– Am I gonna try (babbling) Stop making me do this

Wait, this is a child costume You think I'm a large child, Ken? – [Ken] I mean, it's very accurate – Hello my friends and welcome to Mystery Tech, the most serious tech review channel on YouTube I'm your host, Pikachu, and today we're going to be taking a look at a wide variety of excellent technology that you can purchase at the link in the description (festive music) I actually got it up a little bit more

You see, I've got a little bit more space here I mean, I'm fully crotched out, but (laughing) – [Matt] Want some help? (both groaning) – Stop, no! (laughing) (yelling) (laughing) Ow, oh God Oh, good God, no – [Man] Mom, can we get Pikachu? We have Pikachu at home

(laughing) Pikachu at home – No, don't make me do this (groaning) Oh my god, do I have to deal with Robo Lamo in this physical condition? Wait, no, no, no Okay, I gotta– – [Ken] Do you want strain relief? We can give you a knife (moaning) – The boys, the boys, man

(sighing) (groaning) – [Matt] (yelling) What the? – Look man (laughing) – [Matt] Why is it my job to look at this? – Whoo, whoo (quirky music) Roboraptor, what? Why is Roboraptor not working? He only works if I hold his button Dude, I'm worried, his power button's like half broken, it just keeps falling down – [Matt] Is it because you keep letting him fall off the table? – Letting him? Look, Roboraptor has a mind of his own

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no (crashing) – Get it, we know! No! Okay, well, no don't fall Can we get a piece of tape to hold his butt, I mean his power button down? I'm worried about the little guy He's not feeling well – Here, come here, gimme your butthole

Gimme your butthole – Nice and tight, nice and tight – [Matt] X marks the spot, buddy – [Austin] Josh, you'll censor this, right? Thank you – [Matt] We're censoring this? – So if you watched the last episode of Mystery Tech you will be familiar with Robo Lamo, the robo sapient

Unfortunately, everyone forget to buy batteries for him, so now let's rectify that and see how Robo Lamo is So remind me again why I should care about Robo Lamo? – [Matt] He dances – [Ken] He's the more popular version of Roboraptor – How dare you, how dare you? I mean, people like K-Pop, doesn't mean it's superior – [Ken] Well

– [Matt] I think you just declared war on all of South Korea – It's okay, I'm not afraid of K-Pop stans – [Ken and Matt] (groaning) – [Ken] Don't like that one

(robot vocalizing) – Oh, Raptor's pissed, man (robots whirring) (robot vocalizing) That's the noise Robo Lamo makes? (digital music playing) (robot grunting) (robot yelling) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! Dude, what the, no! No! No! Stop, he's like beating Roboraptor up Roboraptor, what are you doing? – [Ken] Attack! – Just run, do anything! Why's he only have one eye on? Is he in cyclops mode? Or did Roboraptor defeat him? We're winning! We beat Robo Lamo It was always you, my friend, it was always you I never doubted you for a second

(guitar rock music) Is there any tech today, or no? – [Ken] No – Okay Smart eye care massage, is this just the dumb episode of Mystery Tech? So this is some Korean Powerfly eye massage thing So if you're a long-time Mystery Tech viewer, you may remember an episode I did with my good friend Lamarr where we did the Blomiky eye massager, which was very strange I'm getting some real flashback vibes here

This is it, this is what goes against my eyes Ken, you know if I'm blind, you're out of a job, right? So are we just gonna wing this? – [Matt] Mm-hm – [Ken] Yeah – All right, here goes nothing Oh, it may be dead, dude, if it's been sitting here for years

Okay so we'll plug it in Dead battery Shall we give this a few minutes to charge and move on to the next stupid item in the stupid episode of stupid tech? – [Matt] I got an item that will help you for that – You have an item that will help me for this, okay Wait, Matt, is this your item, not Ken's? – [Matt] Mm-hm

– Matt, are you trying to tell me you got something for Mystery Tech? – [Matt] I do that sometimes – Wow, I'm impressed, look at that, and you even threw it right Clearly superior and much better to deal with than Ken Okay (relaxing music) Is this you? So our good buddy Matt has been doing a lot of Twitch streaming recently and clearly he's been on the merch train

Are you gonna pimp your Tee Spring right now? – It's very comfy – I'll be the judge of that – Tee Spring, Merch Matt – Ah, whew, that's actually pretty comfortable I'm just gonna take a break

Ah! Oh Matt, you're so comfortable – [Matt] I know – Wait, can you throw the item to me down here? Oh, I like this, okay, excellent Rest of Mystery Tech on the floor Wait, wait, wait, don't, no, don't

Go for it, okay Oh, I got it Okay, this is dumb This is dumb, I can already tell this is dumb Simply Hold, the world's most convenient screen holder

So I'll put my Simply Hold on my simple leg (sighing) (groaning) You know, some days Mystery Tech just goes off the rails and I think that this is one of those days Ow So, put this on lightly and then screw this on in here So if you've ever been like me and didn't want to hold your phone, well now, Simply Hold will do it for you

All right, I'm now gonna watch my phone on the Simply Hold I gotta say, it's a little bit weird 'cause, like it flexes a lot based on where your leg is But this arm is actually pretty sturdy – [Phone] And we put tech through its paces And for our tenth episode let's talk about the fifth PlayStation, it's PlayStation 5 time

Hey – Hey! Aight, this isn't so bad I mean, I could be sitting here lazily doin' my lazy thing and my phone can be here, phoning All I need is the Simply Hold and like a controller or something, and I could just be playin' right here Okay, here's the real test for the Simply Hold, will it simply hold my phone if I try to stand up? – [Matt] I mean, it will simply do something

– [Ken] It'll simply hit you in the shin – All right, three, two, one Oh, that's not so bad It's a little limp, but it's okay All right, let's see if I can make the Power Fly work

– [Matt] If it didn't charge by now, the battery in there's gonna be like 200 milliamps – Oh, it did something, okay (device vibrating) The noise makes it so much worse – [Ken] You keep getting notifications – Okay, so in case you're curious, basically, it's just really hot and it's just vibrating my eyelids a lot

– [Matt] Does it feel relaxing? – No, not particularly I feel like I'm being mind controlled right now Jesus Christ Ah-ha-ha! Whoo! Whoo! (device vibrating) – [Ken] Whoa, what? – It kicked into overdrive, ohh Whew! – [Ken] It's still going

All right, so that was on your eyes – Mm-hm – [Ken] All right – [Matt] Your brain would've been scrambled – [Ken] I don't blame you for taking them off

(perky music) – Okay, we have a heavy box Hypervolt Do not tell me you're about to shock me with some stupid bull(beep) Ken Do not tell me Oh wait, oh wait, no, no, no, this is okay

Hypervolt, powerful, quiet The Hypervolt delivers a symphony of power, performance and variability for anyone looking to warm up and recover faster The quietest, most advanced percussion massage device on planet Earth Oh, it's a massager I thought you were gonna like shock my arms into being stronger or something

I've seen this is the gym They advertise this at the gym Okay How expensive is this, this looks expensive – [Ken] It's around 400 bucks

– Whoo, okay So the only way to really test if this works is to massage myself, to administer a massage– – [Matt] That sounds worse – To increase my circulation and loosen my muscles – [Ken] That's still bad – To accelerate my warm up and recovery

– [Ken] Yeah, that's a little better – Okay, okay And then I'm gonna work out, I'm gonna do it again after and see what happens (perky music) (device vibrating) Whoo! Okay Oh! Whoa, dude, look at the way it's, whoa! Ow-kay

– [Ken] Not gonna lie, this actually kinda looks cool on camera – Oh yeah, I'm feelin' warm already – [Matt] You shouldn't be feeling warm – This is great I love it

Okay, how do I turn this off? (device vibrating faster) Whoa! – [Ken] Oh, it's into warp drive – Whoo-hoo! (yelling) Oh-ho! – [Matt] Oh, Jesus – Did you try this thing, it's great Dude, like for real, like, oh, ah, whoo Whoo! Oh

You know my hands are a little numb right now, but I think I like it I'm warmed up Okay, now that my Hypervolt is done let's see, let's see how I can do some jumping jacks here (jazzy music) – [Matt] Wow, what a flex! – Okay, now, get back to work Well guys, you gotta work it out now, okay? (jazzy music) Oh, you know it goes deep? Not a feeling I’m gonna get tired of

Oh (dramatic music) The Game Boy Micro, okay I mean, obviously, this is from the Japan episode of Mystery Tech we did, where we picked out a wide variety of wonderful things from Japan, including the Game Boy Micro with Kevin's copy of Advance Wars Excuse me? What are you, how many, how many Are we about to plug something really dumb into a Game Boy? – [Ken] We're gonna try to play PS4 on the Game Boy – That sounds like a great title (Japanese music playing) I feel like after we built the ultimate Game Cube, I'm like, this is like peak adapter and cables that we're gonna have, but no, this is worse It's definitely worse

Let me walk you through our cabling solution So first of all, I'm going to plug in our PlayStation 4 From the PlayStation 4 Pro we have an HDMI cable going into our HDMI to AV adapter From here, we have the RCA connector coming, goes into a male-to-male, which then goes into our tv

tuner, which is being plugged in and is connected via a Game Boy Micro So, theoretically, if I turn on the PlayStation and all of this works, then I will have an upside down PS4 screen on the Game Boy Okay I do need to, wait, the flaw with this, power is on the bottom on the Game Boy, so I need to turn it on and then plug it in, which will not work This will not work

– [Ken] It so happened that it disappeared – Oh, it did work, never mind I just plugged it in really fast Okay, so I got weird things on it It looks very bizarre

I'll make sure all my connections are here Tell me if you see anything coming up on the display, but this doesn't look promising Oh, mm, oh, well, wait – [Ken] That's PlayStation-esque – [Austin] PlayStation-esque? – [Ken] Oh, we cut

– [Austin] Oh, it works It works! I can see the PlayStation logo on the Game Boy You can't see that, 'cause it's the world's tiniest thing Here – [Matt] Guess what just died? – [Ken] No, no, just, yeah

– [Austin] Did the camera just die? Ken, did you forget to change the battery on the camera? As soon as the PS4 works the camera, like, I'm talking to the camera right now and it's blank Josh, you have to cut to the blank camera and go, look over here Now that Ken has replaced the battery in the camera, and so we actually can see again, let's take a look at how this works So, it's small and not very good, but technically I do actually see the PlayStation interface Well, okay, I'll say, latency doesn't feel horrible

I mean that is definitely the PlayStation interface Mind you, it is jittery and very small, but I can technically see So if we were back in 2003, this would work really well with the original Game Boy Advance Not only would it go in the opposite way and you'd be able to close it up, but you also could take advantage of the tv

tuner to see tv Instead, tv tuners are no longer functional until you're swapped over to digital, which means that we have to rely on the AV in

But through this ridiculous series of adapters, I can play Battlefront now Dude, this works I just crashed I'm dead Yeah, there we go

You know what, that latency is actually like surprisingly not the worst thing I've ever experienced The problem is that the screen is incredibly tiny and so lo-res that I really can't read anything besides the very biggest text But, I mean technically, this works I'm definitely playing PS4 on Game Boy right now I'm not sure why you would wanna do such a thing, but look at this, I'm flying through the canyon

Hey, I'm playing Battlefront on my Game Boy New Mind What is my new mind? Is this a Hot Wheel? What are these wheels, how are they even supposed to roll? This is not a phone, is it? No (gasping) It's a phone! What? So I was tripped out 'cause look at how tiny these wheels are, like it just, this weird little car But we have a little camera on the back, we have a micro USB, you open it up and it's the New Mind phone

Yeah, yeah, no, yeah, he's still here, but it's okay, I'm sure he'll be gone tomorrow and you can take his place Sorry it's not a paid position, but if you're good at throwing mystery tech items on the table, I think you should be in good shape Did you just give me your car key? – [Ken] No – Ken, why does this say Scion on it? Ken, what's this for? This has the word Scion on it and I know for a fact that neither you nor anyone in this office owns a Scion – [Matt] That's not true at all

– [Ken] It's not a– – Please illuminate me – [Ken] It's our Scion (key chain jingling) – Did you buy a (beep) car, Ken? – [Ken] The dealership take Am Ex – (muffled screaming) (muffled screaming) (muffled screaming) (footsteps) Are you? – [Ken] Yeah (circus organ music) – Did you really buy the world's tiniest car for Mystery Tech? Dude, a dent right here, you realize

Did you dent the car, you didn't even realize that? What about this? – [Ken] That one I knew, it came with that, it came with that – But you dented the car already? – [Ken] No, I didn't I did not realize that was there (circus organ music) – It has a back seat (laughing) – [Ken] Oh yeah, man

For you and your friends (laughing) Your one, short friend – Ken, how much did you spend on a Scion IQ for Mystery Tech? – [Ken] $7,000 (cash register ringing) (circus organ music) – Actually, that's pretty nice, though Oh

– [Ken] It's tiny – There's actually, there's actually a lot of room in here (motor starting) (circus organ playing) (horn beeping) (circus organ music) – [Ken] Yeah? (circus organ music) – Back seat with you – [Ken] Back seat? – Back seat – [Ken] There? Oh there, dude, that's, I can't even, okay

– You can do that – Okay, oh boy, oh right, let's go Oh, God, Jesus Christ (seat scraping) Oh, whoa, my feet My feet are there, under the chair

(motor revving) (tires squealing) Whoa! (laughing) – I'm gonna make you regret this (crowd yelling) Oh, this turning circle, though (tires squealing) Dude! (laughing) Okay, this is actually not the worst idea ever – [Ken] Wait, hold on, hold on, here, hold the camera – Yeah, I gotcha, I gotcha

– [Ken] This is actually kinda sick – [Austin] Don't get out the window, what are you doing? – Yo, this is actually– – Don't get out the window! – Okay, okay – So next time on Mystery Tech we do something with the car, or– – [Ken] No, not Mystery Tech – Next time on some video in the future, we do something with the car (motor revving) (upbeat music) It's a dead end that way

(motor revving)

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