The $399 PS5 is Here.

– The PlayStation 5 costs $399 Now that we have pretty much all the information we need on both the PS5, as well as the Xbox series X and S let's take a look because there is a lot to go through here

So the big one of course is the price point if you're purchasing a PlayStation 5 on November 12th, which is coincidentally only two days after the Xbox series S and X go on sale, then you will have two options Now, if you want these Standard Vanilla PlayStation 5 with an optical disk drive, that will run you $499 The same price of course as the Xbox series X However, if you want to go and drop out optical disk drive and go for the digital edition of PS5, you'll be able to save a full $100 and pick it up for $399 bucks

Now, I don't think they need to tell you, that it is a very aggressive price point There were tons of rumors beforehand that they were having issues trying to get their price down to where they needed But after last week we saw Microsoft put their cards on the table and show off that very aggressive price point for specifically that X-Box series S I think this is really Sony trying to kind of meet them in the middle Now between the PS 5 and the digital edition for a $100 of difference

You're really not seeing much Really you just lose at least as far we know, you just lose the obstacle disk drive There, there may be other changes, but as far as we know, there's no spec difference or anything like that There isn't key contrast to what Microsoft has done with the Xbox series S So when you look at the PS 5 versus the Xbox series X, they're actually very equivalent, right? It's exact same price

You have optical disk drive You have a little bit more power on the Xbox side, but they're pretty similar When you compare the PS5 digital edition to the Xbox series S they're very very different So if you've seen our video on the Xbox series S, you a lot of this, but essentially this is a console which will run the same games, right? So you'll be able to play all of the Xbox series X games as well, as long as the older like Xbox one titles and whatnot if you download them with the differences is that it targeting a much lower resolution, somewhere between 1080P and 1440 P now on PlayStation 5 digital edition side that should have none of these limitations So essentially it is a full PS5 just without the ability for you to buy and insert your physical game discs

Now, of course, that might be a downside for some, but considering that you're saving 100$ and able to still play games at like 4K and 128 FPS and whatever it is that the main console can run I think that is an incredibly impressive price point I mean, let's not forget, well, yes 100$ seems like no yeah Like some makes sense when you look at the blue Ray drive, but realistically Sony Microsoft probably are able to buy those Blu-ray drives for 20$, maybe $25 each, which means that Sony are losing, leaving a ton of profit on the table

When you buy that PS5 digital edition compared to the physical Now, there are a lot of reasons for that I mean, we'll talk a little about PlayStation plus, and some of the games that they're bringing out, but generally speaking, I assume that they did this for first of all, they want to actually be able to be very competitive with the Xbox And secondly, they're gonna make that money up by taking all of that profit from buying those digital games, because let's not forget when you buy a physical game, say it's $60 Some of that money goes to the game store, for the best buyer, whatever the store you're buying it from

Whereas when you buy a digital game, Sony is making that sweet, sweet money Well, and Microsoft too Now based on the event today, it's clear that they don't have a ton of launch titles as does the Xbox And it's looking pretty light on that front across the board But Sony does have a few things such as the PlayStation Plus collection, which will give you a large variety of games that will be essentially available

If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber on day one, that to be fair, these are all PlayStation 4 games So things like Fallout 4, Infamous ,Last of Us I mean, there's actually a pretty good selection, but if you're a PlayStation player, you're probably already gonna own a few of these, but that being said, it's actually really nice This is going to be included at day one So you'll at least have something to play on your PS5

Yeah, we do have some new announcements So we've do have a date on Spiderman miles Morales, which they just said holiday I assume that means it's actually going to be available for launch, but this is going to be a game that is including not only the remastered version of the original Spiderman, but also the Quasi expansion pack The miles Morales actual game itself all included for 50 bucks But this is actually is also coming to PS4

Something that they definitely been waffling on in the past There are several other games that will be available for launch So Black Ops Cold War will be available for PS5 as well as I'm sure Series X, they did show some gameplay of it, and it looked good Although some of the things like we look at this box here, it looked a little bit last gen to me, with a sprinkling of ray tracing on top, there was also a very brief trailer for Fortnite, which surprise, surprise I mean, it's not on the iPhone anymore

So they put it on the Ps5 and there were a few other games that will be available for launch, including Demons Souls, demons, souls, demons, soul, demons, souls And actually one of the things with Demon Souls is they did a really good job of showing just how fast those load times were I mean, they would be warping between levels and it was pretty much instant, which is a good example of what that SST inside the PS5 can really do Another game that really jumped out to me is Hogwarts Legacy, which has been leaked for quite a while now But we finally have that official confirmation

This is a game that does seem like it will be available across the board, but most of the tiles we saw today are console exclusive to the PS5, meaning that they'll also be available on PC And in fact, the very first trailer we saw Final Fantasy actually had a big disclaimer saying played on PC, roughly PS5 spec and they were immediately like Oh, by the way, all these other games are definitely running on PS5 That is something interesting, we didn't really see a lot of brand new games today So I think they had already a couple of months ago or last month shown a lot of the games they had And a lot of the games that they do have coming to PS5 are also available on PC, which is a little bit of a divergence from what we've seen in the past

Cause there have been over a lot of rumors about the PS 5 specifically when it comes to how many of the units will actually be available for sale when it goes well on sale So some of this I think is always part of the background noise, right? I mean, there's like, Oh, they're going to be making fewer consoles Oh, they're going to be making more They're actually couple of rumors recently that they were having as high as a 50% sort of failure rate on the yields for their SOC Which I can kind of believe there might be some truth there because if you look at what the PS5 has inside, it has a smaller chip, specifically a smaller GPU than something like Series X, but they're running it at really aggressive clock speeds

And the thing is so in the PC space, if you design a core I7 or whatever the case is, if you design a chip, you can easily take advantage of every single little bit along the way Right? So, a core i7 that's may not be quite powerful enough to sort of qualify at that whatever clock speed they can just sell it as a core i5 turn the speed down and it will be just fine When it comes to something like a console There's not a secondary thing, right? I mean, if they can't get that full use out of the chip, it goes straight into the garbage Which makes sense if they're pushing it to like 2

2 gigahertz or whatever, they may have some yield issues But all of that being said, Sony did come out and basically say, "no, it's fine we have plenty of places in fives everything is on track and in schedule" Which we'll see how that actually goes Now of course there's another aspect to this, which is the variable frequency Now again, this is something that talks about before, and it's not something necessarily new for the PC space or specifically the mobile space

But in a nutshell, the PlayStation 5 does not run at a standard clock speed So typically speaking, one of the advantages of a console is that it will run exactly the same, no matter how hot it is outside, whatever the case is, you're gonna guarantee level of performance And as a developer, you can really optimize games to get the absolute most out of that performance Now with the PS5, they've opted to go for a variable boost frequency, which can go up to 223 gigahertz on the GPU and can go up to a little over 10 teraflops of overall performance

And while that's great, it seems like they might be pushing the envelope just a little bit And I know that there's been some rumors about some developers having some issues getting in that high level of performance and not having framedrops right, because if you've ever played a game on your phone, you will probably know that it runs great for the first five minutes And then as it starts to heat up, your clock speeds come down and you lose performance Same thing on PC, right? If you start running into any kind of throttling issues that 60 FPS experience might drop to 45 or 50 Now all of that being said, we won't know until we actually really get our hands on PS5 units and specifically actually try them in like, what happens if it's in a cabinet without great air flow? all of a sudden do you lose 20% of your performance or whatever the case is, but it is something to keep in mind they're pushing this chip and therefore the PS5 very, very hard, which means that there is some potential for variability with your actual performance

All of this really does come down to that $399 price point Now in no scenario was the PlayStation 5 ever going to be a slow seller, right? I mean, this is the next gen PlayStation PS4 did incredibly well a lot of people are ready to upgrade that being said though, I have real concerns about how easy it is to actually get your hands on of these 400$ I think is a great price point And for, I would say the majority of people, the digital edition is the one to buy

On the Xbox side I think it's a little bit more of a complicated decision based on how much you care about the performance how much you wanna to save the money, et cetera, et cetera But on the PS5 side, it's little bit more straightforward unless you really do want those physical desks And if you do fair play, but unless that's a hugely important thing to you saving the extra a hundred dollars with essentially no other downsides, I think is an absolute no brainer So thank you very much for watching Make sure to subscribe to the channel for lots more PS5 and X-Box content coming up soon

And I am going to go try to get my hands on a PS5 soon so I can make more videos on it (upbeat music)

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