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Hey guys, this is Austin there are a lot of different 201 and laptop designs But the HP Spectre folio might just be the most unique yet when Intel wanted to sponsor a video on the Spectre folio I couldn't say no I mean just look at this thing So in addition to being a tablet You can very easily pull out the screen and use it in the video mode or if you want to go full tablet mode on It it will lie completely flat on top of having it as a tablet You don't have to have the keyboard around back like most other 201 designs

It's like a super cool idea there It isn't a case on this laptop, by the way, it's actually made out of leather So what HP has done is they've combined and magnesium chassis with leather So now that does it smell great but on top of that when you close it up It looks like a nice little folio case Oh That one I call it the HP Spectre folio I just got that It's like a full Okay, they've brought the entire thing up into what I think is a pretty cool looking package Can you tell that really like this thing open it up and you'll have a better idea of how this all works So on the bottom part, we have a magnesium chassis, which is where you have your keyboard you have your battery as well as the motherboard and the screen itself is hinged not only on the bottom so you can open and Close it like a laptop, but it's also magnetically attached on the bottom So if I want to just move it over to like say another mode, it's all really straightforward It's a much much smarter idea than pretty much any other tool one I've ever tried Does that being mean to other to own ones? I mean, I actually legitimately feel like this is a super super clever idea It just worked right fire it up and the cool stuff doesn't stop there So my model is outfitted with the eighth generation Core i7 8500 why and that's backed up with 16 gigs of ram as well as a 256 gig SSD That core i7 is a Y series processor Which means that this is an entirely fanless system as you might have guessed considering just how thin it is But you are still getting that full windows performance and as a dual-core chip Well, it's clocked at only 1

5 gigahertz at the base It can turbo all the way to 42 gigahertz The screen is also pretty cool So in addition to it being a 133 inch display with a 1080p resolution and it is a full touch screen But importantly if you take a look at it It is super super thin which is important for a design like this Did that just flash? What was that? You mean the real-life window they just flash with lightning outside Scary but it's also got an Intel one watt panel, which is especially helpful for battery life So traditionally with such a thin light laptop You have to have a very small battery and the screen is actually one of the main things that draws power but with this guy They claim up to 18 hours of battery life and I've easily been able to get well over a day of use with it a nice touch with this Mode is the touchpad positioning So a lot of times was a two and one you don't quite have access to well Anything when you put it up all the way forward, but here you still get that nice angle the screens closer to you But you also have your touchpad available what really pushes this over the edge though is the built-in gigabit LTE connection So if you take a look at the screen you pop it up What you'll find is that there's a tiny little SIM card slot here What's really cool about this is the flexibility I get

I don't need to deal with sketchy public Wi-Fi I don't need to worry about killing my phone battery with tethering I mean, it's just it's just online It's really simple I just open it up and I'm online you probably know Intel for making processors But they also make LTE modems for all kinds of devices including the spectre folio You might even be using a phone with an Intel modem right now No, no, you probably won't want to do hardcore video editing or gaming on this guy But it is powered by that full core i7 processor Which means that things like Photoshop and of course all the staples like Chrome and Word will all work completely fine here and since you're always connected you have access to cloud apps such as Google Docs as well as of course all the local stuff you Want it really is the best of both worlds, although I guess to be fair This is not the only laptop in the world that does have LTE There are other Intel options with 7th and 8th gen processors that do have LTE This is sort of my favorite blend of not only the form factor But also the portability and the access to the power and the speed and battery life and the leather smell There's a lot of other great stuff with the Spector folio Starting out with we have the stylus which is included something that other companies might want to take note on As a joke, she has a pun We also have like how you're all just shaking your heads There's also Windows hello support from facial recognition There's the excellent backlit keyboard the HP's been using for a while And there's a really solid selection of ports a USB see on the left side as well as 2 Thunderbolt threes on the right side And all of them support not only power but data video out all that kind of fun stuff Of course, it's not all perfect So the touchpad is good, but it does like Windows precision drivers It does have pretty solid speakers a little a lack a little bit of bass and at fifty hundred dollars for the ice of a model with LTE it is certainly not cheap overall though with the killer design the Portability the performance to run proper Windows apps and that always connected LTE really? I mean, there's not a lot to complain about this is one of the most unique devices

I've taken a look at all year long Comments Made By: Dion Perera http://dionpereracom

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