The $160 iPhone X Clone

– [Austin] Nothing like a package straight from China to tell you that it's going to be a good video Hey guys, this is Austin

And this is a $160 iPhone X clone The description of goods here lists it as a phone with a total value of $15999 The idea here is that this is one of the very first, which I'm sure it's going to be Android phones, that actually does have not only Face ID, but it also does have the notch The good news though is that we get support for a gravity sensor, which of course is very important in your smartphone

Well from the front if we remove the little screen protector that actually does kind of look like an iPhone X You've got the notch and it actually is not that far off So take off the rubber case that comes with it and you'll see that the back is actually a little different even though we do have the dual cameras, we get something that even the iPhone X doesn't have A fingerprint sensor Also like the iPhone X, we do have a USB-C port which is close enough to Lightning, but what we don't get is a headphone jack

Even though this phone is clearly thick enough to easily fit one I'm surprised with just how heavy this is Now I think part of it is because it is so thick and it does have such a large battery Especially when you put it side-by-side with something like the iPhone X It really does not feel anywhere near the same sort of level of polish

Now part of that is of course the fact that this guy is rocking a glass back versus, I assume it's metal? Oh you know what, that's plastic Ooh, we have Google Assistant built in Alright, I actually will say that that's not what I was expecting on a kinda low-end device I think we're actually running Android 7 here So, with the U18 set up it actually looks like a fairly stock-looking Android

So there is a couple of weird apps on here but for the most part it actually looks fairly straightforward Now the notch, the notch is a little bit interesting Put this side-by-side with the actual iPhone X and you'll see they actually look fairly close So especially with the notch, while it's a little bit bigger it's not actually that far-off Although it does have a big chin compared to the iPhone X

One of the nice things is, Android actually does have native support for the notch So in an app like Google Maps here, you actually can see that we do get pretty much the full screen even though it is going to be a little bit grayed-out on top Now this is also shared with something like the Essential phone So even though this is a much smaller notch that's just for the front-facing camera, it actually does also take advantage of it in interesting ways, so it's not like that space is always going to be wasted So you're getting pretty much the same sort of setup with your icons up on the top right as well as your time on the top left

Now the only thing I will say is a little bit weird is the fact that even though it is going to be curved it's not going to be quite that same level as the iPhone, but at first glance it is very, very close One of the weird things with the iPhone X is if you pull down from the normal part you're going to be getting all of your information, all your notifications, but if you pull down from the right you're actually going to be getting control center Now here, if you pull down from either side, you're going to be getting some different notifications If you pull down from the middle, nothing happens So, you know, don't do that

Considering that it only costs $160, inside it actually has pretty decent specs You're going to be getting a 4,000 mAh battery which is going to be powering an octa core processor with four gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage When it comes to the screen, you're getting a 58" display with a resolution of 1512×720 Definitely on the lower side, but it is a pretty okay panel, I mean it's not really exactly going to blow you away but it's fairly bright, the colors are decent, the viewing angles though just aren't that great

Again though, $160 Now in addition to the notch, you're also going to be getting Face ID Or well, face unlock "Please note "Appearance, shape similar to people or items, "you may unlock success

" Oh boy (laughs) "Check the face, keep this position "and wait for the countdown to finish" Oh, it added it Wait, my face wasn't even totally in the frame Hold on a second, does that actually work though? Oh okay, it worked

The real test though, is will it be fooled by a picture of me? So with this awesome selfie, can we actually unlock the phone? Alright so I'll put it like this, and face recognition failed Failed Failed Failed I don't necessarily think that was the most accurate thing in the world but at least based on first impressions, it kind of works

Alright so, something like this? – [Ken] Yeah – Okay Yep (laughs) Alright, nevermind, I take all that stuff back It is easily fooled with just a single photo of you

Well I mean, you know, they're trying It's $160 Thankfully you don't have to rely on Face ID, as you do have that fingerprint sensor So we turn it on, drop your finger on it, it sort of works (laughs) The second time, at least

– No matter how strong Apple claims this glass is, it can absolutely be cracked if you drop it – Oh, okay Well, I mean, you've got a decent-sized screen but because the way that the phone is treating the notch, unlike the iPhone where you can actually punch in, especially when you're watching widescreen video, here it's just like you always have that much of the screen that doesn't exist The only time you really get it is if you have an app that specifically supports it, or you've got something like the home screen, which does allow you to get a little bit of your information up top Put these two side-by-side and around back, they look absolutely nothing alike

However this guy is rocking the same, at least in theory, rear-facing camera Or well, cameras Whoa Wow They straight ripped the iPhone interface

Like it's totally identical You can hit the little button to go to 2x (laughs) Let's do a little side-by-side So, first of all let's take a photo on the U18 And now let's take that same photo on the iPhone X

At first glance, it's actually not that bad But if you take a closer look, you'll see that there's just not a lot of detail there So this is what video looks like on the $160 iPhone X clone It's not exactly what I would call crispy The blur mode is literally just, like, a blurred edge around the photo

Hold on, wait Let me try this Are you serious? That might be the worst portrait-mode photo I have ever seen Literally nothing is in focus, it's just like this circle of vague focus around the middle part We have face beauty mode

Alright, I could use some beauty on my face I don't think I would call that beautiful, it's just a little blurry Okay, so, the camera Not exactly so great But you are getting the notch and I mean, if you wanna fool someone into thinking that you're using an iPhone with like a really thick case, I guess? So, for $160 should you pick up the Oukitel U18? Well some parts of it they did a really good job of copying

I think the notch is actually done better than I was expecting, and especially over the next year or so I think we're going to be seeing a lot of Android phones with the notch However, the face unlock as well as the cameras are certified garbage town So what do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one

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