The Cleanest Gaming Laptop Yet

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and this is about the cleanest gaming laptop you'll ever find This video is sponsored by Lenovo, and this is the Legion Y7000

So if you guys are not familiar, Legion is Lenovo's gaming brand, and they build some really interesting stuff First of all, take a look at this laptop, you know what you won't find, RGB, or really anything that sort of screams gamer This is a very understated design, and I like it Combine that clean white lighting with the all matte black look, and this is a seriously different gaming laptop And it's also helped by the fact that this is a nice soft touch material as well

Performance is definitely it's strong suit, with the Y7000, inside you'll find a Core i7-8750H, this is the latest generation 8th gen processor Which importantly has not only six cores, but also a boost clock of up to 41GHz Now sure, games are becoming more and more multithreaded to take advantage of that six core processor Where I really notice the biggest difference is in multitasking

Even when I have a ton of programs and tabs up, maybe I'm doing something like installing a game in the background or trying to stream, it does hold up That i7 is backed up by a full Nvidia GTX 1060, with six gigs of RAM, so this is a really good combination for a gaming laptop like this, especially when it comes to playing at 1080p, the 1060 has absolutely no problems This 1080p panel is pretty solid, it's a full 156 inches and importantly, it does have a pretty brightness of around 300 nits from that IPS display I will say there are a lot of configurations with this laptop, so my model has 16 gigs of RAM, which is backed up by a 128 gig SSD, and a one terabyte hard drive

But you can option this down to eight gigs of RAM if you want, you can also go for pure SSD storage, and one of the cooler upgrades is a full 144Hz panel Personally I would opt for that 144Hz display, this actually has enough power to play a lot of games, not only maxed out at 1080p, but well above 60 frames per second We are not dead yet, that's always a great sign So Fortnite is absolutely no problem for the system, we're easily able to play at 1080p, with fully maxed settings And we're getting somewhere in the 70 to 80 frame per second range

That 144Hz panel would absolutely be paying off right now, also did you guys see I didn't die there? – [Matt] Austin, can we seriously play something else? – Wait wait, why not, don't you wanna see more Fortnite? – [Matt] Nooo – What do you wanna play? – [Ken] Black Ops – [Matt] Black Ops – Black Ops, oh, oh I just died, so I guess we have to play Black Ops now, fine No more Fortnite, look at the settings here

Yo shout out to whoever made this one, Treyarch, this is actually really really nice We got global illumination qualities, sub surface scattering, wow this is actually a proper PC port Oh that's a lot of dudes, oh wow are you serious, everyone's dropping right here? Oh this is bad, this is really bad Listen to those speakers It actually sounds really good

So this does have Harman Kardon audio, it has a pair of front firing speakers which sound pretty good to me Performance seems to be pretty solid, so we are running with pretty much full, maxed out settings at 1080p, and right now, I'm getting about 80 frames, the lowest I've really seen though is around the 60 mark, where, where is that coming from? Wow did I actually shoot him? (jazzy music) Wow! Now this is not the thinnest gaming laptop around, but it is fairly portable, it's only a little bit over an inch thick and it weighs about five pounds Realistically this is a nice sweet spot between a super thin and very expensive gaming laptop, as well as something that's much thicker It's got good thermals, but it's also something that you can actually, you know, fit in your backpack Or I don't know, Ken what do you do with gaming laptops, where do you put them? – [Ken] On my desk

(laptop clatters) – Here's the test, I can easily hold the laptop in one hand, no problem, that my friends, is the gaming laptop portability test One of the interesting design decisions is to slightly raise the screen and the hinge to give more room for the thermals underneath So basically all of the hot air is being exhausted out the back and it still does leave room for most of your ports The selection is pretty solid, so there is a USB-C port, which sadly doesn't split Thunderbolt 3, but it's still appreciated We do have a mini DisplayPort, USB-A, as well as HDMI and gigabit Ethernet

And on the left and right side of the laptop, we have another pair of USB-A ports, giving you a grand total of three That's especially appreciated because even though it's nice to have a lot of the ports around back, sometimes, you know, you wanna plug in a flash drive to the side of the laptop The keyboard is classic Lenovo, which is to say it's about as good as it gets for a laptop Not only do the keys have that nice very familiar shape, but importantly the feel is pretty much on point Not only for typing, but especially for gaming

The Lenovo Legion Y7000, is a seriously dope gaming laptop Not only does it have plenty of performance for 1080p gaming and streaming But importantly not only does it look nice, but it won't break the bank, definitely worth a look

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