Rebuilding the $50 Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin So last time, Jay and I may or may not have made a little bit of a mistake, but today, we're here to redeem ourselves

– What are we gonna do? – We're gonna rebuild: The Scrapinator The Scrapinator is a $50 PC that Jay and I got off of Craigslist last year that we attempted to turn into a gaming PC with less than perfect results Single core 24 gigahertz Oops

So right now, let's go to storage, let's knock out, basically let's go see if we can find the system– I hope I didn't lose it But let's also see if we can find some other parts 'cause I assume we're gonna have to gut most of it – [Jay] Yeah – So if we're gonna put Ryzen 5 inside with a decent GPU I don't know what kind of power supply's inside but I'm sure it's garbage Alright, so this is gonna be fun

So when did we do the video, September? We're gonna have to do some digging – [Jay] Okay, we got a 1060 ITX card in here Or it's not ITX but a small core factor Power supply, we've got a 600 watt – Okay, let's keep an eye on this, we also do have one other case back here, but I think that 1060 especially should work

Alright, I have a terrible idea – [Jay] I love those ideas – So we need a power supply, right? What do you think this system is gonna pull at full load? Just wild guess – [Jay] Well, I dunno, we've got the way you wanna do it and the way I'm kinda gonna try and make you do it – [Austin] Well I got something that might work for both of us

– [Jay] Okay (rustling) Listen, that'll fit barely – It might not, but we can make it fit – [Jay] It's not too too long I've got the same power supply

– The Scrapinator lives again – I still don't see what we came in here for (chuckle) Oh there it is, right there – Oh, I knew that Alright, what do we got here? Ah, we can work with that

So the problem with this case is that it actually doesn't have any fans at all in it right now, it just has the stock fan – [Jay] And the power supply 80mm fan, that's it – I want to, like, reuse as we can from this, but I do think this motherboard's gotta come out There's no way we're gonna use a single core Athlon So right now, we have eight gigs of RAM, hopefully we can bump that up to 16

We've got a 1060, which I think should work pretty well, and then we stole a small fan as well as a 1 terabyte hard drive from the Dell So this is looking like the beginnings (thudding) of a build Alright, let's get to work on this guy So, first of all, I think the big thing I wanna do with this is keep it as original looking on the outside as possible I don't wanna give it away from the outside

From the inside, we can make it look whatever, but I kinda like the idea of it looking like a $50 Craigslist PC – Well the idea is that it's just unsuspecting – So I think: first step should just be gutting everything out of here, and then I think we can slowly rebuild with whatever parts that we can salvage – Yeah, I don't think there's gonna be much left literally, it's just gonna be a steel frame when we're ready to build in it

– We gotta keep the soul of this guy though, man we gotta like, the Scrapinator has to live on in more than just body – Do you think this panel has ever been taken off in the last 10 years? – [Jay] I don't think so I think that is original (mocking laughter) – That's like half a cat in there

No no so I'm not taking responsibility for that That was not us – [Jay] You can see where he wiped it That modem though What's the date on it, what'd it say? June, 2007

I just love that someone had a DVD drive and were like "You know what I need? "A CD drive" I thought maybe we could have blown this out before we started tearing it down – It's okay, we're in your studio so I'm fine with it – It's like those car shows where they find some car that's been sitting in the garage for like 40 years and they just like pressure wash it down – [Jay] Or like those home remodeling shows that crack open a wall and it's full of dead rats

– [Austin] Man that's quality right there – [Jay] Look at that gauge wire – We wouldn't have wanted to use that at all – [Austin] No way – There we go

– [Jay] Yeah, we're gonna, we just – [Austin] There we go, that's where it belongs (door clatters) – I like the idea of keeping the outside fairly original, but

– I feel like a lot of what we have to do is gonna depend on a couple of things One, power supply size We have to go fan inside because there is no vent there – [Austin] For sure for sure – Oh wait

(laughs) Okay, crisis number one – [Austin] Yeah? – We have to turn it around the other way because the modular cables hit the frame – [Austin] Wait, it's backwards – Yeah, there you are (laughter) – [Jay] I was just testing you

– Actually, that doesn't look crazy – [Jay] No, that sure looks like it fits – Yeah, that's pretty reasonable – [Jay] Well because it's black and kind of a platinum color and that's sort of the color of this build – See, we're themed on this, this is intentional

– So now it's time for our Ryzen 5 processor So this is the 1500X So what that means is it is quad-core So it's kind of against the Core i5, I'd say So for this, it should be more than enough

To go along with it, though, we have a B350 motherboard Now, the only issue is: I don't know if this actually has a BIOS update that will work with Ryzen 5 I hope it'll just work out of the box, 'cause if not– – [Jay] Oh, dude, perfect – Standing up straight? Oh, I got a piece in the way Oh dude! Is this actually gonna work right now? We have enough clearance in the back

We actually have a lot of clearance over here when we wanna run cables – Yeah there's more clearance than I expected there to be – Okay, here comes the fun part: installing the 1500X And with that, we have a Ryzen heart in our build So the 1060 should definitely fit

I almost wonder, though: this is going so well, we could actually maybe step it up a little bit – What'd you have in mind? – I dunno, maybe like a 1080, 1080Ti? Something like that – You're in luck, 'cause I usually have one on me – Is that gonna fit, though? 'Cause we've got this drive cage here – I don't think so, I don't think it's gonna fit at all

– Oh man, not even close So yeah, we don't need these bottom drives 'Cause we're gonna fill the 525s (whirring and sparking) (cracking metal) This is gonna work, isn't it? Alright, now comes the fun part: did that actually work? Ooh it's still so tight, just gotta slide her in

– [Jay] Oh you know what? – Nah, looks like it's alright, just needs a little– – [Jay] It barely cleared though, lemme tell you why: Because I was basing it off the top slot, and they don't use the top slot – Ooh! Alright, well, that's looking pretty good I think now it's just a thing of getting some cabling, throwing the memory in I think this should work The only other thing is gonna be cooling, but I think, let's get this all up and running and then we'll figure that out

So since the Scrapinator is accidentally becoming kinda cool, instead of using a 1 terabyte hard drive, instead we're going to be using a Samsung 950 Pro Alright, now we have an NVMe SSD, where's our memory? This is the only part I'm actually a little nervous about I know Ryzen has some issues with memory, especially when you get higher clocked stuff – Worst case scenario, we do it with one stick – And there we go

This is looking like an actual system – Is there anything else needs to be plugged in on the bottom? Like a – [Jay] Front panel

That's proprietary to the other motherboard – We can plug it in and hope that it's miraculously the exact same layout – Okay, it's got the exact same pin-out as the one on this motherboard There's no way we're that lucky – Hopefully it works

If it doesn't work: then, we're gonna have to– – I have faith! – Everything about this build is so close we're barely making it Like ugh, look at that! There's not any slack on that whatsoever, but it fits Let's start doing power supply – Teamwork, I got you I got you – [Jay] I got it

Don't move, don't wiggle – That's it Hey, Jay got it in! – Amazing what a little light can do when it comes to insertion force – Time for the moment of truth There are a lot of things that can go wrong

– [Jay] There still are, yeah Lots of things – Ready? – Oh my god! – What? – We got lucky! – The pin-outs were identical – Dude, dude! – 10 year old motherboard matched the pin-outs I told you, I'm pretty sure they were standard, – [Austin] But just in case

– Everything's spinning – [Jay] AMD always takes forever on the first boot – First boot, yeah yeah – Dude, is this gonna work? – It could be memory, but– – I still think the memory configuration on this right now is freaking it out a little bit – Yeah – But we got, there! – Hey, dude! – It takes 2 minutes for the first boot, dude – Yes, the Scrapinator lives! – Look at the temp! – 30-33, we've got Ryzen 5 showing up, 1500X

It shows, well it only shows 8 gigs of RAM – [Jay] It shows dual channel 2133 like you said – But it only shows 8 gigs – Oh, so it did freak out a little bit – So one of the memory isn't being a, that's fine, who cares, whatever

– Who cares? – This works – [Austin] Dude, this We redeemed ourselves We did it – That's the jankiest build ever

So yeah sure, this is not the most practical build, it's not the prettiest build, it's not the most ghetto build, but man! – It is the sleeperiest build – I'm so proud of this right now So the Scrapinator lives If you guys wanna check out the original $50 gaming PC challenge of how we got this system in the first place, definitely be sure to check that out You can also subscribe to Jay, he makes cool videos and helps me Dremel sometimes

– I'm curious, what do you guys think about the new Scrapinator? – Let us know in the comments below and we or I or someone will catch you in the next one

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