Nintendo Switch Hands On with Austin Evans

– Nintendo Switch, finally full reveal with price and everything a couple days ago They had a hands on event, I couldn't go, I was stuck back here, but you guys got to try it

Tell me, what was it like? – It was amazing My life will never be the same I've transcended the mortal universe and I've tried the Switch now – [Host] Final answer? – No, it's alright, it's fine (laughing) – [Host] It's okay? – Um, the Switch was interesting

I think hardware-wise it's nice I felt like the Joy-Con controllers were really impressive That's something that really jumped out to me, how comfortable they were – [Host] Interesting – [Man With Awesome Hair] How well they came on and off

– [Host] 'Cause that was my biggest fear, honestly, looking at them – [AUSTIN EVANS] No, man – Have you ever used a regular sized 3DS, the smaller ones? – Yes – Those are, the cramps, immediately – To be fair, I didn't find those, I actually liked the regular 3DS versus the XL

– Really? – Yeah But, even with that said, you used like an NES You know the rough size, it's fairly similar to that It's not bad Sure, I'm not gonna play Mario Kart with a bunch of buttons for eight hours, but the JoyCon by itself was fine

But specifically what really impressed me was not only how easy they are to take off and put back on but having the JoyCon separated, right? – [Host] Yeah – So, the idea, remember with the Wii Remote and stuff you would have that and the nunchuck and it was kind of a little goofy and weird – Felt a little weird, especially 'cause the cable tying the together – Sure, exactly With the JoyCons, you can have them both separate, so having them together, either on the console, having them with the grip controller, or having them separate, there's no difference

You have the exact some buttons So the idea of being able to game here, game here or game with your arms behind your back, you can do whatever Felt super comfortable to me Comfortable me Words, English, I know it

It was cool, it was cool – And it's great 'cause it's not only comfortable but it's all-cohesive and the same no matter where it is – [austin GAINZ Evans] Yes It's cool, the actually hardware itself was nice The screen looked nice, I know everyone was complaining, like, oh it's only 720p

It's fine, it looks great – It's a small screen – Exactly – It looks sharp no matter what We were playing Splatoon and Zelda and it looked absolutely fine

– There's no problem, and it's funny going between the small six inch screen, or 63 or whatever it is on the tablet, you drop it onto the dock, which is incredibly fast, too – Literally in a second – Yeah, you drop it on, take it off, it's super fast But then you look at how nice it looks on the screen, all of a sudden it blows up to the giant 1080p TV in front of you, you're like, alright this looks okay, but as soon as you get on that tablet, everything looks great

– [Host] Yeah, because a smaller screen, there's just not as much resolution – Exactly, yeah Honestly, using the Switch was fun I thought, there's a lot of good stuff about it I think the hardware itself feels good

The JoyCon controllers are by far my favorite part of the whole thing which is not what I expected to say at all when I was going into it – Well and honestly, I think that's the system's strongest argument, really is its base design The idea of this easily switch between portable and home setup, that's a very easy sell with a lot of people, I think It's just everything else needs to come out too, then Good games, good pricing

– Something else that jumped out to me is how portable it really is You see the pictures and everything and you kind of assume, at least I did that it was gonna be bigger than it was With the controllers on, it's a little bit big With the controllers off, it's not much bigger than a smartphone – [Host] Well, it's like the size of a WiiU tablet

– Smaller, much smaller – [Host] Thinner, but it's the same like – No, the screen's the same size – The tablet is basically, sorry, roughly the same size as a 3DS XL – Yes

– Thinner – Much thinner – And maybe a little bit more bezel, but it's not that big at all – It felt like a large smartphone, if you take the controllers off I mean, so I put my seven plus up to it while we were playing around with it, it wasn't that much bigger

I'm not gonna say that I'm gonna rock the Switch in my pocket all the time (Man with Augie's hat laughs) Probly not a great idea, especially with the controllers on – And those skinny jeans – Thanks, but honestly, you could do it I feel like I could fit the Switch in my pocket and maybe put the controllers in another pocket

The portability was a lot better than I was expecting It's a lot smaller than even like a seven inch tablet or something – Right – That was one of the things that also was kind of impressive – And to that point, though, the controllers, I know some people are worried because they think that they're too small now

– Mm-Mm – And honestly, I don't really think that's the case I mean granted, I'd like to think I have normal sized hands – Oh, you have huge hands – [Host] And so when I think about the comfort of them in the small size, I'm not so worried about when you're holding both of them and it's this sideways thing with remotes, it's the sideways

– [Man With GainZ] It's the side, the actual, yeah – [Host] 'Cause you're bunching up to have on the shoulders and the, how does that feel? That's the one that worried me – What someone told me at the event, I don't know if it was one of the guys that we were with or if it was one of the things where I was getting B-Roll on my own But, he was telling me that the A-symmetrical controllers are so people with big hands can use one and someone with small hands can use the other and it works better for, or one of them works better for the– – I was curious about that, because they are not the same design The spacing is different

– I mean, they have the same buttons, they're just not on the same side – Yeah, they have the same buttons, it's just the spacing is different, yeah – My thought is, so for some of the games, for example, Arms was a good example of one where you hold each one individually When you're holding them individually in vertical mode like you would on any other controller, they're fine I feel like I could do that all day

It's only when you flip them sideways does it get a little weird But honestly for that, it seems like much more of a casual experience, like I'm gonna play a couple games of Mario Kart Even with the worst controller ever, I'm not gonna get a cramp after 10 minutes, right – Yeah, and the whole point of that, too is that you do the sideways one way and you want to do a local game with someone – Right, exactly

– Is to do a little two player game – It doesn't seem like I'm going to put eight hours into a game with one JoyCon flipped sideways That just doesn't seem like a thing I'm gonna do – You have never had drinks while playing Street Fighter before? (laughing ensues) – [Evans] Okay, good point, fair point – So I'm of two very different minds on it

There's the personal side of me that honestly is excited I saw a lot of the games that were announced It's more my speed A lot of the stuff, I mean that conference was very focused on Japanese titles and JRPGs, so all stuff I'm excited for Xenoblade 2, great

– Fire Emblem – Fire Emblem Warriors, awesome Ultra Path Traveler, I really really want to try SMT 5, huge fan, great So, that all looks good to me and I'm excited personally, like personally hyped

But then when I look at all the other news surrounding it, I can see why for most people it's a huge turn off And the biggest thing is pricing, across the board, I think – Okay, so I would love for you to expand on that, because I don't think the pricing is that bad Now mind you, the UK pricing is crazy That's crazy town

– [Host] So, here's why the pricing's bad – Go for it – 300 is okay – [Austin EVANSSS] Yes, I agree – I think 300 is okay

– I agree – I think 250 would have been smarter for being really aggressive, 'cause you need to be a strong alternative In the US, 300's the same price as getting an Xbox one or a PS4 – [Hey GUYS its AUSTIN] A little bit more now, but close enough – Point is, the Switch pricing is fair, but not incredible

– I agree – The problem comes across at everywhere else First off, they're asking for a monthly fee, which it's acceptable these days, it's just how it's going but all their bundling with that is, here's a free NES or SNES game you get to have for the month, and then it disappears That's a great sales pitch And then, do you know the pricing on the controllers and accessories? – [Awesome Ken] Yes

– [Host] The JoyCon, right? The one little JoyCon controller Now, yes, one JoyCon is enough for one additional player, right – [Austin Ekans] What's included, so you can break off both of them – You get two, right But if you're buying a separate additional JoyCon

One JoyCon by itself is $50 If you want to get a two bundle one– – Wait, wait, wait, they sell them individually? – [Host] Yes – Individually, yes – [Host] No, one Joy-Con controller is 50 bucks – And they're two different ones, obviously, so

– Okay, so now obviously if you want people to have full control with two controllers, two JoyCons, you can get a bundle, that's reduced price, $80 Now, of course, that's just if you want to use the two handles If you want to be able to put it in a controller, in a Grip, that would be an additional $15 – [Austin GAINZ] So it's $95 – [Host] It's $95 for a full Switch Grip setup

– But that's not even the full thing because isn't there two different Grips – [Host] Yes – They're called Grips, right? – Yeah, there are two different Grips There is a charged Grip, and a regular Grip – Charged Grip, yeah

– The regular Grip's 15, and that's what you get in the system I don't know the pricing on the charge one – [Ken from FullOAnime] Oh, there is a charge one – Yes, there is a charge one, but it doesn't come with the system The system comes with the regular rubber Grip

– Someone was complaining about the fact that the regular Grip obviously doesn't charge it So if it runs out of battery, your only way to charge it is to put it back on the console – Now, on that note, I was reading that worry too, but I also found something out Now, I've only seen this reported in an IGN video, and it was a Nintendo rep saying this, but I haven't seen it anywhere else, that the reported battery life of a JoyCon is 20 hours – 20 hours

– Yeah – So, unless you're just extremely negligent and you fall asleep and throw the Joy-Cons on the ground and don't set the system back up, you're never gonna end up needing to really charge those in a day unless you're just not staying on top of it – And worst case scenario they're about to die, you put them on and you play in tablet mode, and they will be charging even off of the internal battery – Yeah, you'd have to have it plugged in and everything still, but – Alright, I'll give you that, the accessories– – [Host] It only charges while it's plugged in

The JoyCons don't charge in handheld mode – [Austin BOLT Evans] Oh, really? – Yeah it only charges them – Oh, interesting – [Host] If it's actively plugged into a dock – I guess that's fair The battery life is not great anyways, so

– [Host] What little the system has you don't want to siphon away – Right – It puts you in an awkward situation if you're in the middle of gameplay Say you're playing Zelda and you're just going on forever, right? Or you go to bed but you forget to put it back on or something like that You're in the middle of the game, and suddenly it runs out of battery, it's like you're in this awkward situation of, alright, what am I gonna do now? You have to literally stop playing, put them on the JoyCon and charge them for like whatever, an hour

– I guess, this doesn't seem like a big deal to me – [Ken!] It's not a big deal, but – The charger thing isn't a big deal to me, personally That's not the problem I have, my problem is the pricing So, we've talked general thoughts on the system, we've talked about pricing and how comfortable the controllers are

But then of course, the main point for any game system is games What did you guys play, what were your thoughts on it? What stuff was fun? – Yeah, so they had, actually a lot of the games, all the launch games and most of the games that are coming out this year are out, so I got to play Splatoon 2 I didn't play a ton of Splatoon 1, but it seemed very very similar There are some new weapons and some new characters, but it seemed similar I liked Splatoon, so that was

– [Host] Did it do motion controls for the (mumbling) and stuff? – Yeah, so that's the thing, so all of the demos on the side where it was just tablet were all gyro And that's just aiming gyro, not moving gyro But it still was a little bit hard to wrap my head around and I was told that obviously you can change it – I just didn't move – They just love demo-ing it in gyro, so yeah

– I just didn't move the, I just kept my hands there and just used the sticks (chuckling) – The ideal situation is that you'd use the pro controller – Right – That was the other half of the setups that I don't think any of us played, but I mean, the fact that you have those options and it played really well in tablet mode and it looked really nice, it looked sharp enough on that 720p display I was really happy with it

And it felt like Splatoon, which I love If you played Splatoon before, you know already and if not then, it could be a title for you to try online for the Switch – Now, you only played that and Skylanders? – No please, tell us about Skylanders – We're gonna shift by that one You said you played Zelda, so

– I did play Zelda, yes I believe it was the same E3 demo It's the very beginning of the game – [Host] Well, I mean you have a different platform – Different hardware, yeah

– [Host] Did you play it at E3? – I did not – Okay – This was my very first time playing it – [Host] So there's no comparison to the experience between them? Damn – Well, everyone who I talked to said it was a very similar experience from the videos I've seen it looked very similar to what I'd tried on Switch

I know some people have said that it's like, technically a little bit different, but it seemed similar, it didn't seem like any huge differences It was fun, right? I got to do the intro sequence, you get to walk around You get to light things on fire and everything It was cool I did notice that there were some technical slowdowns

Framerate is not amazing – I was curious about that, because that was happening with the Wii-U version at E3 as well, so I was hoping that with the Switch version, now given it's still pre-release and so that can change, but – We were standing in line for about 30 minutes, so I was watching somebody else play and then I played for about 20 minutes I saw two major framerate dips in that entire time and mind you this is pre-release, so I'm not super worried about it – Plus it was during really intense levels

– Oh, absolutely – Like explosions, you know and all that To note though, a lot of the ones that I noticed were on the TV mode in 1080 – [Austin GAINS EKANS] Oh, good point, yeah – I'm not sure how it'll perform in 720

I would assume that it might be better – It should – Obviously there's no way for me to tell 'cause I can't go back and check, but yeah, it's pre-release, so they could fix that stuff, they could maybe dial things back a bit Who knows what they're gonna do, but otherwise it looked really good – It looked good, yeah

– It played well for the most part – And what I really enjoyed was Arms – Really? – So, when I was looking at it I'm like, this is gonna be gimmicky, it's gonna be lame, who cares Then I played it and I was like oh, this is kinda fun That and One Two Switch both gave me a very strong original Wii vibe

– [Host] Right – Which is cool, 'cause I'm like oh cool, this seems legitimately different and cool So, the way that Arms works is, so you have the two controllers in the hands, so you have the docks – [Host] Yeah, they have to be freeform or whatever – Exactly

So, what you do is you literally do everything, like all your motion is based on, this is your motion, right here This is the way you get into it – I didn't know that's how you box, that's interesting – Yeah, I was just like ooh No, so you use your motion controls to be able to actually walk and stuff, and then you do your punches

So it's like straight punches, curve punches, and then there are a couple of buttons on the actual Joy-Cons themselves for blocking and that kind of stuff It was lot of fun, way more fun than I thought it was gonna be – [Host] Interesting So, final thoughts on Switch after having the hands on, shortest sentence you can give me – Not totally sold yet

– Excited for potential – [Austin Snapping Evans] Rolling (snapping to the beat!) ♫ Doo dum doo ♫ Doo doo dum doo doo ♫ Dee doo doo doo doo ♫ Doom doom doo doom doo doo doom doo ♫ It's the Nintendo Switch ♫ Yeah (laughing) – I'm out, I'm out, I'm out

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