The Laptop I Hate to Love…

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the 13 inch HP Envy x360

With Ryzen 7 inside this is either going to be one of the fastest 13 inch laptops you can pick up, or it's going to catch on fire You may remember a few months ago we did take a look at a bigger version of the Envy It was cool, but it was not only going to be a much larger laptop It was also powered by Ryzen 5 Ryzen 7 on the other hand should be a little bit more exciting

What really drew my attention to this is just how much power you're getting in such a tiny package Not only is this going to a 13 inch laptop, but it's going to be a really thin one at that The first Ryzen laptops we took a look at were fairly low end Sorta aimed more at the budget market with stuff like mechanical hard drives, but now we're actually starting to see some that are going to be much higher end with some properly decent specs including an SSD So I've been using the Envy x360 for a few weeks now, and I've gotta say I absolutely love this hardware

And nothing against the 15 inch version, but when you shrink it down to a 13 inch laptop, this really does feel like the sweet spot of the Ultrabook market The chassis is entirely made out of aluminum, and it is seriously thin At 15 millimeters and less than three pounds, the Envy really stands out as some of the nicest laptop hardware that you can buy You won't find Thunderbolt 3 as this is an AMD system, but it does have a decent selection of ports Including two USB-A ports as well as a full USB-C, which does support DisplayPort, video as well as charging

Although I will mention that you also do have a normal charge port if you don't want to take advantage USB-C – [Computer] Great us of fir and grass shadings – The speakers are straight up awesome Now yeah they do take up a little bit of the space, but it is going to be totally worth it So not only do you have Bang and Olufson branding on the top speakers, which are going to be facing directly toward you

But there's also going to be a pair of speakers on the bottom, which helps to give you a little bit more of that low end Now no, it's not going to be quite as good as something like a 15 inch MacBook that's going to be much more expensive And honestly for something that is this small and this tiny and this portable and this light and this thin and other acronyms And adjectives and other things It's great

It sounds really good I'm gonna stop talking now You're also going to be getting a touch screen as well as full two in one design Now on larger laptops that's not always going to be the most useful thing in the world, but considering how small and light this is I actually did find myself using it in tent mode and some of the other modes fairly often Now look, it's not going to perfect hardware

It would be nice if it had a few more USB ports Especially something like Thunderbolt would've been cool, but for the most part I've gotta say I'm incredibly impressed with just how well this is put together Especially considering the price Unlike basically every other Ultrabook on the market This is going to be powered by an AMD Ryzen Processor, and with this case it's going to be the Ryzen 7 2700U

This is the top end model with four Zen cores, which all have Hyper-Threading as well as the full Vega 10 GPU Now no it's not going to be any kind of insane overpowered gaming laptop What it is going to do is give you much better graphics performance than pretty much anything on the standard Intel side The idea is in that same 15 Watt TDP you're going to be getting competitive CPU performance and that much better GPU performance, but the issue here is that the last time we took a look at a Ryzen 5 system it was in a 15 inch chassis So with a 13 inch model are we going to have thermal issues? Yes, yes we are

Now just purely taking a look at the CPU If you run it through Geekbench you'll see that while no it's not going to be quite on par with the latest 8th Gen Intel Core stuff It's not going to be that far off, and importantly in real world use you're not going to notice a massive difference The graphic side is where things get a little more interesting So as you would expect with those Vega GPU cores it is going to be more powerful than the UHD 620 integrated graphics, but what's also interesting is that it underperforms the Ryzen 5 in the 15 inch version of this laptop

Even this is going to be the higher end Ryzen 7 with even more GPU cores Hmm Look, this things straight up thermal throttles

Now considering that we only have a 15 watt TDP Of course there's always going to be some degree of that when you get into long sustained loads When you pair it next to the 15 inch version with Ryzen 5 this guy is going to be significantly slower and a lot of that is because those clock speeds have to come so far down So technically this could be running up to a gigahertz or so, but realistically under sustained load I was seeing anywhere between 350 and 500 megahertz on that GPU clock, and that's going to be a big problem Now sure, for a quick burst it's going to be completely fine

When it comes to long sustained loads such as gaming, which is going to be pretty common if you know you want to try to game for more than five minutes The thermals and the chassis and how thin this is really kind of hold back what that Ryzen chip is capable of Open up the Envy and you're going to find a very basic looking cooler Now that is made worse by the fact that HP is pretty conservative with the tuning on this guy So once it hits about 65 degrees on the GPU the throttling is going to kick in

Now that's going to be great if you want a nice quiet and cool laptop If you want to do anything more serious like gaming, it's going to mean you're going to be leaving some serious performance on the table There's also the issue of drivers So unlike a traditional AMD graphics card you can't just download them straight from the site Instead the drivers should come straight from the OEM

In this case HP The problem is all these Ryzen laptops that are coming out are way, way behind on driver updates This guy for example is using drivers from a few months ago, but there are stories that are some other Ryzen laptops that have six, seven even eight month old drivers That's just never going to be a good thing for gaming I've played a lot of games

I've done a lot of testing on this, and of course the second we start recording this happens Why aren't ya gonna throw a little restart it's way Um, okay so Fortnite not really a big fan of running on the system right now, which is disappointing because this does legitimately even with all these issues have a lot more power than other Ultrabooks The issue is just that well it kind of speaks for itself I guess The screen is pretty solid

So my unit has a 133 inch 1080p display, although there is going to be a 4K option Well it's not going to be the most color accurate thing in the world It's going to be a little bit on the dim side, but my biggest issue is just it's going to be very, very reflective Considering that a Intel Ultrabook is generally going to be about a thousand dollars or so for this level of hardware

You're actually going to be getting a pretty decent deal The problem is is that you're going to be giving up some on the CPU side and definitely on the you know software working side That's an important side In case you were curious HP sells this with Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 as options, and based on the level of throttling you get in this chassis I actually think it's better to go with the slightly end config with Ryzen 5

Eight gigs of ram and 256 gig SSD for $750 The 13 inch HP Envy x360 is one seriously unique little laptop Now no it's not going to be a great gaming machine, they've definitely tuned it a little bit more on the cool and quiet side versus raw performance, but I will say this good luck finding a much more powerful laptop than this in such a small and thin form factor Since we finished shooting the video the HP Envy found an early demise So what I did was I plugged in a HP branded USB-C charger to this guy, which apparently didn't play well with it

As I heard a little crack it started smelling bad, and not only does it not take any power, but it just straight up will not turn on anymore Now I haven't opened it up to find out exactly what the issue is I assume something fried, but what's weird is this does accept USB-C power So for example what I plugged in earlier a 15 inch MacBook charger it had no issues, but apparently whatever the wattage or the amperage was on that other HP charger wasn't compatible So maybe stay tuned as I try to get this repaired or replaced, because right now kind of dead

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