The 2019 Audi A7 is Loaded with Tech

(playful music) – Hey guys, this is Austin We've had the chance to take a look at lot of very cool Audis this year

From the Q7, to the R8 on the track to the e-tron But the A7 might just be my favorite one yet As always, huge shout to Audi for sponsoring this video and for hooking up with the A7 for a week At first glance, this looks similar to the last gen car, which is not a bad thing at all Take one look at the RS 7 and it should be pretty clear why I think, this is one of the best looking four door sedans of all time, but I will say that the A7 definitely does step it up Don't be fooled though, this car is all new For example, the LED headlights look so cool, especially at night

This also comes across with the tail lights So now they did run across the entire length of the back of the car, but they're all LED and they even animate out nicely when you turn your turn signal on, it's a super cool touch The new A7 does share a lot of DNA with the A6, but one of the big differences is of course that it is a Sportback Which means that there is a ton of cargo space We popped the back, you'll see that we have a ton of stuff loaded up in here Now there are a couple of camera cases, we have a bunch of random little bags and accessories, what's nice is that we can take all of this, and still have plenty of room for

Ken and I don't know, people inside Get the A7 out on the freeway, and this is really where things shine So not only do we have great adaptive cruise control, but we also have that paired with the Lane Keep Assist

So, we're in a little bit of mixed traffic right now and what really impresses me is just how smooth everything is So the car is completely handling the throttle and the brake and the steering is pretty much all completely automatic as well I do need to keep a hand on the wheel, but beyond that the Lane Keep Assist does a really good job of keeping us centered and more importantly driving smoothly So, I've driven a fair few cars that have various levels of driver assistance and self driving capabilities, and while they generally do work pretty well, usually you can tell it's not a real person driving because it's not quite smooth right, it's a little jerky, doesn't quite stay in the lane quite right, it'll like drift back and forth But, here it really does feel like a normal person is driving

The A7 is loaded with cool tech, take one look around this interior and you'll see that Audi does cabins right Now you see this great wood finish that wraps around the front, but if I turn the car on you'll also see that LED lighting which goes all over the place It's actually really subtle look but it's nice to have just a little bit of an accent here, over here, down here, pretty much everywhere you'll look If you saw the video we did on the e-tron recently, then this center stack will look very familiar So on the bottom we have a touch screen, which is mostly used for things like the climate control as well as a few system settings and on top of that we also have a much bigger touch screen and this is used for navigation, radio, all the kind of fun stuff

This is also where you'll find the excellent 360 degree view It is super cool to be able to see now from a top-down perspective, but also to see a full 360 around your car just to see, exactly where everything is, it looks so cool It's like a video game here, I can see from outside the car, from inside the car, and that's thanks to a series of cameras that are wrapped around A7 One of my favorite features is inside the console Now that we do have Qi wireless charging, so you can just set my phone down and will begin to charge

But on top of that we also have wireless CarPlay It's totally seamless, and it is so dope There's also an upgraded version of Virtual Cockpit Now a lot of other cars are moving away from physical gauges, but this purely digital setup with a nice high resolution screen looks really nice, and it's a big step up from my car (playful music) For big car, this thing actually handles pretty well So, it is helped that we have those big 21 inch wheels in those sticky summer tires

I mean, you get this up in canyons and, it handles pretty well Which is weird cause like in my head, I know just how big this car is, this is a very large Sportback Once you actually get it out on the road, the size definitely kinda shrinks, it feels much more nimble maybe not quite like an RS3 but close Man the drive is so smooth So, the A7 actually does take advantage of a mild hybrid system, so there's a 48 volt battery underneath the cargo floor in the back, And what that gives you is just a little bit of extra torque with the electric motor to get rid of any kind of minor turbo lag, which I can't tell if there's any at all, and on top of that it's really cool because it allows you to easily start the motor very seamlessly, when you're at a start or stop

(car engine roaring) (laughing) Sorry, I just had to do that So, we do have a seven speed dual clutch transmission And of course it does a great job of sort of driving around in automatic mode But you do have the paddles, if you wanna have a little bit of extra fun I've gotta say, there is a lot to like with the new A7, between all the cool tech as well as just how well it drives for such a big Sportback

Not gonna like, kind of excited for that new RS7 though

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