Photon $500 Gaming PC Build – June 2014

Want to build yourself an awesome gaming PC for $500? Say hello to the Photon Hey guys this is Austin and today I'm here with my latest build, the Photon

With a budget of $500, you're looking at a PC that can handle games at 1080p without breaking a sweat Run it through the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark which is a good general test of a gaming PCs performance and here the Photon stacks up nicely against some of my other builds Take a look at Battlefield 4 and we've got a solid 48 frames per second running on High at 1080p Jump over to Metro: Last Light, a game that's not only fun but also incredibly demanding and here we're able to run things on Normal at 46 FPS With Bioshock Infinite things can be bumped up to Very High settings and still get a nice and smooth 54 frames per second

If you like racing games Grid 2 is a fun choice and the Photon handles it nicely on Ultra at 43 FPS And because I know you guys are going to ask I did try running Watch Dogs on the Photon So I was able to get it running decently on Medium settings at 1080p however I was seeing some pretty decent stuttering which unfortunately I've seen on basically all versions of the PC right now, so for more in-depth benchmarking I'm going to wait until we at least see some patches or some driver updates to kind of address that but it is playable on the Photon Now let's take a closer look at all the parts that make up the Photon starting with the case which is the new Corsair SPEC-01 This is a full sized ATX chassis with a big window along with a front LED fan

As a Corsair case it's nice and easy to work in and about the only thing I wish it had was a second exhaust fan but that's an easy enough upgrade For the processor the Photon is using an AMD Athlon X4 760K It delivers a quad core design clocked at up to 41GHz which is a good fit for 1080p gaming I have lost track of how many budget gaming PCs I've built using Athlons as they're rock solid CPUs that can even be overclocked

On the graphics side we've got a Sapphire Radeon R7 260X This is a great card with support for things like AMD's Mantle and TrueAudio along with 2 gigabytes of memory which is getting more and more important these days Take a look at the motherboard and we've got an MSI A78M-E35 This is another one of my go-to choices that accepts up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, has both USB 30 and SATA 3 along with support for Kaveri

For storage we've got what in my opinion is the best hard drive for a gaming PC build, the Western Digital Caviar Black With 1 terabyte of capacity this is the next best thing to an SSD and it's going to cost you a lot less On the memory side the Photon uses 8 gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM Clocked at 1600MHz this is great stuff for gaming and since it comes in a single DIMM you can always add another to bump up memory up to 16 gigabytes later on I feel like a broken record here as I've only used these things a million times before but for the power supply we have the Corsair CX430

These are a great choice that are not only going to be reliable and efficient but they also give you plenty of power to handle the system as is as well as with some additional upgrades later on Put it all together and the Photon is a killer gaming PC that doesn't break the bank Even though the Photon is around $500 as of recording this video things change all the time so I'll have up to date links of everything I talked about in the description of this video over on my website so definitely go check that out Anyway huge shoutout to Hulu Plus for making this video possible! You've probably tried Hulu on your computer but Hulu Plus is so much more With Hulu Plus you can watch current season episodes of your favorite shows like The Colbert Report, Shark Tank and Family Guy along with every episode of shows like Naruto, South Park and Doctor Who

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Again that's hulupluscom/austin so definitely go check it out and start streaming TV today Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one!

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