The 2018 MacBook Air is FINALLY Updated

– Hey guys, this is Austin Today in Brooklyn, Apple announced two brand new Macs

A Mac Mini, as well as a completely refreshed, MacBook Air which is helpful when you know, you don't update your computers for a few years The last MacBook Air was a big deal It really did change the way a lot of laptops look and feel even to this day And thankfully we actually finally have a modern version of it You know, it's got a retina display like every other laptop has had for the last few years

With a 133 inch, 2560 by 1600 resolution, this look leagues, miles, light years, way, way better than the last generation MacBook which still had a low resolution TN panel Honestly, that was the biggest issue with me with using the MacBook in 2018, it just looked so old and dated and that's thankfully been fixed this year The rest of the laptop looks a lot like a mixture between the 12 inch MacBook and the 13 inch MacBook Pro On the left side we do get Thunderbolt 3 ports, we have two of them which are thankfully both fully enabled, unlike the standard 12 inch MacBook which only has USB C, and on the right side we still have (dong) the headphone jack

That joke will make a lot more sense if you watch our iPad video which is live on Instagram TV right now, which thankfully, or unthankfully, dropped the headphone jack for some weird reason You should go check that out Link in the description Where things get a little bit more interesting is when you look inside the MacBook So now we have a single option for a CPU

It is an eighth generation Core i5 processor, however it is fanless with only two cores as opposed to quad cores like most other systems Now that is largely due to the fact that this is an incredibly light weight laptop, but still doesn't really give you a lot of options The MacBook Air is not going to be a power house anytime soon The trend continues when you look at the rest of the options There are very few different configurations of the MacBook Air

So, it does come in three colors, silver, space gray, as well as gold, but as far as actual specs go, you've always got the Core i5 and your only real options are either eight or 16 gigs of RAM and somewhere between 128 gigs of storage all the way up to 15 terabytes Can we talk about that for a second though? 128 gigs of storage, that's just not enough in 2018 Now sure, if you use this as a glorified netbook or something that's very, very sort of focused I guess on web browsing I don't know, I can't even come up with a reason why anyone would want 128 gigs of storage

The worst part is, it's still $1,200 with the 128 gig SSD If you wanna get something that's a little bit more usable, you have to step up to the $1,400 version which does have 256 gigs of storage Take a look at the keyboard, trackpad and speakers and this will look very familiar if your used to the 13 inch MacBook Pro So, it does have the new third generation butterfly switches They still don't feel amazing but at least these shouldn't get all jammed up with like dirt, dust and stuff and the trackpad as always, is pretty much as good as it gets

Now I wasn't able to try the speakers in the very loud, hands on area, but again, if it's anything like that 13 inch, it should sound really nice Also I forgot to mention, it does come with Touch ID So, it's built into the power button but it does not have the touch bar like the larger MacBooks Apple still claims a full 12 hours of battery life which should be pretty accurate The old MacBook Air was definitely an endurance champ

And beyond that the actual size of the laptop has gotten a little bit smaller and it actually is noticeably lighter which is impressive considering that the old MacBook Air was definitely light already These MacBook Airs are available for preorder starting today and they will be going on sale on November 7th, starting at the sweet, sweet price of $1,200 Yeah They also still sell the old MacBook Air too if you really wanna go old school, or spend less than $1,000 There are a lot of rumors that this MacBook was gonna be cheap right? People were throwing out like 800 bucks or a 1000

$1,200 is not a crazy price, I mean it's better than the old MacBook but it's just a little disappointing to not see it just a little bit farther down the range Probably be the $1,000 price point is now taken up by the bigger iPad Pro So, that's actually to be fair, that's probably a more powerful system (laughing) Moving on to what actually might even be more exciting for me personally is the brand new Mac Mini If you take a look at it on the outside it looks basically identical and that's true because the chassis hasn't really changed besides they changed the color over to space gray

On the inside though this is a way more exciting system So if you guys'll remember our last video on the Mac Mini, you'll know that it was a little bit underpowered because it was essentially a MacBook Air in a shell However, this year we've got actual full desktop processors So it starts out with a quad core, Core i3 but you can option this out with a Core i5 or Core i7, both of which have 6 cores to work with That's a lot of power for a little, tiny Mac Mini

Can you feel my excitement? 'Cause I'm ready – I'm ready I'm ready – The extra power makes a big difference especially considering that there's a lot of other properly pro level features that you can get with the Mac Mini So starting out with it does have four Thunderbolt 3 ports so you can easily connect an external GPU

So we did see a demo of final cut running really nice and smooth with the full six core processor, tons of memory, and that external GPU But on top of that, we've got some serious specs too 64 gigs of RAM and two terabytes of SSD are all options And if you wanna go full Linus Tech Tips on it, you can option the Mac Mini with a 10 gig ethernet port, which is kind of a big deal So by the standard it does have a one gig port, as well as two USB, AA's, HDMI and those four Thunderbolts

But for $100 to upgrade 10 gigabyte ethernet, that's a really big deal I know personally for us, we're totally going to be using this as our engestation to be able to not only back up footage but also to dump it to our server Just like the Air, the Mac Mini is available for pre order and you can pick it up on November 7th However, unlike the MacBook Air, it's actually a lot cheaper, this guy starts at $800 Don't let that fool you though because that's with the Core i3

You can actually max out the Mac Mini at over $4,000 if you throw everything at it, including the memory, the SSD, the whole works So, yeah And that my friends is almost everything that was announced at the Apple event today The other main thing was a brand new iPad Pro but we did an entire video on Instagram TV talking about that so definitely be sure to go check that out at the link in the description and while you're there maybe take a look, we actually have been going a lot of IGTV videos lately (electronic music)

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