The BROKE Gaming Challenge

– Hey guys, this is Austin and today on Broke vs Pro, well, guess what

Mr Pro over here is about to be just a little bit more broke because, this time, there's no more cheating involved because you have the same budget – Cheating? Dude, you literally bought a PC (evil laughter) – [Austin] It's very simple Who can build the best gaming system for two hundred dollars or less? I don't care if you get a PC

I don't care if you get a GameBoy Advance It doesn't matter But, what matters is who can do the best job with an actual limited budget – [Ken] Do I get to use your leftover money? – No! What? No In fact, you get bonus points if you spend less than the two hundred dollars

AKA, I'm gonna try to do that – [Austin] What are you doing? – [Ken] I'm just appreciating the exclusive automotive partner of the Austin Evans YouTube channel – [Austin] Toyota is not sponsoring this video You're not getting extra budget Stop! Just, just chill

Okay? – Okay Well, I don't know why I decided to drive then (Austin laughing) – Where are we going? You're going first – My plan is very simple I am going to try to build the cheapest computer I can find that can still play some games

Something like a Core 2 Duo or potentially like a first generation Core or second generation Core But something that is pretty easy to work on, something that I can still get parts for, but also that will hopefully be very cheap Two hundred dollars is not a lot of money – [Ken] I'm gonna hit up my first spot I just– – What? – [Ken] I thought of something

– Well, I thought I was gonna go get my stuff first Are you doing a PC as well? – [Ken] Um, not necessarily – (Austin laughing) Are you getting lunch right now? – [Ken] There's an ulterior motive – [Austin] Do you know they don't sell Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos any more, right? – Really? – [Austin] Yeah – Hey, can I get whatever the box is for the Xbox One contest? – Yeah, yeah

Let me do that Yeah, unsweet tea – (Austin laughing) The (bleep) are you doing? You're trying to win an Xbox right now with your two boxes – There's a winner every ten minutes for an Xbox One (boxes crinkling) (Austin laughing) I actually don't know how to even enter

– [Austin] Is there like a code in there or something? – Oh, maybe it's on the receipt Or was it supposed to be a special box? And then they just didn't give me the special box Hold on, I'm gonna be right back – [Austin] Are you actually go back through the drive-through? Are you gonna go inside? – I'm gonna go inside and get the code – [Austin] Well? – Limited edition boxes are sold out

– [Austin] So you just paid for your meal and you don't have an Xbox One X to win? What a great plan – We'll just cut it in editing – [Austin] We'll just cut it in editing – [Ken] So my idea wasn't exactly going to plan, but Austin's, his was working out – [Austin] We just got the hook up

So not only did they hook us up with pretty much everything we need, but they pretty much gave it to us for free (scoffs) Dude, no That's cheating The whole point is I'm making fun of you for cheating I can't get stuff for free

No, no, no I have to pay for everything It's not- (laughing) For the purposes of this competition, we're going to assume the value of all these components Which, based on a quick eBay search, is somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 For a Core 2 Quad system, the 560 TI, that's also including the SSD that we've got back at the office, and a couple of other things

So, $140 I've got myself what I think is a pretty cool system So, what exactly is your plan right now? – I need to go to more Taco Bells – [Austin] Are you serious? That's really your plan is to go to more Taco Bells – Look, have you ever played the lottery before? – [Austin] Why don't you just get a normal Xbox Use the money that you can spend to not cheat the rules

Isn't that a novel concept? – Can I revoke the budget that I spent on the lunch? – [Austin] Yes, you can get your $12 back That's an acceptable compromise – Okay I will do this legit – (Austin with dramatic music) What? That's unbelievable

I am so proud of you Good job, Ken So I have a lot of work to do Now, I have not tested any of this hardware Supposedly, it's working

Oh wait I didn't realize I got another case with the giant hole in it I gotta stop doing this The first thing is though is that– Ugh I am just going to strip all of this out

I don't need any of this Thankfully Woo, okay Let's stand that up – [Ken] I am actually allergic to dust, so I'm gonna stand back here

– Oh, excellent – [Ken] Maybe you should just clean it – Nope I'm okay All right

Here goes nothing There we go Hopefully the stock cooler will at least keep it running long enough to beat your stupid Xbox (metallic ting) – [Ken] Oh – There we go

I got it It's good – [Ken] That also didn't sound good – No That's actually a good sound

I'm okay with that – [Ken] That's like popping your bone back into place when it disconnects – No I'm fine Now we've got a couple of options for DDR2

Now this is very much untested, so if this thing actually boots first try I will be shocked So this is a grand total of this'll be 4GB of DDR2 which I think should be okay So this is not– Ah, damn Is this the wrong IO shield? This is the wrong IO shield It doesn't line up

Okay You know what? IO shields are overrated IO shields are for punks (Ken laughing) I have some new components for my build I have a brand new 650 watt power supply

Probably overkill, but I'll take what I can get I also have a 240GB SSD which, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, cost like 25 bucks – [Ken] All right That looks– – Hey look Test boot

I'll clean it up later Slightly – [Ken] That is– Oh, you have to jump it too – I didn't install anything last night Okay

– [Ken] All right Well, it turned on – I have post – [Ken] See if a CPU – Is my GPU spinning? It is! – [Ken] Well there you go

– Wait a minute Is this actually gonna work? – [Ken] Oh here we go Ooh – [Austin] Did it? Are you serious? – [Ken] Yeah, it booted – [Austin] That fast? What? Wait

Wait Wait Is this a bit of victory perhaps? Maybe not victory, but look at that It actually mildly works So what exactly do you have to show for yourself? You have a SAD Xbox I see

– [Ken] I do have a SAD Xbox This is the only one that I could find for 150 bucks This was refurbished or used – [Austin] Okay or some degree of not new – [Austin] Okay

– But I guess, because of all the Black Friday sales, this thing came down in price a little bit Granted, I think you can get one of these for 150 right now – [Austin] So you can actually buy this new for $150 during Black Friday – Exactly, but it is what it is – [Austin] So is this your entire broke setup is just buying an Xbox? Like that's it? Like you just– – [Ken] Pretty simple yeah

– [Austin] Wait Are you using Game Pass Ultimate? – I am using Game Pass Ultimate (Austin groans) – [Austin] Well it's fine I have a trick up my sleeve as well I mean, no, nothing cheating of course

Just purely by the book – Well, I mean if we're both gonna cheat now (Austin laughing) – I actually have a trick up my sleeve too which will involve me stepping out for a bit – [Austin] You have to leave? Why do you have to leave? – Just stay there – [Austin] What are you doing? – It's okay

No We're fine – [Austin] What are you doing back there? – We're fine We're fine We're fine

– [Austin] Nothing to see here We're okay (dramatic sting) – [Austin] What's that? Huh? – It's working – [Austin] What are you doing with a laptop? Huh? – It's okay Is that cheating? – [Austin] Little cheating

– Look My Xbox just runs Windows now – [Austin] Are you just streaming from a laptop? Is that you master plan right now? – [Ken] Look at all of these games I can play – [Austin] Broke vs Broke is like we're trying to test the budget

We're trying to show how we can flex on everyone with our tiny budgets It doesn't work when you're streaming from like a super expensive gaming laptop – [Ken] Okay Well, fine I won't do that then

– [Austin] Well, what are you going to do? – I can play Gears Well, while we wait for my game to load What do you have? – [Austin] So this is running full Windows 10 It actually still runs everything fine So my drivers are a little bit old, so I think the last time in the NVIDIA sent out a driver for the 560Ti was like early 2018

But still, it fully supported Windows 10, 64-bit, up to date everything And I am going to play some Rocket League on my super cool cheep-o El cheep-o system Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep Broke system (Clears throat) I have to be on brand

My broke system High quality across the board, 1080p– – [Ken] Well then again, Rocket League isn't like incredibly hard to run either To be fair – Yeah No but this is an old system, right? Like the newest component in here is probably our GPU

Ah, that's not the right button at all – [Ken] That actually doesn't look that bad – [Austin] No, it's not bad at all actually Uh, 70-80fps Look, come on, for well less than $200, this is not bad

Look at that! Huh? I didn't make that, but it's fine 'cause it's running on my PC What? What is that? Is that 200fps in Modern Warfare? Are you serious right now? I mean, are we inside? Yes Is this just the beginning of the game? Yes Look how smooth that is That's pretty good

Come on Give that a try Look That's great, right? – [Ken] Not really – [Austin] What could you possibly complain about? That's amazing – Okay

It's fine It's fine – [Austin] Dude, this thing costs next to nothing This is the definition of a broke system I get that you're trying to like say 'Oh, you can buy an Xbox

Blah, blah, blah' but this, if you are a broke gamer, find some old components: Core 2 Quad, 560Ti I mean, these cost next to nothing I mean, this case, and some of the other components I could have used like the Core 2 Duo, they were throwing out Like this was going to the recycler Dude, like reduce, reuse, recycle

– [Ken] Gears of War This is very clearly a demanding game – [Austin] Do we have to play from the beginning? Really? – [Ken] I haven't played this before – [Austin] Great Well, I mean, it does look great in the dark

I can see like five pixels – [Ken] Look up at Dave Okay Hi Dave There we go

Look, graphics Graphics – [Austin] Whoa Okay That's actually pretty good

– [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] So is your actual legitimate advice, if you're a broke gamer, is to ignore building a PC and to just buy an Xbox or PS4 and call it a day – Look, so this was $150, granted it didn't come with the controller, but with the controller, I think you can get one for probably around $20 used online as well I mean, look Look at all– (gunshot) – Your computer is stepping over my lines

– [Austin] Sorry, are you hearing– Oh, I'm sorry Is the fact that I'm running Red Dead Redemption 2 on my system distracting you Yeah Yes, that is, in fact, Red Dead 2 – So, before I was rudely interrupted, I was talking about how many (Austin laughing) games there were on Game Pass

– [Austin] Yes Yes – Look at this Look at all these games I can play Look, Rocket League

This is free! Free on Game Pass – [Austin] It's not free is you pay for the service, Ken – Yeah, but like– Okay, so why don't you show me your game over there? – [Austin] Well you turned off my monitor Hang on Let me just

– [Ken] What was that? I'm just going to go over here and set up Stadia – [Austin] This is native I don't know what you're talking about – [Ken] Look at that! Oh, look at that! Oh man – [Austin] Fine You got me

– [Ken] And how much did Red Dead cost? 60 dollars? – [Austin] What? You know what Stadia is a perfect example of a good use for my system, right? because I can play a lot of games natively and, for some newer titles that don't work, I can stream them via Stadia The moral of the story is Let us know in the comments who won If you're a broke gamer, should you buy a stupid Xbox or should you build a PC and be cool? – I think you should just get a job and have money to pay for things – [Austin] I don't really have anything to add That's pretty rude – It's reasonable

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