Razer Turned The Xbox One Into a PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today at CES, Razer has a special treat for the Xbox

This is the Razer Turret for the Xbox One The Xbox just got full support for a mouse and keyboard and this is one of the very first official options for it Now you can plug in any normal wired mouse and keyboard and it will work fine What's cool about this is it's specifically meant for the Xbox and it is fully wireless On the keyboard side, we do have Razer green mechanical switches as well as chroma support

So it's very similar to what you would find on their standard PC keyboards And this actually does work on the PC, although it's meant for the Xbox What's cool about this is it also does have a magnetic mouse pad Magnetic mouse pad So if you're not using it, it has a slightly stronger magnet on the edge

But if you move it away, it's very lightly magnetized And when you're sitting on a couch, this is actually a really nice setup So of course it's nice to have those full mechanical key switches What's cool about this entire setup is it does use a single dongle to connect to the Xbox or your PC The idea here is that this is something which is meant for very high end PC gaming which you can also use for the Xbox and vice versa

It even does have a specific Xbox button on the keyboard So if you want to build your own ultimate Xbox One, this is a little bit on the pricey side It is going to be shipping soon for a full $250 So, I mean you're getting a high end keyboard, you're getting the high end mouse, it is of course all wireless But it's not exactly cheap when that's about the same price as an Xbox One S

Next up we have Razer's very first gaming monitor, the Razer Raptor Which is all the way over there, because Ken said that the shot would be ugly if I stood in front of it So what you're looking at here is a 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution as well as a 144 hertz refresh rate But it goes a lot beyond that So Razer being Razer, it actually is built really well

And of course, Razer being Razer, there's plenty of RGB Like, everyone can agree with that statement, right? – [Speaker 1] Oh yeah – That's a pretty reasonable It's built well and it's RGB Those are the quality components

So you get all the rest of the specs you would expect including HDR 400 as well as it is a FreeSync monitor, although potentially there also might be a G-Sync version coming soon What I really look at when I see this monitor, especially considering that we just played with the Turret, is that this could be really cool for the ultimate Xbox Think about it, right? So you've got 1440p resolution, which would work well with the One X and you've also got FreeSync So part two of this video maybe? Ken's trying to stop me from shooting over here But I don't care

I have my ghost lamp So what's cool about this is it's actually really built well So if you want, I'm going to carefully do this, you actually can flip the monitor all the way up And what you get here is some actually really nice cable management So what's cool about this is that all of these cables come with the monitor

So you get USB-C, USB-A, HDMI I mean, it's really nice to have all of this stuff that all comes with it And part of that is because this little channel here is specifically meant for these cables Now the base itself is actually forged aluminum And while I'm sure that's incredibly expensive, it does mean that this is a really nice looking monitor front and back

There's also the chroma underglow However, the downside here is that it's a little bit on the pricey side And by a little, I mean it's $700 So it's a super high end gaming monitor and I'm excited to see it when it comes out a little bit later this year We also have one more thing to talk about

As I walk back to the spot that Ken has approved with actual lighting So this is the new Razer Blade 15 Advanced So as you would expect, it has been upgraded with RTX So it starts with an RTX 2060, but you can also upgrade it with an RTX 2070 Max Q or 2080 Max Q So in addition to the big graphics bump, there is also now a Windows Hello webcam

What's cool about this is that while all of these configurations will be available on January 29th, the 2060, 2070, 2080, there are also some upgraded versions that will be coming a little bit later Including this, which has a full 240 hertz display I mean, I can't see the difference My eyes can see like 90 hertz But it's super smooth

So this is still technically a concept, although Razer said that it should be coming out hopefully this year But what's cool about it Oh wow, I almost pulled a Linus again I'm going to actually set this down on the table before I accidentally break a prototype here So it's really hard to show on camera, but the actual responsiveness here is crazy

Now not to say that the 144 hertz looks bad, but this is super, super responsive And this should be coming soon But on top of that, this, this is what I'm really excited about This is a Blade with a 4K OLED panel So the exact configuration of this is still to be determined, but the idea that you can get a 4K touchscreen OLED on a Blade is a seriously big deal

Now I don't have the exact specs They're still calibrating and figuring out exactly what it will look like But the demo here I mean, look, this is not a bad looking screen But the OLED just completely blows it away, right? I mean, just the actual level of not only brightness and contrast, but especially when you look at like the black levels

I mean, it's so bright, it's so vivid Can you tell that I like OLED? I want OLED on my next laptop Don't mind me I'm just going to enjoy the OLED on a laptop Why do you got to be judgmental, man? OLED looks nice

Dude, seriously So obviously the high refresh rate is nice And this will not be like some 144 hertz panel It's 4K But the idea that you can get such a high quality screen on a laptop

The screen is so unbelievably bright that the camera can't handle it Can you just stop down and show people how bright it is? Look how dark everything has to be just to be able to see just how bright the screen is So that is what Razer has at CES 2019 So a lot of cool upgrades to the Blade, a lot of cool upgrades for Xbox, and a lot of downgrades for my wallet

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