little bit better

It feels a little bit more textured This one feels a little more rubbery and smooth I can say that I'm pretty happy with the Latercase This is fine but I mean there's only so many ways you can make a case for a phone

– [Ken] Words of wisdom by Austin Evans – Hey you know it's true – [Ken] It is true – Okay, so you've given me a large selection of AAA and AA batteries as well as a screw driver (tedious music) Ken, this is going to be bad

This is going to be very not good I'm gonna open what I am 90% sure is a Roboraptor There's no other reason you'd give me this number of weird batteries Like three of these are for the Roboraptor, three of these are for the controller, here's my little screw driver because toys are really annoying and they have little like screw driver thing on it Because this box is so large, it means this is going to be a Megaraptor, which I'm going to hate much, much more than any of the other Roboraptors that have come through the doors

Ken am I right right now? – [Ken] Uh uh uh? – You have Roboraptor right there Why would you have? See, see Wait, this is an actual Roboraptor? Not like a knock off? It's literally Roboraptor, but twice as big and gray – [Matt] Do you wanna know how much you paid for this? – How much is Roboraptor X? – [Matt] Do you wanna take a guess? – A $100? – [Matt] $140 (tedious music) – [Ken] Cheaper than me and Matt

Just saying – Get it Yeah (Roboraptor roaring) (Austin laughing) – [Ken] Austin – I have never seen Roboraptor do half the things he's doing right now

What is going on? Oh okay All right, well this one's alive and angry Roboraptor, hmm? Yeah, ah Three, two, one (bell dinging) Roboraptor is coming on strong

He's coming up, oh but X is getting some shots in coming in from behind Smacking him on the tail Doesn't seem like Roboraptor X minds, but however Roboraptor oh (Austin screaming) Roboraptor has fa– Okay, you know what? This is a close one Cause Roboraptor did fall of first

However Roboraptor X also fell off I need to find a better use of my time (Roboraptor squeaking) (crashing sound) (laughing) – [Matt] He waved goodbye (cheerful music) – Chord Your music, just better

Well, that seems like quite the lofty claim Mojo the ultimate DAC headphone amplifier for your smartphone Ken? – [Ken] Hm? – How much was the Mojo chord? (cheerful music) – [Matt] Whoa $400 – [Ken] $400 as the man said

Hey it was $500 at some point so I got you a really good deal – So Ken you know when we had that conversation about let's make Mystery Tech better in 2020 Let's get bigger budgets The bigger budgets don't mean just spending more money on the same stupid bull beep – [Ken] I mean

– All right This actually does feel very premium It's very metally It also feels pretty heavy So for reference I am going to be using the BGVP DMG headphones from Mystery Tech like three or four moths ago

These had been my dailies and they actually do sound really good even without a proper amp and DAC However they should be high enough quality that if this thing is actually legit and works, I'll be able to tell a difference (chilled music) So like, I guess the only thing that really jumps out to me here is that, while it's good Is it worth this sort of trade off? Even if you take up away the fact that I have to plug this thing in Once it's charged up keeping some kind of USB dongle with you just seems like it's a little bit much

What are you doing? (box thumping) Oh (Austin laughing) All right So this is with Drop How much were these? – [Ken] 200 – $200 okay

The Ken spends lots of money on headphones, episode continues Okay, let's see what we've got here Ooh This looks nice Aw damn

Oh so are these the, what are they? The planar magnets? Oh So the first thing I'll say is These are incredibly open headphones Like I mean I can hear just as well with or without them That's actually kind of interesting

Let me turn this volume way down so I don't become deaf Now to be fair these are not broken in or warmed up at all ♪ What's going on ♪ ♪ Can you take me with ♪ Oh Jesus Wow, that's good I feel like my head is in the middle of the concert right now

('All My Friends' by Madeon plays) Woo All right, these are very good – [Matt] Yeah, they're great speakers – What? – [Matt] I said, "they're great speakers" – Yeah that's pretty loud

Let me try to be objective for a second I'm gonna unplug all this stuff We're gonna plug this directly in We're gonna see exactly what happens (upbeat music) Is that all I've got? Okay yeah no

No, like that's at full volume barely enough for me to consider worth listening to That's, no So I think with headphones like this, it's really clear You're gonna need something with some power to drive it Now do you need to spend $400+ on this little DAC? Probably not

You could probably get away with something that's significantly cheaper However, with what I've got in front of me A phone, a DAC, an incredible pair of headphones This is a special, special experience And I hope that you can take me earnestly considering that I am wearing a Xbox onesie right now

But, it's good Just imagine me not wearing this right now (Matt laughing) Thank you very much (box thumping) All right So, we have a very mysterious looking box here

None of this says what this thing is I guess they assume that when you buy something you know what you've bought Smart warmer and cooler Wait, I see Qi on one side and hot surface Is this like some like wireless charger slash drink warmer

– [Ken] You are a 100% correct – Oh really? All right so it's blue right now – [Matt] That's cold – [Ken] Yes – [Austin] So we take a look with the thermal

What we can see is, yeah I mean that's literally four degrees Celsius You can see there's a huge difference between the cable which is like 28 and this which is essentially freezing Oh wow, dude look at this So you can see that the top of it is ice cold but this is where all the heat's coming out Like you can see there's like a streak of it all across the table

Now for reference our can of soda is 21 degrees, 20 degrees, something like that – [Ken] That came out of a box, not the fridge – Okay, so while my can is being chilled I'm going to charge my phone Oh look at that

Neatly works So, I can charge my phone, I can cool my drink or alternatively I could heat my drink So after about thirty seconds or so this went from being below freezing to 47, 48 degrees So let's put some water on it and see what happens So right now the water is 20 degrees or so

Okay, so let's give it a moment and see exactly how warm we can get this Again, based on my thermal camera we're about 50 degrees Celsius on the bottom So that's a 120, 130 degrees, something like that I don't know what to say It's a Mystery Tech item, that doesn't suck

It's something I can say actually this is cool and legit I can't make fun of it I can't be like oh ha-ha Ken wasted money blah-blah-blah No, this is actually cool I didn't expect that

I thought it was going to be lame I'm impressed – [Ken] To be fair, I thought so too but we are all surprised in life and this is one of those – [Matt] Well, let us rectify that – [Ken] Oh, we will rectify that

– Woo, that one has a nice little bounce on it Well this is already open – [Matt] Sometimes we need to know what's actually in the Mystery Tech before you do – Why did you get an LED Didn't we already do an LED backpack like two years ago on Mystery Tech? – [Ken] No, that was a speaker

– Oh so we have a USB cable which I assume goes like a battery bank And I guess room for like a laptop or your soul And that's it Oh, oh, oh Oh it went away

(Austin laughing) Look at that Keeps going away – [Matt] I don't know why it's going away? (beeping) – So now that we have properly configured our LED backpack Matt would you please come do the honors – [Matt] What? – Just come

– [Matt] What am I doing? – Just come here – [Matt] Alright Just put the backpack on So, your task now is to wear this backpack all CES long – All CES? – You have to advertise This Is

Up and down the wonderful streets of Las Vegas Otherwise we're going to cancel the channel (upbeat music) Look, it's Matt in the wild (slapping) (laughing) It hasn't broken yet – Subscribe to This Is

(slapping) – [Austin] Hi Matt It wasn't me this time – Every time you guys hit this, I die a little bit on the inside – [Jimmy] It's just so slappy

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