The $5000 Gaming Laptop

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com/Austin and use the promo code Austin to get yourself 77% off Hey guys, this is Austin Last year I took a look at the most ridiculous over the top gaming laptop that I had ever seen However fast forward to 2018 and we have this The new most ridiculous, powerful, over the top gaming laptop that I have ever seen

This is the ASUS ROG G703 And let's get the elephant out of the room immediately This laptop, as it's spec'd right now, costs $5,000 Now if that doesn't immediately put you off from spending as much as some used cars, there's actually a ton to like with this laptop Now I'll freely admit, I spent a lot of time on the channel reviewing some very budget laptops

And while that's fun, this is so ridiculously overkill in every possible way, that I kinda don't wanna give it back So when you're spending this kind of money you should expect to get all the bells and whistles out there and this pretty much does deliver So to start out with it has the awesome new Intel Core i9 Processor Now that on a laptop is going to get you six cores, and ASUS has actually overclocked it even farther So this guy will run up to 4

8 gigahertz right out of the box Now that's not some kind of baby overclock where it just kind of hits it every once in a while It will hit 48 all the time It's so, so ridiculous for a laptop

The crazy overkill doesn't stop there either So inside this guys also rocking a full desktop class GTX 1080 graphics card, with a full eight gigabytes of GDDR5X memory Yeah, this is no joke And because, of course, that's not going to be enough, things get even crazier from there As far as memory goes, this guy has a full 64 gigs of RAM

And on top of that it has SSD's Three of them In addition to the two terabytes of puny, mere mortal SSHD storage in this guy, you're also going to be getting those three PCIe SSD's together in RAID So, in total that gives you 12 terabytes of full SSD storage in RAID, which combined can run it up to 8

7 gigabytes a second For context, a normal SSD is going to give you around 600 megabytes a second So, yeah, this is fast And yeah, it's probably so fast that you really won't be able to tell the difference But, it's cool

All of this adds up to what is very possibly the smoothest, nicest Windows experience that I've ever had So, of course, stuff like booting up is pretty much instant Well, not instant, but I mean, it takes a few seconds But things like opening up a program or just minor little things that you kind of get used to taking a half second or full second on normal Windows PCs even higher-end ones with SSD's are done almost instantly with this thing It's kinda hard to get across on video, but using this thing for a couple days it's kinda hard to go back to a normal PC

It is just that fast Of course, all this is in hardware that is not exactly thin nor light This is easily one of the biggest gaming laptops you can get However, it is really nicely built Which it should be, to be fair, because it does cost $5,000

Because this laptop is so obscenely powerful, ASUS took a page out of my playbook and they include dual power supplies in the box And my friends, you are definitely going to need dual power supplies because between the Core i9, which is overclocked, as well as the GTX 1080, which is also overclocked, this guy absolutely destroys battery I mean, for context, this has been literally sitting here and idling for 15 minutes, and right now we've burned about 13% of the battery Doing nothing besides sitting on the Windows start screen And if you're the kind of person who's put off by trying to carry a giant 17 inch laptop which probably weighs like 10 pounds, as well as dual power supplies everyday, then this is probably not the $5,000 laptop for you

However, for the rest of us who are ridiculously insane and want one of these, myself included, there's actually a lot of other cool stuff that's included with the laptop Of course, you've got all the ports you could ever hope for, including Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, a mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, USB, you name it, this has got it This also applies to the basic stuff like the keyboard It's got good travel, nice spacing, and of course it does have the full RGB treatment But what's also impressive is the trackpad

Not only is it giant, but this is legitimately the best trackpad that I've ever used on Windows It has the Windows Precision Touchpad drivers But importantly, (clicking) it has the awesome sounding left and right click It's really mechanical and this legitimately feels like an expensive laptop, which of course, it is, as I will remind you for the fourth time in this video – When you go below a thousand dollars, typically you have to – Ha, below a thousand dollars, for mere mortals who don't have $5,000 to spend

These speakers are pretty solid here as well, although, generally speaking it does get a little loud, so you'll probably wanna hook up a headset But not only do you have two speakers that are sort of on the bottom chassis, but you also have two front firing speakers directly at you That being said, when you're gaming it gets loud so, you know, buy a headset Remove this little rubber flap, as well as the single screw underneath, and you'll have access to most of the expandability with the laptop So you're going to find your one, two, three SSDs, as if that wasn't enough, you're also going to have your 2

5 inch SSHD bay And on top of that you're going to have access to 32 of your 64 gigs of RAM Now of course with a computer that's going to be this powerful you also have to have a screen to match So while it's only at 1080p display, you are getting a full 173 inches

And it supports not only G-SYNC, but also a 144 Hertz refresh rate And with a GTX 1080 to power it it has no problem taking advantage of that full frame rate So here on Fortnite at full epic settings we're getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 to 140 frames per second Just right in the sweet spot of what this display can handle But if, for some reason, you have some super demanding game because you have G-SYNC it will kick in to sort of smooth things out if you do go down, to say, some mere mortal frame rate like 60 or 70

Ugh Man, PUBG stands absolutely no chance against a laptop like this So we're easily in the 100 frame per second range as we're running around here on those full epic settings And of course a big part of that is because we do have the GTX 1080 inside, but it's also being backed up by that Core i9 Considering that we'll easily hit 4

8 gigahertz that does sort of bring up the general settings in pretty much any game you throw at it But keep in mind, that actually we have different modes So right now we're running on silent mode and it's actually reasonably quiet However, if we want the maximum performance and if mere 109 frames per second isn't good enough I can just switch it over to either balance or overboost And as you'll hear, it gets a lot louder but we're also going to start to see the frame rates go even higher

Generally speaking, I actually like to use it on quiet mode Yeah, you're giving up some performance but in exchange it's going to be a lot quieter However, if you have a good pair of headphones this actually is not a bad way of getting a little bit of extra performance Although you better have some pretty solid headphones Even though it's a slightly older game, GTA V can still be fairly taxing when you crank everything up

And here we're running on full ultra settings, we're getting somewhere in the neighborhood of around 60 frames per second Now that, actually still doesn't look too bad especially because we do have the G-SYNC panel But it's crazy that this game, which started on XBOX 360, looks this nice a few years later Provided you have a lot of hardware to throw at it Another game that can be quite demanding is Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Now here, running on full ultra settings at 1080, again, we're actually staying somewhere in the 90 to 100 frame per second range That G-SYNC panel looks super smooth and keep in mind that this is still running on the quiet mode There's definitely a little bit more performance there and some better thermals if you don't mind letting the fans crank to hyper speed This thing is absolutely ridiculous Between the massive size, the dual power supplies, the terrible battery life, and the eye-wateringly high price tag, it's just not a good idea for anyone to pick up

And yet, I kinda love it ASUS went all out to make something awesome and I've gotta give them props for that Well, at least until they make me send the laptop back You know who won't make me send the laptop back? NordVPN, the proud sponsor of today's video So whether you're browsing on public wifi, traveling abroad, or you just don't want your ISP snooping on your data, you should absolutely have a VPN

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