The Coolest Phone I’ve Ever Tried…

– Hey, guys, this is Austin and today I have something very, very special This is the OPPO Find X and not only were they awesome enough to sponsor this video, but they also hooked us up with an early unit before it's actually even been announced

What's really cool with this guy is not only does it ship with a bezel-less design, but on top of that, it's got some features that I've never even seen on another phone before I'm also really excited 'cause this has been sitting on my desk all morning and I have not opened it up yet Ooh Dude, look at that purple finish So it's on the edges but it sort of tapers off into black in the middle, wow

Now, technically this color is known as Bordeaux Red although I've got to say, pretty sure it's purple Just throwing that one out there It's pretty purple Did you just see that?! Wait Wait

Wait! Wait, what? Hold on, I got to do that again That is so insane, look at that camera! So the whole top of the phone pops out! So, part of the reason that they're actually able to make a bezel-less display is 'cause the camera is fully hidden I mean, look at that! So not only is the front-facing camera going to be hidden, but you're also going to be able to get your dual rear-facing cameras That is– (slams on desk) This is the future, I cannot believe how cool this is I mean it looks awesome, the screen is really nice, we've basically got no bezel but there's no real tray off there

I'm sorry, I'm too excited right now, I'll bring it back a notch Get it? Bring it back a notch? 'Cause there's no notch? So I knew a little bit about this phone but I purposely wanted to sort of save it for the video And I knew there was going to be some kind of pop-out camera but the idea that the entire front of the phone pops in and comes back down, I mean, look at that That's insane Alright, okay, I know I need to calm down

But, I mean, it's the whole package It's even got the curved AMOLED display, there's no bezel, the camera, the killer color It's really hard It's really hard for me to take this seriously right now It's so cool

I mean, I legitimately did not expect this to be a thing that you could buy in 2018 I mean, sure, as sort of the future gets closer and closer, as screen tech gets better, there's a lot of interesting ideas, but the fact that this is going to be a phone that you can buy very, very soon I don't think I've ever touched a piece of hardware that has gotten me this excited about a phone Straight-up, I have never been this amped to try any kind of phone hardware I feel like things have gotten so stale, so boring these days, that this is something that's so different

I mean, it's not only just the notch I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the notch, but I can kind of live with it, but the fact that you've got a fully bezel-less display I mean, if I unlock it here and use my super cool Face Unlock, you'll see that there's gonna be a tiny, tiny little bit of bezel on bottom and basically nothing at the top and sides But I mean, that's so close, I don't even think it counts as a chin Jimmy

– Yes Oh, so I saw it in the box, off, but I didn't see the back – Don't you like that finish? – That's awesome So this is like what they wanted, oh, what the heck? – I knew it, I knew it! – Wait What? That is so weird! It has a little noise and everything? – Next victim

This is the Find X – Alrighty Is it the year of no headphone jack in– Oh! Oh! Okay Oh, damn – That sad thing is we actually have to give this back

But I'm totally just gonna buy one for myself This is too cool to not have Before we get too carried away, as if that hasn't already happened yet, there are a fair few accessories in the box We've got a little bit of paperwork, we've also got the USB-C to headphone jack adaptor No, this does have a 3

5 mil headphone jack, but I think I can live with that So, with the fast charging, you should be able to get somewhere in the neighborhood of two hours of talk time for about five minutes of a charge and considering the size of it, it looks about right But some of the more exciting stuff is actually going to be on the actual phone itself That's still cool Inside, this guy's about as high-end as it gets

So you're going to be getting a Snapdragon 845, 8 gigabytes of RAM, as well as 128 gigs of storage It's also got the basically bezel-less design So the 94% screen-to-body ratio, yes, if you look on the bottom, there's going to be a tiny, tiny bezel but honestly, as far as I'm concerned, this is the closest to a fully bezel-less phone we've seen, especially considering there's going to be no notch You're also going to be getting a full 64 inch, 2340 by 1080p display

And not only is it going to look nice, but it's also going to be a Samsung AMOLED panel, which gives you not only nice contrast, good color, but it's also going to give you the ability of having that curved edge on left and right Now, there is no fingerprint sensor, however the face unlock is supposed to be much more accurate and it's pretty quick, too So if I hit the button, swipe up, it pops up, scans, and closes pretty quickly Sure, not quite as fast as something like just dropping your finger on a fingerprint sensor but as far as I'm concerned, it's worth the trade-off I mean

Software-wise, this is running Android 81 with ColorOS on top Now, it's going to be a little bit of a heavier scan but you do get some nice additions, including some multi-tasking gestures

So you swipe up and go between your apps You don't have to actually use the standard Android navigation keys The only issue here is that because this is a Chinese market phone, there's currently no Google Play Store on my unit Although, you can probably figure that out yourself Now, camera-wise, around back, you're going to find a 16 megapixel camera paired with a 20 megapixel sensor

And around front, you're actually going to be getting a full 25 megapixels for that selfie action There's actually a lot of detail here That's not bad at all So there's going to be some AI trickery to be able to optimize your photos, and at least based on first glance, again, keep in mind, pre-production, they're still working on it, looks pretty nice I definitely want to wait for the final software and hardware before fully judging the camera but at first glance, it seems to be decent, at the very least

It has been a long time since I've seen a piece of hardware come in here that is just this cool Now, I don't have price, I don't have release date just yet but it should be on sale this year and I gotta say, I'm sad I have to give it back I'm actually legitimately going to buy one

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