The Core i9 Laptops Have Arrived

– Hey guys, this is Austin If you love laptops, I have some good news for you

Intel recently invited me out to their event in San Francisco where they showed off a wide range of new chips, including not only Intel processors that have built-in AMD dedicated graphics, but we're also going to be getting new laptop chips across the board, including a brand new six-core Core i9 option for laptops So, let's start with the very first Intel processor that has dedicated AMD graphics that are actually built inside the chip or by its short name of the 8th Generation Intel Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega Graphics, because, you know, that rolls off the tongue So the CPU side of things isn't all that exciting You're getting a quad-core Kaby Lake base CPU that lives on the Core i7, can boost up to 42 gigahertz

What really makes this special is the idea that you're getting a pretty much dedicated Radeon graphics card that's actually going to be paired inside that same chip, so this is going to be a custom Vega implementation with between 20 or 24 CUs depending on if you go with Core i5 or Core i7 They had a couple laptops available to demo The HP Spectre x360, which looks very similar to the ENVY x360 we recently took a look at running Ryzen Mobile, as well as the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 Now, these are fairly thin and light laptops Now, they do have 15-inch displays

When you consider that they have the CPU and the GPU all inside a 65-watt TDP, they don't have to be all that thick and they don't need to have any kind of crazy cooling It's all going to be on one chip, which means that for a lot of these things, they can actually be pretty close to Ultrabooks Of course, being much, much powerful Now, we'll have to wait until I actually get one of these laptops and to test, but if you do want a sneak peek at the performance, I recently did do a video on the new Hades Canyon Intel NUC, which was going to be a little bit more powerful, does have that same chip inside There were ton of other processors announced as well

So, on the mainstream side, the U-Series processors that go in a ton of Ultrabooks are going to be getting Iris Plus Graphics So, while these are going to be almost definitely found in things like the next-generation 13-inch MacBook, it's going to be really nice to be able to have a fairly thin and small laptop that can have, not only quad-core processors, but also pretty decent integrated graphics Nothing crazy, certainly not going to touch the Radeon stuff, but it should be a nice step forward What's really exciting though are the brand new gaming laptops chips So, these are the H-Series processors and at 45 watts, it's what you find in pretty much any gaming laptop, as well as some workstations

So, there's a big change across the board First of all, the Core i5's are basically being bumped up to what you used to be able to get as a Core i7 So they're still going to be quad-core but they now have hyperthreading So, if you have a older generation Core i7, the low-ends now is going to be roughly equivalent The real sweet spot though are going to be the brand new 8th Generation Core i7's, which just like the desktop, are moving from four cores to six cores

And yes, having six cores in a gaming laptop is going to be awesome, especially concerning that they keep that same 45-watt TDP It's literally just more free performance The only little place you lost out here is with clock speed So with the base Core i7-8750H, when you're completely maxing it out with all six cores, the base clock is only going to be 22 gigahertz

However, it can't boost all the way up to 42 gigahertz, so that will be a lot closer to that for the most part If you step up to the higher end Core i7-8850H, these numbers are a lot, that guy's going to be able to run at 26 gigahertz base or 43 gigahertz boost

On top of that, that 8850H does have some slight overclocking capabilities, so depending on whether the laptop OEM will actually allow you to do it or not, it can, in theory, be boosted by another 400 megahertz What I'm really excited to get my hands on though is that brand new Intel Core i9 laptop chip So this essentially builds on what you're getting on the Core i7 with the six-core design, but cranks up everything to 11 The i9-8950HK has that same six-core hyperthreading design as the i7 However, it bumps up the clock speeds to 2

9 gigahertz base and especially with their new velocity boost, which will allow an even higher turbo clock, assuming that you're going to be fairly cool on the processor, you can get up to 48 gigahertz out of the Core i9 Even better is that's going to be overclockable So, I feel like it's going to be only a matter of time before we start seeing laptops with a six-core five-gigahertz-plus processor Intel had a few of these Core i9 systems set up and to be fair, they're all very, very thick

A lot of that is because they all had a GTX 1080 inside, which as you will probably know is not exactly going to be the easiest thing to cool However, you don't actually need dual power supplies for the Core i9 as it is still going to be a 45-watt chip, at least until you start overclocking All these processors should be going on sale pretty shortly but I've got to say, I am really excited for the new i7's and i9's Having six-cores in a laptop is going to be a legit game changer But I'm curious, which of these processors do you think will make it into your next laptop? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one

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