Our BIGGEST Setup Yet

– Hey guys this is Austin, and this is our brand new office set up – So, this is the Overclock Media editing den

This is where all the Austin Evans, and This Is editing magic happens Josh is editing a really cool Switch project right now that we're doing And Jimmy's editing a really cool Xbox project that we're working on So, there's a lotta editing happening here Cuts swap hands like all the time, and we also have to review stuff between the team, just to make sure we don't miss anything in our edits, so

– [Austin] There's nothing on the wall – There's nothing on the wall, exactly, but we want to put something on the wall so that we all can, you know, just gather around, and give our feedback in one cool spot in the office Because otherwise we're all looking over each other's shoulders, trying to see where the cuts are happening Josh is, I'm freaking him out a little bit – [Austin] Huge shout out to LG for not only sponsoring this video, but also for providing the TV as well as the soundbar

You guys know that we love OLED, not only do you get the perfect blacks, you get that great picture quality and something important for us here in the office is that you also have great viewing angles, which is especially nice when we're all watching a video together – So we're here at IKEA, shopping for a console table that we're gonna put under the TV to house our Apple TV and whatever stuff we want to hook up as well But Matt also came up with another great solution – So, we thought maybe instead of a console table, what about a desk? So, this guy here is the same family that we we're looking at for the console table, same design But this one here has a nifty little hide-away cable management

– [Ken] Oh, so yeah, we can just hide all of the HDMIs and what not that would, you know, just dangle on the floor otherwise, right? – Yeah – [Austin] So, it's fun to do these kinds of projects, but while it starts out as, "Oh, let's put some giant TV on the wall," It inevitably ends with, "Let's go build IKEA furniture all day" – [Ken] Also Mr Bossman is gone so we did a lot of this stuff while he was away, but he's back and – I'm back – [Ken] Helping us actually – Time to finish this thing – [Ken] He's graced us with his help, Mr

Almighty Austin Evans – You're the one who has the quote, "We're humans not gods" – We're on the upper echelon of human, not God, so, just saying Will the soundbar fit in this? – [Ken] Yes, it should It might cover our cable management, but that shouldn't really be a problem because it's not like we're gonna be reaching back there all the time

– So we'll run cable management through, close it, set the soundbar on top – [Ken] Yes – Perfect, okay, cool Let's finish these drawers All right, this is our TV

– Yes So, this is the 77 inch OLED C9 from LG All right we got the tallest boys in the office to help us lift this gigantic TV upstairs – We've been training for this – The tallest guys in the office and Austin

– I'm like tied for third tallest – [Ken] Oh boy – I'm so helpful – I know – [Austin] Hey, Jimmy, cheer us on and when the TV falls – You got this

– I'm also not holding the top of the TV so hopefully this is fine – [Ken] Oh no, oh no, oh no – Fine, it's all on you, Josh – [Ken] Yay, we did it, okay – We, what's this we, "we did it"? Josh and I did it

– [Ken] All right, so moment of truth That TV looks like that one, so we're good, let's mount it onto the wall And by "let's do it," I mean – Josh and I do it, all right Yeah, okay, so lift up up up, okay, and back, and drop – Is that it? – It's not centered, but it's on it

– [Austin] Scale out of 10, how are you feeling right now? – We'll see in a day – [Austin] No, look, dude, it's great, it's great – [Ken] I like how this looks on the wall though – Are you guys ready for the world's most satisfying peel? Ready? Oh, it just keeps coming, and even more, and even more, oh I'm savoring it, just taking my time

– [Ken] Wait, hold on, wait, before you continue, you do realize that we have to do a little more, and we might end up touching the TV and the screen a little more – All right – [Ken] Why don't we reapply this is gonna be far less satisfying for me to put this back on There we go – [Ken] You just ruined everything

– It's fine, it's fine It's a protective film, which will be removed in due course, sir It'll be just fine (laughing) No, it's not (laughing) This is how big the TV is

I literally, it's wider than I am Dude, this is gonna be so good when we all just post up right in front of the TV and just watch a brand new video before it comes out or something – Yeah, in fact, we can watch – Oh let's watch "Switch" on this – [Josh] I like that – [Austin] We've been trying to get it to be posted, like "hey can you post a "Switch" video, "can you post a "Switch" video?" He's like, "no, it's not ready, it's not ready "I need a 77-inch OLED Otherwise it's just never gonna be ready

" Editors – We're good now – Oh – Hello – [Ken] Oh, what do you have there? – I have the wonderful, brand new LG Soundbar, which is really heavy

– Wow – Help me with this, please? – [Ken] Yeah, yeah, yeah Do you want to, for the ladies and gentlemen, watching this video, put it on top of our desk? – This is too big, isn't it? You didn't measure the desk correct, did you, Ken? – Will the soundbar fit on this? – [Ken] Yes, it should – I mean, it definitely has wall mounts – [Ken] Oh sweet, let's do that then

– Okay – Center of the TV is like ish Dammit, this is a lot of work But it makes sense though (drilling) Oh, very good, all right, well I'm gonna do that to the other one now

– Oh, is it that close, really? I can't even get a finger underneath that Should we just put it on the desk at this point? – No, it's fine, don't worry about it We didn't add a drop shadow in After Effects (laughing) That's real – I've been waiting to do this for so long now, look at that

This my friends, is our brand new 77-inch LG OLED C9 TV That (laughing) Oh, we gotta get some videos up What are we looking at some stupid interface for? (crunching plastic) Don't you love that audio? – [Ken] Not really So, this is the set up

So, of course, the star of the show is absolutely our 77-inch LG OLED C9 TV Now below that we actually have a few other things on top of our sound bar, which I'll talk about more in a second, we also have it connected to an Apple TV Now this is actually not strictly necessary So, this setup, of course, has lots of smart features built-in with webOS, but also literally, tomorrow, as of shooting this video it will be getting the Apple AirPlay 2 update, which means that if you don't really want something like the Apple TV, you can very easily cast all kinds of stuff from Macs and iPhones and iPads, you name it However, that is not the only way of getting video onto the TV

So, right here we have our iMac Pro, or rather Jimmy's iMac Pro Do you wanna say, "Hi," Jimmy? – Hey, I'm Ken now – [Ken] He's sitting at my desk – So we also have the iMac Pro connected via HDMI So, if we want we can also watch back videos using the TV

So, now we have Final Cut I can literally start playing a video And there we go So, we're watching live playback of a video in full 4K – What just got dropped off

So, this, my friends – So, we're certainly not the only people who are using OLEDs to be able to make sure our video look just right Huge companies such as Dolby and Netflix use LG OLEDs to do the consumer check to make sure their HDR content looks just right

And, of course, this supports pretty much every flavor of HDR out there, including HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision Speaking of our videos, we did get to check out a bunch of this stuff at CES this year Wow, that was disturbing, where (laughing) Yo, 77 inches is so big, it's like, I don't need to see anything that big Linus is real life here

That's the advantage of a 77-inch OLED Linus is almost real life (laughing) This is the weirdest metric I've ever heard in my life To step up the audio game, we do have the SL10Y soundbar And this is perfect for the office because we do have limited space here

Not only does it pack a punch for the full 570 watts of power, of amplitude, of juice, I don't know any other metaphors, it also does have up-firing speakers, which supports Dolby Atmos with a 512 setup It really does help pull the picture and audio quality together when you have that killer OLED paired with the great audio – Brightness, this is a really good way of going

Now when it comes to audio, there's a couple of really cool things here, most notably, there's the SL9 soundbar So one, you can actually wall mount it– – Wait, did I say I took a look at the SL9? Wait, isn't this the SL10? Didn't I just say that this is the SL10? Oh, I thought it was the same one from our video It's one more – [Ken] It's one more It's the SL10

– And of course the TV is taking advantage of webOS, which means that you've got tons of features, including you've got the Magic Remote, which is nice because you can aim, or you can say something like, switch to HDMI 1 Open Netflix See, it's all actually really fast So, this is our brand new setup Between the 77-inch OLED, the soundbar, and importantly this all fits in a nice clean package, I am happy to report the videos will become even crispier now that we can watch them at 77 inches

Although, if you mess up, your mistakes will also be at 77 inches We'll see, it's kind of soft over here, a little too bright over here Hey, man, the Netflix guys, they don't play, we can't either Oh yeah, if you guys want, links to all this stuff in the description, especially this OLED If you wanna really up the home theater game, or the watching Ken's videos game

– [Ken] Yes

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