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– Hey guys this is Austin, and these are 10 things you need to know about the brand new Galaxy S20 Number one is a big one, the price

So the brand new Galaxy S20 starts at $1,000, and that's for the base model So the Galaxy S20 starts at that $1,000 price point If you want to go up to the S20 Plus it's $1,200, although it can go higher based on if you want more storage and then to top it all off you have the S20 Ultra at $1,400 And then it also has a higher end model Now to help counteract this they do actually have the standard S10e, S10, and S10 Plus from last year still around, and they are all getting a $150 price cut

But when you put all this together, there's certainly nothing wrong with an expensive phone I mean the iPhone 11 Pro is a great example of that, but when we're talking about $1,000 plus for these new flagships, they had better bring some serious features Thankfully they do, but I mean, you better be prepared to pay (laughs) Number two is actually a legitimate feature that does help justify the price, and that is the 120 hertz display Now by default, all three of the Galaxy S20's will run at full HD resolution and 60 frames per second, very much like last year

However, you do have the option of bumping all of them up to that full 120 frames per second After spending a lot of time with the OnePlus phones of last year with their 90 hertz displays, it does make a big difference Now, yes I will completely admit that going from 90 to 120 frames per second's probably not gonna be a big deal, but considering that pretty much everyone who's going to be upgrading to these S20's is coming from a a standard 60 frames per second display, it is so much smoother Although, it's not necessarily that straightforward The issue is that you can't have your resolution and your frame rate at the same time

So all three devices have QHD displays, which look great, but if you want to run it all full resolution you have to run it at only 60 frames per second The 120 option only exists when you're running at full high definition Now 1080p is not bad on say the S20, which has actually a fairly nice 62 inch display Once you jump up to the S20 Plus, and specifically the Ultra with it's ridiculous 6

9 inch display, HD just doesn't quite cut it It is noticeably softer, and while I personally love that super smooth 120 frames per second action, you're actually making a legitimate sacrifice with that Now is it something that I will personally do? Yeah, probably, but it really shouldn't be the way it is on a $1,400 phone Now if I can just shamelessly plug something for a second My brand new podcast went live this morning called The Test Drivers

In it we talk a lot more in depth about the Galaxy S20 as well as lot of the things such as the screen which are slightly nefarious trade offs So it's co-hosted by my good friend Mike Hurley, and on The Test Drivers, what I really want to do is go much more in depth than I can in a 10 minute YouTube video, right? So the podcast is really there to not only talk much more in depth about technology, but also about what it means to actually daily drive something, right? 'Cause these S20's seems very interesting, and as you'll see later in the video there's a lot of really cool features But at the end of the day, it's one thing to do a hands-on it's another thing to actually spend time really living with these devices So if that sounds interesting to you or you just want to be a supporter, please go give The Test Drivers a try It's available at the link in the description, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Apple Podcasts, wherever, or you can just go check it out at relay

fm/TheTestDrivers Reason number three is 5G So well this is technically not new this year there was an S10 model with 5G last year However, it was very limited and only a few people actually bought it However, this time every single Galaxy S20 you can buy has 5G built in

Well, technically So right now there are a couple of competing 5G standards There's one known as Sub-6 as well as there's mmWave So Sub-6 is becoming fairly popular specifically here in the United States thanks to T-Mobile So they've actually already turned on their full 5G network and this is essentially an evolution of the 4G speeds that we have today

Coverage is very similar, and the speeds are better but say it's the difference between like 40 and 80 megabits per second It's good but it's nothing completely revolutionary Other carriers such as AT&T and Verizon here in the States are focusing on their mmWave 5G Now this is where you get those crazy speed tests of a gigabit per second or more, however it comes with a major downside The coverage is incredibly limited

Like literally, you can walk around a corner and go from a gigabit down to like nothing with this So really the best case scenario for 5G it to have a phone which supports both mmWave and Sub-6 Sort of the best of all words, and that is what you get except not on the standard S20 So the way it breaks down is like this, the standard Galaxy S20 only supports Sub-6 5G, which is fine, and it's really enough for most people However, when you go up to the S20 Plus as well as the Ultra, they support not only Sub-6 but also that mmWave which means that you can get way, way faster speeds but in very limited situations

It's really a future proof play, but that's I think a legitimately really big selling point for that new S20 Plus and S20 Ultra Really what you're getting here is something which should look much better into the future, but you also have to deal with the fact that well you spend $1,000 you get 5G but it's not full 5G, 'cause that's not confusing right? Now with a 120 hertz display and standard 5G my next favorite point is a really obvious one, battery life So while, yes the S10 had decent battery life, the S20 bumps it up in a big way At least on the battery size of the equation So the S20 has a 4000 mAh battery

The S20 Plus has 4500 mAh If you go up to the S20 Ultra it's a thick boy with 5000 mAh of battery capacity Now that sounds really impressive It's much better than what we got last year, but the issue is is that with that power hungry screen, and a 5G radio inside, you're probably gonna need that So while I haven't had enough time to actually do any kind of real battery life tests, I will be surprised if the battery life is actually anything all that impressive

I really do feel like these bigger batteries are probably purely there just to power all these new features, but we'll have to wait and see on that one That said though, I'm glad they at least decided to increase the battery size and not just throw these fancy new things at you and go, "Oh yeah, charge it in three hours" Ah, what a beautiful fountain to go onto our number five point, the zoom So cameras of course are a huge component of every modern smartphone When it comes to the S20 things get a lot closer, a lot more zoomed, we're zooming in on the truth

So the standard S20 as well as the S20 Plus have a three times telephoto zoom which is much better than the two times of last year However, what really takes the cake is the S20 Ultra, with a massive 10 times optical zoom Yes, 10 times That's a lot of times Now funnily enough, Samsung actually claims this to be 100 times space zoom on the back of the camera

Now this is a slight exaggeration, as to get to 100 times zoom they're making a combination of that 10 times optical zoom as well as a lot of digital zoom It's not exactly as great as it sounds However, you can get some super, super tight shots with it Now unfortunately, I can't actually show you any of these shots because the phone I was testing was using pre-released software so I can't actually pull any images off of it The results were good, certainly not as good as a full 100 times zoom camera, but this is hands down as far as like standard flagships of today the best looking zoom lens I've ever seen

A big reason for that is actually because they flip the entire thing on its side So when you look at this zoom camera, it's actually looking through a prism so the camera lens is actually sideways in the phone This actually has some other sort of effects that I'll talk about a little bit later But essentially what you're getting here is a zoom which is pretty much unmatched by any iPhone or Pixel, or LG, or Asus, or wait no Asus actually has the Zenfone Zoom It's a really good zoom

Number six is a big one It is 8K video which Is standard across the board for the S20 Now there's actually something really impressive about this While yes it is certainly not as good as the 8K video that you would get on say a Red camera, but what it is is a major step up at least in actual real pixels When you consider that 4K is eight megapixels and 8K is 33 megapixels that is a lot of data to process on a phone video camera

Now there are some limitations So the 8K video only records at a maximum of 24 frames per second, which is the correct frame rate anyway but that is a little bit of a downside for some people But I think the bigger downside is the fact that you can only record on certain cameras, because you'd have to have enough megapixels to do it in the first place So, on the S20 and the S20 Plus, you have to use the three times optical zoom lens, the telephoto camera to actually be able to record since those are the only cameras with more than 33 megapixels That's fine, although honestly it's a little bit of a major downside just because when you're trying to record 8K video you are very, very zoomed in

However, when you go up to the S20 Ultra the main wide-angle camera has a ridiculous 108 megapixels and I'll talk about that in a second But you can use that main wide-angle camera to record 8K video, which personally I think looks a lot better The downside here though is that when it comes to recording 8K video, you really have major limitations It's a nice thing to have, it looks decent, but at the end of the day based on at least my initial first impressions, it's still probably not as good as say like the 4K on an iPhone The number seven might not sound like a big deal, but just hear me out here

It is the camera sensor size Now we all know at this point when it comes to buying a new smart phone, camera is one of, if not the top priority Not only if it means you're upgrading from your last phone, or even if you're just shopping between the like Pixels and the iPhones of the world The camera matters a lot Now well a lot of the advances that we've seen over the last couple of years really come down to software, at a certain point there's no sort of substitute for just a bigger, better camera sensor, and that's exactly what Samsung have done this year

So, the standard camera on the S20 and S20 Plus is 16 times bigger, which to be clear was already pretty big last year However, what really takes the cake is the S20 Ultra It's main 108 megapixel camera is almost a full one inch sensor or 133 inch sensor to be specific, but it's really approaching something like a compact camera like the Sony RX100

Now this means that the image quality should not only be better across the board, now I know that they use a weird like nine times pixel binning process So, even though you have 108 megapixels, it's taking all of that information and putting it into a very sharp looking 12 megapixel photo But put that side and what you should have here is what I think is a real candidate for the best phone of the year Best camera on a phone of the year That

Number eight is a big one, literally The S20 Ultra is a thick boy in the truest sense of the word Not only is it significantly thicker thanks to that huge battery compared to the standard S20, but on top of that it is heavy and the camera bump is really, really tall mostly because of that 10 times optical zoom camera Now come on, we've all been there, we've all had a thick boy in our lives But the real issue with the S20 Ultra is that all of this thickness is combined with a 6

9 inch screen – [Ken] Nice – (laughs) Look, look, this is a big phone It's a big phone in every sense of the word It is also a big phone in the sense that it is a very powerful, very battery hungry, like it's a monster right? It's really a step above anything like the S20 or the S20 Plus, but the downside though is that like, for me, I can't really handle 6

9 inches in my hand (Austin grunts) Number nine is simply the fact that these phones are significantly more powerful than last generation So while we don't actually have, as I'm recording this video, the official spec of what's inside beyond a seven nanometer next generation processor, but it is almost certainly going to be the Snapdragon 865 here in America in North America, and the Exynos 990 in other parts of the world So really what you're getting here is not only a very powerful processor, but also a lot of RAM These guys all have 12 gigs of RAM across the board

However, on the Ultra you can opt it up to 16 gigabytes of RAM Yes, that's more than most people's laptops Now there are a couple of actually legitimately really nice uses for this So even on the 12 gig of RAM phones, you have an option to lock up to three apps of memory so that it will not close them off in the background and on the 16 gigabyte of RAM option you've got five apps that you can keep open at once Which is, now is that actually, is that a lot, or should you have more than five apps that are like permanently open in RAM? I guess it's kind of a nice thing to have

But anyway, when you're charging $1,000 they got to find a way to justify it somehow right? Meanwhile, the iPhone still has four gigs of RAM, and Samsung's shipping 12 and 16 gigs Just saying, actually I don't know what I'm saying 'cause it's not really relevant Android just eats up memory, it's fine And number ten we have good and bad news As this time around we still have the micro SD card slot which can support up to an additional one terabyte of storage

But sadly the headphone jack is no more Can you see it? Can you get really close there? Goodbye Jack, it was nice knowing you – [Ken] He's been gone – No, he was on the S10 last year – [Ken] Oh, you're right

– Yeah, feels like it was a long time ago right? – Yeah – It's okay He's moved on to greener pastures Like Unbox Therapy's channel And again, definitely don't forget to go check out The Test Drivers at the link in the description And if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to the channel, because of course this is not the only Samsung news of today

Well maybe it is, but I don't think so I think there's something else we might be able to talk about This is the universal sign for flip phone, right? (rhythmic music)

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