The 120″ 4K Home Theater Setup

Hey guys, this is Austin I'm standing here in my home theater setup

So a few months ago you might remember we did a video going all over how we built this, including the massive 120-inch LG projector behind me With a 120-inch screen, we're pushing our ProBeam to its absolute limit Now, it definitely will work, however, as with any projector, the larger the display area that you're projecting on the less light you have to spread across it So that on top of the fact that this is going to be only 1080 means that it's time for an upgrade That's where this comes in, the LG CineBeam Laser 4K, and, of course, huge shout out to LG for sponsoring our setup yet again

So one of the cool things about this is that not only is it going to give us a full 4K resolution, but also can go all the way up to a 150-inch screen, more than enough power to handle our 120-inch display One of the main criticisms you guys had of our last setup had to do with audio So right now we're using the SJ9 Sound Bar Don't get me wrong, it actually does sound pretty good, especially considering how small it is, but for a full home theater setup we need to up the game just a little bit What's cool about this guy is that it's in a very unusual shape

It's definitely not going to come cheap, but what you're getting here is something that's going to be pretty portable if you wanna actually move it around So I'm actually curious, I was able to take a look at this guy at CES ah, there you go So if you wanna walk around with it, not only does it have the built-in handle, but it also has a power cable built in, I think, right? Oh, yeah, look at that So the power cable just winds out, so you don't even need to worry about anything If you wanna take this on like a, I don't know, what do you do? Go outside to a pool party or something? So what's interesting about this guy is that it actually is going to be in a really unique shape and that's because they actually completely reoriented it compared to most standard laser projectors

I say standard as if laser projectors are all over the place, but basically what they've done is they flipped the entire thing up on its side So what you're actually doing is you're going to be shooting everything off of this mirror so everything can be much more compact, and you're also going to be getting something that is going to be handheld, somewhat I'm a little afraid that it's going to be too tall for this setup We may actually have to move everything back – [Ken] Oh, that's depressing

– Okay, so, it turns out that this projector not exactly short-throw like the other one or not as we expected, so – [Wes] It don't work right – It won't fill the screen like we thought – [Austin] The room's too small – The room's way too small, buy a bigger house

– [Austin] Is this really the solution? – [Wes] I think so – Yeah, this is, yeah, this is pretty comfortable – So it is day two and we have a little bit of a better plan than yesterday So as opposed to doing the entire setup at my house instead we're going to be doing it here at the office where, you know, we have a room that's larger than seven-feet wide So unlike with a ultra short-throw projector, the CineBeam actually needs some space to be able to give you the full size

So technically we could have it a couple feet away, but then the screen size would be like this big To actually get a full 100, 120, or even 150 inches, you need to have this thing several feet away So, with that, I think it's time to repurpose our old set, which we actually, if you guys remember, this is where we used to shoot all of our videos, and get ourselves a proper office home theater setup that's actually functional unlike what we did yesterday – So we just got the projector screen up, we lowered the screen itself, and I think the placement looks pretty good right now We have this console table that we've had from our old setup

We're gonna use it to hold all of our components – Okay, so, the AC is not currently working It's over 90 degrees in the office and yet work continues – [Austin] So what are we doing as far as audio goes? – Okay, so basically we have a 51 setup right now

So we have this Yamaha receiver It'll take all of our speakers, our subwoofer We got basically all Klipsch just to kind of match everything And we also have this thing that'll hook up to our PC So it is a desktop DAC and headphone amp

Really, what's interesting about this is that it comes with a Blu-ray player, which is really weird I've never seen something like this before – [Austin] The real answer here is that you picked a bunch of stuff that you want for your own set up, you're gonna steal as soon as this video's over, right? – Shh – One of the nice things about the CineBeam is that we do have multiple options of setting it up So what I think I'm going to do is put it behind me here on this table and just shoot across the couch, but if you want to get a little bit more of a compact setup, instead of using it with a mirror like this you can actually just swivel the whole thing out of the way and using the included stand just adjust it and kinda angle it just about the way you wanna look at it on the display

One of the things I'm excited for is this Corsair Lapboard So we actually have a full wireless mechanical keyboard with this weird trackball mouse This is actually really cool though So the whole thing is gonna be padded on the bottom So it's really meant more for actual gaming than any kind of home theater use, but the nice thing is you do still have a full-size keyboard so you can pretty much do whatever you want

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the trackball mouse just 'cause it's weird, but I think, especially considering that I don't wanna have to be moving all around here, it's a little bit easier to use So this is just the first version of this setup So right now we're going to be using the latest Intel Skull Canyon NUC to power everything Now, with Radeon graphics inside we're gonna have more than enough power to, of course, handle any kind of 4K projection that we want, but, importantly, it also is going to be capable of some gaming, 'cause it's not exactly going to be a dedicated gaming setup with a full projector, but it is possible, and this PC will run everything we need in a nice small package It is finally time to test the setup

So the projector is fully up and running You can see it actually looks pretty decent even though it is very bright in the room right now So the only thing left to do is to press play and hope that everything works So a great test is going to be watching one of our very first 4K HDR videos right off of YouTube Oh, man, it's so good

(video playing in background) So I've watched this video I don't know how many times, but I've actually never watched it at full 4K HDR on a projector, oh, man Nope, nope, nope, nope Yup (laughing) Dude, this is so great I'm so happy with this right now

Dude, it looks so good, especially considering it's 4K So we've got a pretty large screen here It'll go up to 150 inches, but right now we've got it at around 120 inches with this display But, I mean, it is so sharp even when you get right up close to it And something that's really surprising to me is how bright it is

So, I mean, it is not dark in here at all We've got the windows, we've got the top light, and yet you can still see it is super, super bright This is great So, of course, if you guys wanna check out any of this stuff the link will be in the description, but if you excuse me, I'm gonna go watch some videos on our super-cool new setup I'm just gonna crank the volume now

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