The Galaxy S10e is the Best Galaxy S10

– Hey guys, this is Austin Today Samsung unveiled their brand new Galaxy S10 lineup of phones, and while when you look at that Galaxy S10, it's a lot of phone, but it's also a lot of money at $1000

And then there's this, the Galaxy S10E, which is a new, cheaper version of the Galaxy S10 As far as I'm concerned, it is the one to get So as you might know, I have been using the iPhone XR recently Now as you might imagine from behind me here, you can see that they've been really pushing it, but that's for good reason Not only is this the budget iPhone, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the better one

It's got better battery life, and the cuts you make save 200, 300 dollars, seem totally worth it to me Samsung is doing something similar with the 10E It's $750, coincidentally the same price as the XR, and the same $250 cheaper than their highest end S10 model It does make a lot of sense for I think most people What you're getting here is a slightly smaller 5

8 inch display Now it is only 1080p as apposed to 1440p I don't know what that was, but I'm gonna continue going But the important thing here is that while you lose a little bit of resolution, as far as I was able to tell, it still looks really nice and sharp And something else you loose are the curved infinity edges on the display, and that's something I actually do kind of like

It's been around all the way back since like what? The Galaxy Note Edge But the most important thing here, is that all of the cuts they've done to this E are very reasonable It's small stuff that you're really not gonna miss Now it's kind of hard to show on camera, but the 10E is actually a fair bit smaller than even something like the Galaxy S9, the S10, and especially the iPhone XR As far as I'm concerned, bring it on

I love high end, compact flagships Similar to something like the Pixel 3 It's a really sort of unique size, and especially with that full-size display, it looks nice Something the 10E does lack compared to it's higher-end brothers is an in display fingerprint sensor Instead the fingerprint sensor is paired with the power button on the side of the phone, and from my brief hands-on it seems fine, it's not something I'm going to miss that much, but if that's something you wanna show off to your friends with, go spend $250 to do that

Spec wise, you're not giving anything up by going with the 10E You still get that same Snapdragon 855, and while the base model does have six gigs of RAM, and 128 gigs of storage, the higher end eight gigs with 256 gig model, has pretty much the same spec as the S10, the S10 Plus, not counting the crazy, much ultra very, super-duper expensive 12 gigabyte, titanium, one terabyte model, but we're just gonna ignore that That's like double the price of the 10E, so we're just gonna It's fine, it's fast, it's fine The main camera sensor is very similar to what you got on the Galaxy S9

So you do have the dual apertures, you've got the dual pixel auto focus You're really not gonna see a major difference here, although apparently it is a new sensor What has been added to all the Galaxy S10 models, is a new ultra wide angle camera Now as always with these things, you do lose a little bit of quality, but what you gain is an incredibly wild, wild? Wide field of view I guess it could be wild too

A little exciting, a little dangerous, a little wild Now the higher models do have a third telephoto camera, which is nice, but I mean, I don't know That's one of those things where I always find the quality is so far off that it doesn't make a huge difference to me Now upfront, you do have the same 10 megapixel front-acing camera It's nice and wide, and from what I was able to tell, it looks pretty nice

But again, if you go all the way up to the S10 Plus, you are going to be getting that secondary front-facing camera, but I mean, eh So when it comes to the rest of the good stuff, the S10E has it So we still have a headphone jack, because Samsung for some reason actually listens, that's pretty impressive There's also WiFi 6 onboard, which is about 20% faster, and should give you much faster response time And on top of all of that, you do still have stereo speakers, even though you have the hole-punch display

There's a tiny driver on the top of the panel, and even on the 10E, I've gotta say, it sounds pretty good There is a cool feature in that you an wirelessly charge straight from the Galaxy S10 All you need to do is turn on the setting, and then once you put another phone on the back of yours, it will use Qi charging to wirelessly charge that other phone Now that's a super cool feature The down side though is that the Galaxy S10E only has about a 3100 milliamp hour battery

Now that should be fine, Samsung still quotes it as a 24 hour battery life phone, but especially after spending so much time with the XR, where the battery really is the strong suit, I don't have high expectations with the 10E I really hope that that Snapdragon 855 is super efficient, because otherwise it's going to be, probably, average, decent, but I guess we'll see Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup will be going on sale on March 8th Now the thing is the 10E really is the one that gets me the most excited Now sure, the other phones are cool, and you are getting more features, but when you consider how much more expensive they are, it's kind of hard to justify the price

Whereas as far as I'm concerned, I like that small size I like the yellow, because I'm a sucker for yellow And most importantly, hi, can you be in my video for a second? – Yeah What you need buddy? – Should you buy a Galaxy S10, an S10E, an S10 Plus, or save your money and buy a Palm phone? – Wow, Palm phone it is – Okay cool, anyway

Thank you guys so much for watching I appreciate it If you guys wanna catch any more on the Galaxy S10E, or some of the other phones that are coming out soon, make sure to subscribe to the channel Anyway guys, I'm going to go hang out at the Apple store 'cause it's right in the background and I thought it would be funny for our Samsung video

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