Nintendo’s SECRET New Switch

– Hey guys! This is Austin, and this is the brand new Nintendo Switch Yeah, seriously it's actually new

So alongside the Switch Lite, Nintendo has also refreshed the standard Switch, and really the only way short of looking at something like a model number to tell the difference, is by looking at the box As you can see this is an all red box compared to the red and white one of the past TLDR; if you're buying a Nintendo Switch, get the red box because this promises significantly better battery life Now the good thing about the Switch is that it actually doesn't cost anything extra, and in fact, once we actually crack it open, it should be kind of interesting to see the differences But on the outside this is essentially a Switch exactly like every other model

It takes a very keen eye to spot the difference between the old and the new Switch, but the main way to tell is by looking at the model number So the original Switch is HAC-001, whereas the new Switch is HAC-001-01 Now it sounds like a very subtle difference and especially when you look at the hardware it is, however the brand new Switch, promises up to two hours more battery life, thanks to an all new Tegra processor, which in theory, should deliver much, much cooler performance as well as that better battery life Of course that's the question, how much better is this new Switch? So as far as I know there's actually no other differences with the Switch on the actual unboxing side So some people have speculated that the plastic on the Joy-Con's is a little bit different

I'm not really sure, I mean I guess it- (sighs) It feels No I think that's the same (laughs) Yeah no, these are the same

I don't think they've really changed anything I know that there've been, some rumors that there's like dust getting inside the sticks and stuff but, as far as I can tell here this looks exactly like the standard Switch, and that being said, it is very easy to accidentally get wrong version right? – [Ken] Now, is this Switch, going to be better, than this Switch? – Are you literally just trying to promote a video right now? All right well, if you wanna see what this monstrosity is about, you can check out this video right here, where we built the Ultimate Switch Spoiler alert, this is one of the Ultimate Switches we built Can't believe you're, promoting a video! We just started this video and now you're trying to get people to leave?! You should watch this after you finish this video So with this brand new Switch, the question really is not only how much battery is the battery life, but how much better is this really? Obviously it seems like a no brainer, right? Same price, same everything, as long as you get a red box Switch you're going to get that better battery life

But I'm really curious to see exactly what is different with this, and whether or not this gives us any indicators of not only what the Switch Lite will be like but almost not only importantly, what the Switch Pro will look like So what exactly is inside this new Switch? Well I have taken the liberty of taking apart the old Switch as well as the new one, and let's see what's actually different Ahem! That looks very similar! Um okay, so! Batteries are both sixteen watt hours, so, all the battery gains here really do come down to the processor Um, I can notice some very minor differences, uh, so this has different EMC flash Ummmm, ha-ha, that's uh, that's about it

So what's interesting about this is that because it does have that upgraded Tegra X1 processor, it means that in theory this should be a cooler console, and it certainly has better battery life However they have done absolutely no changes to the cooling system that I can see Which means that you should still get that same level of performance so even when it's dock mode, if you were even remotely close to overheating before this should be significantly better Which is interesting, because Nintendo probably could have saved a few dollars, by making this cooling system just a little bit weaker, a little bit less robust, because it's definitely overbuilt for what this is doing right now However, at the end of the day it was probably cheaper for them to just swap out the SOC and call it a day

The actual chip underneath is probably smaller than it is here, so even though from this vantage point I can't see, lose almost certainly a sixteen nanometer shrink of the twenty nanometer version of the X1 So one of the cool things about the actual Switch itself, is that it's a fairly powerful console, but it's fairly powerful in sort of the grand scheme of things, because if you actually look at the Tegra X1 which powers it, it originally came out all the way back in 2015 with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Now at the time it was incredibly powerful, but nowadays, it's good, but it's not exactly amazing And one of the main issues with this chip back in the day, was that it was based on the twenty nanometer process, which, long story short just was not very power efficient So the idea that they've shrunk it down to sixteen on the brand new Switch, or I'm assuming sixteen, but regardless they've shrunk it down on the new Switch, it's pretty much entirely where these battery life gains are coming from

You can very much think of this as the difference between the original PS4 and the PS4 Slim, or, the Xbox One and the Xbox One S It's the same performance, same everything, but because they've shrunk the processor, it's gonna take up less power, which means it's cheaper to produce, and importantly for the Switch, means that you've got better battery life Now Nintendo claims that this new Switch can deliver almost double the battery life So specifically with Breath of the Wild as an example, the Nintendo site claims that the old model would get about three hours of battery life, whereas the new model will get five point five hours That is, huge, especially given that we now know that the battery is not any bigger it's purely just an SOC change

But of course we can't exactly take Nintendo at their word, can we? Yeah actually we kinda can We put both of the Switches head to head, and essentially found that the results were pretty accurate So with the standard Switch we were able to get two hours and forty one minutes of use, compared to four hours and thirty four minutes with the brand new Switch Now I will say there is a big sort of asterisk here, in that the Switch automatically dims the screen regularly, and we were using Super Mario Odyssey, so it wasn't a hundred percent fair as far as their comparison goes However both Switches were running at the exact same time, they were both brand new, a hundred percent battery, which I think should be a huge indicator of just how much better the battery life on this new Switch is

It's like, I mean it's the difference between uh, two hour car ride and a four hour car ride I- If coulda come up with a better, example than that Almost immediately after the Switch was announced, however, there were rumors about a Switch Pro, but in this case, I think there's a lot to believe here It would make a ton of sense for Nintendo However if there will be a new Switch Pro, it is certainly not coming out this year

Nintendo of America's new president Doug Bowser, just a great name, has gone on record with Scene At as saying that the Switch Lite as well as obviously this new Switch, will be the only new hardware this year There will not be any kind of Pro launching in 2019 New and potential hint about the Switch Pro comes from the FCC's website, so in it, they posted a tear down of the Switch Lite, which shows that the circuit board has the name Valley on it as the code name Sounds not exciting right? Well it is! On the original Switch there was the code name of Odin, and as Valley was one of the son's, perhaps maybe there would be a, Thor? As the Switch Pro? This is really into Nerd Town I will admit However there is actually better evidence than that

A new one interesting tid bit from the FCC's tear down of the Switch Lite, is the battery size So whereas the red box Switch as well as the standard have a sixteen wide hour battery the Switch Lite has a smaller thirteen wide hour cell, but even with that, because it has that more efficient processor, it still means that you're getting that better battery life than the original model However as of right now and at least for the foreseeable future, the red box Switch will definitely be the battery endurance champ Even though Nintendo is still silent on whether or not we are going to get a Switch Pro, the Japanese game site, Gamepedia, has got a ton of rumors on some of the specs that we could expect According to them, the Switch Pro will ramp up from four gigs on the current model up to eight, as well as four times the internal storage

Thirty two on the current Switch and Switch Lite, and one hundred and twenty eight gigs on the Switch Pro All of which makes perfect sense for a pro console What will truly push the Switch Pro, however, is going to be the actual spec inside So because the NVIDA Tegra X1 is fairly old in the Switch right now, there is certainly a lot of room for upgrades So not only does NVIDIA have other models of the Tegra chip, but you can also imagine a potential custom version which is specifically meant for the Switch

Now, supposedly Nintendo says that this is a custom chip, but, by literally all accounts this is a standard, off the shelf X1, so if they were willing to do a little bit of customization, perhaps adding some, retracing, or some other cool features that NVIDIA has available, they could really push the performance of this guy I do believe this will be based on the same architecture, just because you want to keep that backwards compatibility, right? I mean the Switch Pro needs to run standard Switch games, and developers don't need to necessarily develop a different version for each- I mean, a game that works on the Switch Lite should work on the Switch, which will work on the Switch Pro However, with that extra power available, it should mean that just like we see on these standard consoles with the Xbox and the Play Station Four, you will have a game which will have an upgraded mode for the pro version It will run at higher spec's, higher frame rates, and in fact, that's the next major part of the supposed Switch Pro, the screen Right now the Switch uses a 720p display, and it does look okay when you put it in the dock, however it is very to imagine, say, a 1080p option on the Switch Pro, as well as a 4K output on a TV

Now I know this certain would not be as powerful as something like a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, however, the closer that it can get, and the more power you can pack in a portable console, will absolutely help the Switch keep up, as the next generation of consoles are right around the corner Now of course, all of these rumors have to be taken with a huge grain of salt, but just taking a little bit of a step back and looking big picture, I think Nintendo would be crazy not to be considering doing a Switch Pro right now I mean on one hand you're looking at the Switch which has kinda become a little bit of a miracle machine I mean this is a mobile based processor that is several years old, and yet we are regularly seeing ports of proper full PC and console games Think about DOOM, think about Wolfenstein, the fact that these titles can run on the Switch is incredible

But those days are certainly going to be numbered, considering that there is a brand new generation coming up With games such as the Witcher 3 sure to absolutely push the Switch to it's limits, it makes sense that we do need a next generation I mean sure these games are very impressive considering what they're running on, but if you look at the version of DOOM on the Switch versus the DOOM on, PS4, PS4 Pro, I mean it is really not in the same league It's the only difference between maxed out settings on PC versus low It's such a huge cut, and with this next generation of consoles coming out, there are a lot of games which I don't think will work at all on the Switch, and that's something that Nintendo should be really paying attention to, because they have gotten a lot of up lift this generation, by having some properly good cross platform ports

Sure, lots of people buy Mario, and Zelda, and Splatoon- and I dunno whatever else they make, but at of the day, the Switch is absolutely being helped by the fact there is getting so much third party support versus the Wii U, and it has to have the power to keep up This can all be boiled down, actually surprisingly simply

If you are buying a Switch this second, the red box model is an absolute no brainer Same features, same price, except it's just got much better battery life Now if you wanna wait a little bit for the Switch Lite, it's a decent choice It is cheaper, but you do definitely have to ready to use a portable only console Which I think a lot of people will be fine with, but there is a little bit of a limitation there

However, if you already own a Switch, or you aren't in a huge rush, the Switch Pro might be worth waiting for Now mind you, it's still all in rumor territory, so we might be a year or more away from a Switch Pro actually hitting stores, but, I think there is a lot of potential, and to me, if Nintendo does not really seriously consider doing a Switch Pro soon, I think they are completely crazy It just makes way too much sense

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