The $300 Pocophone F1 Amazed Me.

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the Pocophone F1

When Xiaomi reached out and wanted to sponsor a video on the brand new Pocophone brand which specifically includes the F1 as their very first phone I had one question What exactly is this? With a price tag of around $300, the Pocophone F1 might be the best deal in smartphones right now So inside not only are you going to be getting a giant battery But you're also getting a full flagship grade Snapdragon 845 processor in a $300 phone

I open the box and what we're going to find is well First of all a whole lot of yellow But we also have the Pocophone F1 itself (laughing) I can't get it out of the box (laughing) Ohhhh we got it! (laughing) I don't think it's ever taken three people to get a phone out of a box before

But you can know that they are definitely very securely shipped, the Pocophone F1 (laughing) So in addition to the base model, the Pocophone There's also going to be Armored Edition which is what I have here Now this on the back while it looks like it might be fake It's actually real aramid fiber which is commonly used in stuff like bullet proof vests and high end sports gear

I'm not supposed to do this Ken's not gonna like it if I do this but Ohhhh, yeah that's actually not bad It feels pretty sturdy, I've got to say I'm really enjoying sort of just the general feel of the device

It feels very different than all of the glass and aluminum phones we took a look at and I appreciate it Shows us some nice little touches like It seems like the fingerprint sensor is glass or maybe like ceramic But it actually gives a little bit of a nice look to the back of the phone In addition to the USB-C port on the bottom of the phone which does support quick charge 3

0 You're also going to find a headphone jack Yes my friends, yet another phone in 2018 which has still kept the headphone jack, an excellent trend It will probably be gone by next year but you know Now there's definitely going to be a notch as well as the trend

Something interesting they've done is actually do a pretty severe curve on the edges of the display Instead you will find the Snapdragon A45 Now this is going to be the exact same as what you're going to find on other high end android flagships Definitely nice to see it in a phone at this price And on top of that this model is going to be rocking 6 gigabytes of RAM as well as 120 gigabytes of storage

Even though the phone is going to be fairly thin and light It actually does have a full 4,000 app hour battery Which is nice to see Especially considering that some other $1,000 flagships also have the same size battery But this is going to be much, much less expensive

To keep everything cook, Pocophone opted to go with liquid cool tech for the F1 Now traditionally a chip was going to be able to dissipate all this heat on the back of the phone and through the body But using this, it's going to be able to allow you to run it a little bit cooler for a little bit longer One of the main advantages here is that even when you're doing an extended gaming session The phone shouldn't get that hot and very importantly for a mobile chip like this

It shouldn't overheat and it shouldn't go anywhere near to the same level of throttling that you could have if you had a terrible cooler on your phone Not that anyone's ever done that So to thoroughly test how this works I'm going to play a full game of Pubg Mobile and see just how hot the phone gets Again though, this is thorough scientific testing

Not me just looking for an excuse to play Pubg Mobile There should be no surprise with an A45 on board we have no problem playing even fairly intense android games such as Pubg Mobile pretty much maxed out Where is that coming from? (firing sounds) Heyyyy, there we go I can totally play against real people who are totally not bots Makes you kind of surprised

The back of the phone at least in touch doesn't even feel warm yet Let's actually pull out the thermal camera and see So here it seems like there is a little bit of a hot spot right beside the camera But even to the touch, it's only just slightly warm The Pocophone is rocking dual cameras around back

So it's got a 12 megapixel main shooter as well as a 5 megapixels secondary shooter which is primarily used for portrait photos It does a decent job Not completely perfect as far as cutting you off in the background But it's not going to be bad Let's try the normal shooter

That is actually pretty good So it does have AI tech on board to be able to analyze damage intuitive based on what you're taking a photo of And for the most part it actually does a really good job of enhancing images All I know is it looks nice So I can't complain about that

There's also going to be previous in slow motion on board It gets you 1080p video up to 240 frames per second As we shall now demonstrate Are you ready? That actually looks really good (laughing) That's not bad dude

That's actually really clean Here's something else that's pretty impressive with that clip It actually did a pretty good job with auto focus Even though obviously I'm moving very quickly It almost held me the entire time

We also do have a pretty decent front facing camera as we shall now demonstrate Right guys? It's a really bad selfie I mean the camera is great, don't get me wrong I don't know what's going on with my face It's not okay

They've actually got a pretty decent sensor on here I can actually tell because you're actually slightly out of focus just being right behind us Now while Pocophone might be a new brand Shelby most definitely is not So the F1 is not going to be some crazy high end flagship What it is is very reasonably priced phone that absolutely will get the job done

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