The Infinite Possibilities of OLED

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today I'm here in San Jose for Display Week for one very simple reason Not only did LG sponsor this video, but they gave me this dope hat

The comments will tell you what it says Probably the most eye-catching thing here at this show is the 65-inch rollable OLED TV Now we got to briefly take a look at this at CES, but it is so cool to see something which of course is keeping that same trend of all the foldable displays, all the flexible displays, and taking that to a full-size 65-inch OLED TV So if you compare this to something like an LCD, obviously a form factor like this wouldn't be possible OLED is much, much simpler

There's essentially just the OLED panel itself There's no backlight or anything else like that, which means that you can do some really interesting form factors like rolling it up into a box Actually, that feels mean, it's not a box It's like an incredibly elegant piece of furniture and I'm just like, "You can put the OLED in a box!" So when you look at things like rollable displays on phones and tablets and PCs and stuff, there's a very obvious reason why that's there, right? You're going to get something which actually fits in your pocket but you can roll out to be like a tablet When you look at a TV, the immediate answer is, like, "Wait, why do you actually need this?" But there are some interesting use cases

But because it's flexible and because you actually can roll it up and down, you can actually get different form factors So for example, if you're just wanting to look at, like, some music or some, did I say look at music? You can listen to some music with a little bit of, like, yeah, see the little frame mode, or you can have some photos, and TV can get much smaller, or say you're watching a movie that has a 21:9 aspect ratio Well, the TV can just roll down just enough so you don't have any black bars on top and bottom So as with a lot of brand-new technology like this, it is probably not going to come cheap, when it does go on sale later this year But with something that's this cool and this innovative, it's only a matter of time before things get a little bit cheaper

They have different models, they get the technology sort of really fine-tuned, but for now, you can definitely see why this does feel like very much it could be the future of TVs I say that as someone who doesn't actually know the price, though (laughing) The next cool thing LG has on display here is the Crystal Sound OLED So I step into this very loud room This is all coming from the TV itself

So what they do is they actually vibrate the display to create the sound, so, oh, it just got quiet (ethereal music) Oh, man! (laughing) It's, like, vibrating! It's like literally putting your hand on a speaker! What makes this possible is a combination of the OLED display, which because it is so thin means that it can actually conduct the sound, as well as a series of exciters that are behind the panel Yes, my friends, they are called exciters because it's an exciting topic Too much? Not enough? Anyway, the exciters combined with a little bit of an air channel that actually goes between them and the panel itself means that it actually will create a proper full sound that's straight from the TV You can imagine a version of this tech if it was on, say, a phone or a laptop, right? I mean, imagine the entire display being your speaker

You can even go farther than that, right? I mean, I just put my hand on that thing, and it has some serious sort of vibrations, so if that was some sort of haptic feedback for when you Force Touch something or when you try to select an icon or do play a game or something, there's a lot of really cool functionality that you can imagine with something like this, right? It's just a clever piece of design, and I'm always a fan of some clever design If you take a close look behind me, you'll see something that is a little bit larger than usual There's a full 88-inch 8K OLED First of all, an 88-inch TV always looks nice Well, there's a lot of people here suddenly

I'm gonna step over here (laughing) But on top if it being huge, and of course it has all the benefits of being an OLED, it also has a full 8K resolution That, my friends, is about the definition of crispy So I've talked a lot about OLED and why the technology's cool, but of course one of the biggest advantages here is that it has an almost-unlimited contrast ratio So because each individual pixel is lit on its own unlike something like an LCD which does have a series of backlights behind that at the end of the day could never go full black without actually being all halo-ey and ghosty, which is not totally fair, but, I mean, I feel like we've all seen an LCD which has a little bit of an aura around it when you get into dark areas

With OLED, you don't have to worry about any of that because each individual pixel is lit on its own So one of the nice things about it, especially something which is this huge, is it really gives you the detail in the contrasty areas So if you take a look over here, you will see The Rose So this is a series of four 4K 65-inch OLEDs, all of which have been curved to this really cool look So one of the nice things about OLED is that because you have all these such weird angles, you actually don't really lose out on any of the viewing angles, so you can look at it right up close, you can look all the way over to the side, and yet the image quality really isn't impacted

So that, my friends, is a look at what LG Display has here in San Jose to get a little bit of an in-depth look at the OLED future that we all want That sounded weird, but I'm gonna go with it

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