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Recently, I did a video on this guy A six-hundred and fifty dollar gaming laptop entirely powered by AMD Ryzen That got me thinking how would it stack up to an Intel and Nvidia option That's where this comes in This is the Acer Aspire Five

Not only does it have Core i5 processor and MX150 graphics, but impressively, it comes in with an even cheaper 600 dollar price tag On paper this guy looks very similar to the HP Envy So we're getting a 156 inch display and it's actually reasonably thin considering it is a gaming laptop I will say at first glance, the build quality does not match up to that HP

It's all plastic While it doesn't look bad, it sort of lacks that premium feel of the Envy However, what it lacks in feel it makes up for in actual functionality Not only are we getting a full-sized ethernet jack, but we also get USB-C, HDMI, a USB 30 port, as well as an SD card reader, and on the other side we're also getting two more USB ports

You're getting a full-sized keyboard layout in addition to the number row And even though most of the laptop is plastic, it does have this metal shell on the inside which does feel pretty nice as a palm rest Inside this guy has eighth gen Core i5-8250U so it's going to be one of the new quad core chips You're getting those Nvidia MX150 graphics, 8 gigabytes of dual channel DVR 4, as well as a 256 gygabyte SSD However, all it takes is for you to fire up the Aspire Five before you realize that there is one major thing missing: a decent looking screen

So on paper, it's not bad We're getting a 156 inch panel with a 1080p resolution The issue is it is a very very unimpressive looking TN panel; Color is okay, but the contrast is straight up terrible And specially with the viewing angles, the screen just doesn't look that great I get it Acer wanted to cut some costs to be able to get this much performance in such a cheap laptop, but the screen is a little bit tough to deal with

Thankfully though, it's not all bad So they keyboard is classic Acer It's not the most tactile thing in the world but specially for gaming you're going to be totally fine And thankfully this guy also is using a Windows precision touch pad I love to see these, as they are pretty much always not only track more accurately, but specially have those multi-touch gestures

When you put the Acer side-by-side with the HP Envy you're going to see that this guy has a much nicer display Sure, it might not be quite as bright as I would like, but compared to the TN panel over here, it is night and day Plus, this guy is going to be a touch screen, it's convertible, and built quality-wise not only is this side going to be thinner but also just feels a lot more premium One thing the Acer definitely has going for it is upgrade-ability So underneath a couple of flaps on the bottom you'll see not only do you have access to your memory if you wanna upgrade that, but over here if you pop up this little cover you're going to see that we have full two and a half inch drive bay that's completely empty

So if you want you can upgrade with a bigger hard drive We can even throw in a second SSD in this guy When it comes to performance, the Aspire is just in a different league So sure, the Envy does have that nicer screen and better build quality, but in return, you're getting not only an SSD but you're also getting just a potent combination with the Core i5 and dedicated graphics The i5 8250U delivers good quad core performance

It's right up there with a lot of higher end gaming laptops and a fair bit above the Ryzen inside the Envy The graphics is where things really take off So with an Nvidia MX150 GPU, while it might not be the most powerful graphics card in the world, you're getting enough performance to play some pretty decent 1080p games as you guys will soon see And when you compare it to the Ryzen chip inside the HP, the vague graphics are just not going to be able to compete However, the real test is, of course, what it's like to play in real-world games

First off, we have CS GO Now as a game that even though it might be a couple years old, it is still incredibly popular this is one of my favorite ways to test PC's And here on 1080p settings at high We're getting near 80 to a 100 frames per second Super super playable (Happy music) What's not playable is my shotgun right now

Oh, did I get it?! Did I get it?! Ohhh! The game I just got my goal in is Rocket League So, just like CS GO, it's not really difficult thing to run so we're getting between 40 to 50 frames per second on high settings at 1080 And again, this is another great example Well that's not a good idea Another good example of a game that is (laughs) it's kind of perfect for a 600 dollar laptop

It's nice that we're getting this kind of performance out of something that is relatively affordable Next up, for something a little bit newer we have PUBG Now, obviously we're just in the opening area but on 1080 low we're getting like 35 frames per second Man, this game has come a long way now that they don't have 300 thousand people spawning in one area I will say one thing

Even though the screen isn't that bad on this laptop just having to angle it down a little bit to get a better camera angle means that it looks a little bit washed out right now I really wish that they had spent just a little bit more money on a nicer paneling Man, this thing would be perfect So yeah, 1080p low is definitely very playable here So we are averaging around 30 to 35 frames per second

If you wanted to really optimize those frames you could probably go down to 720p But with a game like PUBG I feel like on a 600 dollar laptop I'm not really complaining about low settings To really put this to the test, we have Middle-earth: Shadow of War Now this is not only a much nicer looking game, but also a more technically demanding one And here at 1080p on low settings we're getting right around 30 frames per second

So if it's going to be me, I'm probably going to turn on the dynamic resolution to get that frame rate up just a little bit But again, a very playable game So as you guys can see, the gaming performance is not bad Specially given this 600 dollar price point Something else I like is the standard SSD

Now sure, it's easy enough to add another SSD or another hard drive if you want some extra space but having Windows and everything fully ready on an SSD out of the box is nice I can't tell you how many hours of my life I've wasted waiting for slow old laptops with normal hard drives to update This makes everything so much faster The Aspire Five is a seriously killer little gaming laptop Now this is very rare for me to say, but I don't really have a lot to complain about

They made a lot of really smart decisions on the components There is a ton of performance for 600 dollars Really, the only thing I can complain about is the screen Now, no, it's not a deal breaker, but it would've been nice if they had put just a little bit of a better display in here However, besides that, this is a close to perfect gaming laptop considering the budget

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