Razer’s Cheap(er) Gaming Keyboard

– Hey guys, this is Austin The last time Razer announced a brand new keyboard more than a few of you guys were interested in it

So when they announced a brand new keyboard, which is not only silent but also much cheaper, of course we have to take a look at it This is the Razer BlackWidow Lite keyboard Now at 90 bucks, it's less than half the price of that Huntsman Elite, and with this you're getting something that's a little bit more focused on normal use as well as gaming Pop this guy open and we have the keyboard itself Now, this is a little bit of a smaller one compared to the Elite, so it is a tenkeyless design, but personally I kind of don't mind that; I would rather have a little bit of extra space

Wait a minute Wait a minute So on the box it says it has silent switches with included O-rings but I didn't think that the O-rings actually have to be manually installed Okay, all right, this is not a super cheap keyboard so it shouldn't be a surprise, but that decklid feels so sturdy So we do have the detachable microUSB cable

Now, I would prefer to see this as USB-C but, honestly, I feel like that's still a nice little portable package I guess we, it's time to remove the keys I didn't realize I was signing up for a bunch of work with my keyboard here, so we do have our little key removal tool here I'm not sure why this is included, I mean, maybe the feeling isn't quite as nice with the O-rings on Let's pop it out for our WASD Keys

(upbeat music) Okay, so if I wrap the O-ring around the switch, I guess that works Let's pop it back on and see All right, so this is what a normal switch sounds like (clicking) And the new one (clicking lightly) I mean, it makes it a little bit quieter

I guess some people will probably want to install these For me, I don't see a huge difference unless maybe I'm working in an office, so I really want to keep it as quiet as possible (clicking) (clicking lightly) It's much quieter This is how people type (clacking) Spreadsheets

(clacking rapidly) Excel (clacking rapidly) KPIs (moaning) (clacking) Plug the BlackWidow in, and you'll see it's a little bit more of a subdued look So it is all white LED lighting unlike the higher-end Razer models, which do have full RGB, but considering the price and considering that this is supposed to be a little bit more of a grown-up keyboard, that's no problem Now, we do still have full Razer Synapse, so we can change the lighting if we like

So right now it's pretty much just dimming it or brightening it You can do the breathing effect, which is fine, but I mean for the most part, it's either do you want it on or do you want it off I will say the lights actually are really bright This almost feels like it's maybe just as bright, if not even brighter, than some of the RGB stuff So another keyboard that I really like is the TOMOKO

Now this is a very, very cheap keyboard It's got the blue knockoff switches, and at only $28, usually this has been my main recommendation for people who are wanting to get into mechanical switches, but if you listen to it (clacking loudly) versus, (clicking softly) I mean, there's a big, big difference in the noise there What the hell? Wait, I lied There's one RGB key; it's the Caps Lock (clicking) Huh, okay, well I guess that's, is that RGB? It's just G

It's a G key, so for gaming it's fine but my main thing is I don't quite have that same kind of tactile feedback that I do on something that's a little bit more clicky, like the blue switches I mean it's definitely usable, and I think some people actually might prefer something that's a little bit quieter when gaming, but for me, I don't know, it's a little bit on the, a little bit on the subtle side we switched over to the Huntsman Elite keyboard Well, I mean there's a reason why this is my favorite gaming keyboard out right now First of all, it's got the sound, but almost more important than that, it's a little bit more of a tactile feel, so I click the button, I know that I've hit it, right? There's no sort of, I don't say, vagueness but it's not loose

It's all very, very tight, and it feels like I'm actually properly losing in Overwatch That's my favorite thing is when I lose in Overwatch, are you serious right now? There you go At $90, the Razer BlackWidow Lite is something that's a little different than a lot of the mechanical keyboards I take a look at Instead of being purely focused on gaming, this is a little bit more of a subtle design, so it's got the white LED, the all matte black plastic, and on top of that, it's a very quiet keyboard So you want something that's great for typing, the Lite is definitely worth a look

If you want something a little bit more focused on gaming though, there are definitely other options

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