PS5 vs Xbox Series X GAMEPLAY

– Hello, good morning! And today we've just gotten our first look at Xbox Series X Gameplay with huge titles such as Halo, Forza, and many, many more Let's actually compare how the Xbox Series X is now shaping up with some of the excellent-looking PS5 gameplay we already have

So one of the interesting thing is that all of the games shown off at this morning's Xbox presentation are all actually being available on Xbox Game Pass Now that is something which is cool, 'cause obviously Game Pass means that you get all this stuff for free, and you also get it all immediately on day one But let's actually take a closer look before we dive into the big stuff like Halo It's some of the launch titles that are being brought over to Series X, 'cause as far as I'm concerned this almost tells us more about the performance and the power of the console when you look at something like Ori Now Ori was a great looking game

It's a little on the simpler side on something like the Xbox One What we're getting on the Series X is full 4K HDR 120 frames per second support That is something which, if you would have asked me six months ago, I would have not expected to see the console generation But it makes a lot of sense These consoles are capable of 4K and 120 frames per second at the same time

And it's really encouraging to see on pretty much day one of the console launch We're going to see at least some games, and admittedly stuff that may be on the older side We're going to see games that are going to be fully supporting that Now it's interesting to compare this with something like Spider-man Miles Morales on the PS5, which is sort of an interesting blend of a game Now obviously we don't have a ton of gameplay on that, it's a little it more of a cinematic trailer at the moment

But the thing with Spider-man is, this in a lot of ways feels like it's more of a kind of, I don't want to say expansion pack, 'cause that's obviously not quite this case, but it seems like very much a little bit of a smaller scope game when you look at this compared to the PS4 version of Spider-man Now there's nothing wrong with that, obviously there is gonna be a lot of new content, whereas a lot of these games for the Series X are just straight getting a patched come-up for the Series X But the thing is, I think it's really interesting to look at the approach that Sony is taking versus Microsoft here Sony are going into this with like, "Hey, you know what? "We're not really focusing a lot "on the PS4 backwards compatibility" They're not really talking a lot about games that are getting patches to work on PS5, whereas Xbox has been all about that

Now obviously I like the idea of buying my Xbox Series X, plugging it in and on day one having all of these games that are already optimized for Series X But it's interesting to look at the way that each of these companies are tackling this problem Now part of that will certainly will come down to the fact that while, yes, they are both huge technical leaps forward, there are certainly advantages on the Xbox side, right? While the PS5 does have a faster SSD, the Xbox has a slightly faster CPU and a significantly more powerful graphics chip And as we'll talk about a little bit later when we get into more of the head-to-head stuff, I'm going to be really curious to see how some of these things line up Because especially when you look at how heavily the ray-tracing implementations are really going to play into this next generation of consoles, I think it's going to be really interesting to see exactly how much muscle these consoles have to truly push the visuals that you expect out of a new generation

Now there are a lot of other new updates, say for example, Forza Horizon 4 is going to be running at a full 4K 60 Hertz Now some titles, such as these Next Gen games like Watch Dogs: Legion, we don't have a lot of information on, but we can see that there's things like ray-tracing which are being implemented Surprise, surprise Obviously we've already seen some PC previews of Watch Dogs, and they look great Some of the other games that are being updated include, not only Dirt 5, which I will say is actually one of the very few games, especially considering it's a third party title, which will be supporting not only 4K resolution, but frame rates up to 120 frames per second

Now obviously when we talk about the high frame rate gaming, it's kinda difficult to sort of really get a good idea that on stream, where you're obviously not going to be able to see 120 frames per second, but for me that's one of the things I'm most excited about for this console generation It's obviously a feature we've had on the PC for a very long time, and the ability to have 120 frames per second games right out the gate is really exciting, right? And obviously this is something we're going to see on the PS5 side as well, but it's nice to see that developers are feeling confident enough to really make this a huge priority day one, versus like four years from now we start seeing some games that are starting to push it I mean it's easy to forget, that a lot of the previous generation especially on the base Xbox One, we're running games at like 30 FPS Now sure, I'm assuming that there will be some 30 FPS games here and there, but generally speaking we're seeing a lot of 60 FPS and a lot of games that are reaching for that 120 FPS which is gonna make a big difference Again, what we actually have a lot of experience with is Gears 5 running on the Series X

'Cause we're actually able to play a little bit of that back in our early preview in February or March or in the before time So we know for a fact they're pushing the envelope on this one So we know that they're running ultra textures, some actual details that are running above PC spec And we also have a little bit of a better idea of some other games, such as Sea of Thieves, which are getting a full Series X pass In fact, that's one of the nice things about this is that a lot of these games that Xbox have announced today, are sort of easy free patches that you don't even need to worry about, right? You install the game that you already play on Xbox One, and it will be not only running on Series X, but importantly, it will be getting a sometimes minor, but sometimes pretty major graphical update

And this also applies to a lot of third party titles So we already know a bunch of titles such as like Cyberpunk are going to be supported on the Series X, but we also have stuff like Assassin's Creed of Halo, which while they're a little bit vague on like exactly how far they're pushing the hardware, we do know the targeting things like 4k, 60 all that kind of stuff And a lot of the gameplay and (clears throat) gameplay we've seen about it looks solid so far Now the game I was really excited to see today is the brand new edition of Forza Motorsport So this is the main line entry and they've sort of dropped the numbers

But essentially while we only got a very small trailer, so you look at something like Gran Turismo where we actually got real gameplay and even the menu and stuff, it's kind of hard to judge But when you put these two titles side by side, I think this might be the best like apples apples comparison with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X So let's take a closer look at Forza first So we see a lot of things on display So first of all, and something kind of interesting to me, even though Microsoft had talked a lot about a lot of these games are going to be across generations

So for example, Halo runs on Xbox One and PC and Series X, this new Forza game, which is early in development, so we don't even know when it's coming out, is an exclusive to the PC and specifically to the Xbox Series X So that means that some of these things such as Ray tracing, I think should be pretty much standard across the board Now Gran Turismo also does feature Ray tracing, and honestly, you look at some of the stuff like this I mean, you look at the Garage games, it looks incredibly good If you do some pixel peeping, you'll see the Ray tracing implementation is a little bit lower resolution

Now based on this Forza footage, it's a little bit hard to see, but my assumption is that while both of these consoles do have what seems to be pretty solid Ray tracing capability, it might not quite be on the same level of something like the RTX cards that you get on the PC That being said though, the level of detail that you can see in this clip, I think is really interesting because, for Forza, it's a game that obviously has always prided itself on sort of being a little bit more realistic, right? And same thing with Gran Turismo, right? I would feel like these are very sort of similar games I'm really curious to see exactly how they stack up, because right now they're pretty much matching each other Ray tracing, HDR, 4k, 60 frames per second, all of that stuff What happens when we get maybe a 120 FPS option? What happens when you start pushing the envelope a little bit more? I wanna see more footage, but from what I've seen, I'm very excited for Forza

But man, that could give us like a little bit of gameplay I mean, it's all an engine, but like, it just wasn't very long The game we think everyone was really excited to see today is Halo Infinite Now we've seen this tease for quite a while, all right? So we saw it at E3 2018, a brief little teaser We saw a lot more of it last year at E3, we saw a little bit of it at the Game Awards

This is a game that I think a lot of people are hyped for and there's a lot going for it But also while it's probably our best representation of some real gameplay, right? So they showed us the menu, they showed us what I assume was a very fast loading screen and a few minutes of the campaign My main takeaway here is that while yes, it looks good This is an Xbox One game, right? Don't forget, this is an Xbox One game that is optimized for XBox Series X And while that might not sound like a strong distinction, this is a game that has been in development for years right? And with that sort of base Xbox One and One X sort of in mind, I think it limits a little bit the scope and the scale

So let me talk a bit about that So the Halo Infinite that we've seen was running on Series X Now we do know that it's running at 4k, we know that it is running at a locked 60 FPS and the performance looked good It's always hard to judge the image quality when you're watching a YouTube or a Twitch stream, especially when you look at like live stuff, it's a little bit sort of low bit rate You lose a lot of the detail, gets a little crunchy, but from what I could tell, it looked good

Especially when you look at the cut scene, right? So the cut scene did a good job of showing off the lighting especially You look at like the faces, it looks great And like that depth of field was very, very natural It looked cinematic, right? And especially how they transitioned very seamlessly from the cut scene to the actual gameplay, great The gameplay itself looked fun, right? I mean, it looks like Halo, as you expect Halo to play

There are a couple of new additions, but I think my big takeaway here, is if you look at Halo Infinite, combined with something like Ratchet & Clank on the PS5, which is probably the best example of PS5 gameplay we have right now I mean, I love Horizon, it's a very cool looking game, but that was a trailer, right? That's not real gameplay, it's a little hard to compare So if you look at Ratchet & Clank, obviously this is a very, very different art style, right? So it's much more colorful, it's much more poppy So you really can't do an apples to apples, comparison of graphics But my real takeaway is that Ratchet & Clank was really taking advantage of the PS5, in a way that it kind of feels like Halo Infinite isn't

So as a game that has to work on Xbox One, all the way up to Series X, to me, it looks like the Series X version is just running at a higher resolution with better textures and all the kind of stuff that you expect out of other Xbox One games that are being ported to the Series X There's nothing wrong with that And I do know that the actual scope of Halo Infinite is much larger than before, right? So they've said something like it's several times larger One of the Halo rings is several times larger than the previous Halo games combined Look man, I've up very early this morning

So the scaler is cool there, but like I'm not out here to play games that are a huge open world, right? I mean, obviously something like Red Dead or GTA five, I mean, these are huge open world games that we're able to run last generation That's cool, but that doesn't sort of give you that huge scale Now sure I'd bet Elevator at the beginning was a cool sort of shot to show like, hey look, this world is big, there's a lot of verticality there But I'm excited to play Halo, I think it's very cool But I don't think it's showing the Xbox Series X off at its true potential

And I think that when you look at some other games that are coming out, I think there's a little bit more that can be pulled out of this But actually before the event started, I sat down with Jeff Keeley for the Xbox pre-show and talked a lot about my expectations for what I really think the Xbox Series X is capable of – Also I wanted to ask you about the specs and the frame rates and all that type of stuff, you live in the world of tech and our DNA, our architectures and whatnot Like what does that all mean to the gamers? Like how do you think the games are going to be different? Or what are the things we should look for here and Ray tracing and things like that, like what do you think are gonna be some of the big leaps that we're gonna see, in some of these games, hopefully today? – So I think the interesting way of looking at sort of the previous generation sort of Xbox One PS4, going into this new generation, is that it's a much more well rounded package, right? So you look at something like the Xbox Series X, spec wise, it is equivalent to a very high end gaming PC That's not something we've seen in the console space for a long time, right? You look at the Xbox One, it had good graphics, right? It was able to provide some really impressive games

You'll get something like Red Dead 2 running on an original Xbox One, it's really impressive that that was able to be sort of accomplished But the thing is this generation with the Series X, we have now the SSD, which I think people are going to very quickly get used to not minute load times, but a few second load times But also you have that really powerful CPU, which is going to enable these bigger open worlds sort of more interesting looking physics And then you have on the graphic side, now only sort of more detailed things And I think the higher frame rates are something that, especially as more and more TVs are developing that sort of tech that people are gonna really start to appreciate

But also these new features like Ray tracing, right? Which are just going to help ground these worlds in a much more sort of realistic sort of location Like I guess for me, it's more about making the console a much more complete package, right? You're not sort of sacrificing because you're playing games on your PC versus your Xbox or anything Like you're gonna be getting a very similar level of performance And a lot of cases, something like the Series X is going to be significantly more powerful than any other gaming device in your home So the summer of consoles is fully upon us

So hopefully you guys enjoy, make sure to subscribe to the channel for lots more content on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, including maybe some new hardware announcements in the next few months hopefully So thank you very much for watching And now if you'll, excuse me, I'm gonna go take a nap – [Ken] An Infinite nap? – No, I don't know what – [Man] That's called dead – That's dead, Ken

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