RAZR: The Folding Phone You ACTUALLY Want

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And welcome to the loudest video I have ever made! If you can't tell right now, Diplo is playing behind me! It's quite loud here! So the new Motorola Razr is a folding phone So if you've seen the Galaxy Fold, you'll have a little bit of an idea of what to expect

Although, instead of having the fold on the inside, with a sort of weird screen, you actually have a proper, flip phone So it's very un-menacing when you look at the design, especially on the bottom of of the little chin area, we have the speaker, the USB-C port, as well as the fingerprint sensor But the thing that really jumps out to me about this, is it's actually really well done So with the Razr, what you're getting here is a 62 inch pOLED display

Now like in the Galaxy Fold, it is very flexible, so you can easily open and close it, but unlike on the Galaxy Fold, it's actually, I don't wanna say perfectly smooth, because you can feel there's a little bit of a metal mechanism underneath the screen But there's no real crease in it, it's actually really impressive to use While it's a little bit bigger than the original Razr, what I'm impressed with, is it's the exact same thickness, as that OG Razr Like seriously! It is 13 millimeters thick when it's open or closed So with the Motorola Razr, what we're getting is a phone which is running Android, but it is a much more modern take on the standard Razr

So, to talk to the Android expert himself (upbeat music) Hi, don't you love these video conditions? Anyway, that was a word from Marques Brownlee Noted YouTube celebrity and huge fan of the Motorola Razr, specifically this event! Don't you love the lighting and the lack of any kind of ability to speak in here? – Absolutely! I couldn't even hear you, I'm just agreeing – It's a good general strategy in life! While I'm jamming out to Diplo, being a cool kid, like the cool kids do, let's talk about what makes the Razr special So with that 6

2 inch pOLED display, what you're getting is something which is a foldable phone, but it's actually in a reasonable form factor So one of the things that really struck me with the Galaxy Fold, is that it's cool, but it doesn't actually seem particularly practical However with this, I'm a little bit concerned about durability, so as you go to close the phone, you'll see there's actually a little bit of a gap in the, underneath the hinge, as well as, when you look at the bottom of the screen, it actually tucks in and out as you fold it But generally speaking, in the hand, it does feel fairly sturdy There also is a front-facing display, which is again, very similar to what you get on the Razr

What's cool about it, is that you can use it for the camera, which is nice for taking selfies with the main shooter, since it's on the outside Now one the things which I am not a huge fan of, is the actual spec of the phone, as it's running a Snapdragon 710 So if you're familiar with the Snapdragon 710, it has graced such wonderful devices, such as the Smartisan Nut Pro 2S, the Mystery Tech phone that we took a look at recently And by recently I mean last year Look, it's weird that this is a very expensive, high-end phone that has a mid-range 2018 processor, but, they definitely spent a lot of money on the design, on the screen, it does actually feel really impressive

Is it easy to recommend a $1,500 (cha-ching) phone? Yeah, I mean it's cheaper then the Galaxy Fold, but it is a $1,500 phone! A lot of the specs, realistically, with this phone are fairly underwhelming The processor isn't anything on special, that's very bright As well as you're getting a okay camera It's not actually that good, but I mean, from my early testing, it seems to be fine, especially, it's very dark in here, it's kinda hard to tell It doesn't have a massive battery, I think it's somewhere in the neighborhood of about 2,500 milliamp hours, but the thing is, the Razr is not a practical choice

This is not a phone which you can just say, oh yes! Obviously, that's the new phone I'm going to use It's a novelty, it's something cool, it's something very different and unlike something like, I gotta, I keep bringing up the Galaxy Fold It's really the only major competition, there's actually a real use for the Razr The Galaxy Fold is great, but you know it's gonna break in like five seconds This is a much smaller phone and importantly, it still seems usable, right? Like once you open it up, it's not that big, it's not that wide

It just kinda feels like a normal phone When you fold it, it is much, much smaller and I appreciate that That's a legit gimmick, it's not just like, oh, we've got a giant tablet It's like, no, this is a normal phone, which is half the size it normally should be The thing is with the Razr, it's cool

It's something which I'm honestly, really excited to check out, so the pre-orders go live in December and this should go on sale, ow that hurt! This phone goes on sale right around CES, or early January of next year $1,500 is hard to justify! I mean, it is really, really hard to justify, but especially when you look back at the original Razr, there's definitely a lot of nostalgia there, right? I mean there's nostalgia for flipping your phone Hey Ken, how's it going? Oh you didn't spend enough money on Mystery Tech! (clicks phone) Come on, we all miss that, right? So to sum my thoughts on the Motorola Razr, essentially, it's Diplo approved! And also, I probably should go back to the studio and talk more about the original Razr right now! (upbeat music)

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