The Best Laptop Hardware Yet

– Hey guys, this is Austin This might be the nicest piece of laptop hardware that you can buy

Oh, what? Oh that's cool As you open the box it like presents the laptop to you I mean, no one ever needs to do that, you're only gonna open the box once, but that's pretty dope What's cool about this, is has Asus' new Ergolift hinge So when I open it from the bottom, it actually elevates the entire laptop up

That's, that's actually something kinda different Now this means that there are some interesting quirks with the design So if you take a look at the right side, in addition to having 2 full Thunderbolt 3 ports you're going to find a headphone jack Pretty standard, except that when you actually open up the laptop, the headphone jack is attached to the screen, as opposed to the body of the laptop Kinda trippy but it totally works

As you would expect for a premium laptop, it is going to be entirely made out of aluminum So I feel like this blue looks pretty nice, especially with the copper accents What I really like is the red model of the Zenbook S I mean it's a little flashy, but, yeah Before we get too far into it though, I actually wanna see what else comes in the box

So we have a power adaptor This guy is going to be using USB-C, although I assume it they will probably work with other generic adapters You also get a USB-C to USB-A adapter As well as USB-C to HDMI a nice touch to include in the box You can also put the laptop inside the carrying case that it comes with

So it might not be super premium or anything but it should help to keep this from getting all scratched up in your bag So after spending some time with the Zenbook S one of the things that is still jumping out to me is just how solidly it is constructed So it is going to be about 13mm thick, which is on the very very thin side However there's basically no flex to it at all I mean even something like the screen, I mean you can really torque it and it's not going to go anywhere

And the same thing goes for the body I mean, this is not something we do with most laptops, but I'm putting some serious torque on it, it is staying very very solid It's nice to see in something that's going to be just this thin, or thick, depending on your marketing term of choice The keyboard is also terrific Not only are the key caps nice and large, and it actually kinda looks a little like a MacBook from the outside

But you're going to be getting a decent amount of travel, and importantly, because you do have that Ergolift hinge, the entire keyboard is going to be slightly tilted up This is not something that's very common in well, pretty much any other laptop But I really appreciate how it just gives a little bit less strain to your wrists The trackpad is a little bit on the small side, but it's going to be totally fine And you're also going to find a fingerprint sensor, for Windows Hello support

What's nice is that you're going to be getting two full Thunderbolt 3 ports on the right side, which are of course going to be able to support, not only an external GPU, but all of the different adaptors that can go off of that But there is going to be another USB-C port on the left side of the laptop All of which can be used to charge, USB, video out, it's a nice set up, even though it would definitely be nice to have a USB-A port The main issue here is that while the laptop is literally just too thin to fit any kind of bigger ports So

– There's really a lot to like with a form factor like this – What there's not a lot to like is with the speakers of the Zenbook S And that is a terrible transition but I'm gonna roll with it On the bottom of the laptop you're going to find two speakers They sound okay

But first of all, they're not going to be all that loud, and second of all, any time that they're going to be facing on the bottom of the laptop, it just means that it's just sort of hitting the underside, and kinda echoing out They're just not that great Thankfully Asus did opt to put the webcam on the top of the display, you know like where it actually belongs Now it's only going to be 720p, but it looks and sounds alright most importantly though, you're not looking up my nose right now, so thumbs up for that The Zenbook S is rocking a 13

3 inch display, with either a 1080p or a full 4K resolution Both are going to be touch enabled, and the main difference is, that while the 4K panel is going to hurt your battery life, as well as performance, I have it here and it looks really really nice Not only is it going to be very color accurate, but it also gets pretty bright with a full 350 Nits of brightness Something that is very helpful when you take this outside and can still see the screen Performance is not only solid, but it's exactly what you'd expect for an Ultrabook of this generation

So inside you can choose between either a Core i5 or Core i7 both of them are going to be 8th Gen In this case, I've got the i7-8550U Now the actual benchmarks are, well, not exactly surprising considering it's exactly the same performance as basically every other ultrabook we've taken a look at over the past year Totally solid and a big step up over the last generation If you opt for the 256 Gig SSD, which is the base model, it is going to be a SATA based drive

However if you go for the 512 gig version, which is what I have here, not only is it going to be a much faster M2 drive, but you also get the option of going all the way up to a full one terabyte of capacity This guy has a choice of either 8 or 16GB of DDR4 memory My 16 gig RAM option, does have dual channel memory, which is helpful for the graphics performance What isn't helpful for the graphics performance are the thermals Now it's not going to be that bad, but considering that you do have this Ergolift design which in theory, should help the airflow and kinda cool things down, it does run a little bit on the warmer side

Inside this guy is rocking a 50 Wh battery Now it's not going to be that big, it's a little bit smaller than something like the LG gram and with the 4K panel, it means that you're only going to be getting around six to seven hours of fairly regular battery life But the screen is so nice, that I'm actually kind of willing to give up a little bit of battery in exchange for a nice, sharp, crisp panel If you stack the base model up to similarly spec'd competitors, which is the XPS 13 it is going to be a little bit more expensive, however once you start adding options such as the 4k display, extra RAM, as well as a 512GB SSD, it actually tops out at around $1500, still a little bit on the pricey side, but it's actually not a bad value My big takeaway is that it's hard to beat this design

Seriously, props to Asus for actually doing something different There are so many great ultrabooks out there at that 1000-ish dollar price point, that the Zenbook S with it's Ergolift actually does legimately stand out

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