The New Blade Stealth NAILS It.

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the 2019 Razer Blade Stealth, and it might just be my perfect laptop

What I've been looking for is a thin, light 13-inch laptop which has a quad-core processor, dedicated graphics, and decent build quality Now the closest to something like that I've found would be the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but at $1,800, it still lacks those dedicated graphics Fast forward to 2019, though, and we have the Razer Blade Stealth with pretty much everything I've ever dreamed of – It's a 2019, it says the 2019 Razer Blade, it counts Razer have been making the Blade Stealth for a few years at this point, and while they steadily tweaked the design as well as improved the performance, it's still been an Ultrabook and not a gaming PC

Sure, you could plug in a Razer Core with the external GPU and be able to get some decent game performance, but up until the 2018 model, you were still limited to dual-core, and it just wasn't quite the full package, whereas this guy can game right out of the box because it does have those dedicated graphics The base model does still come with Intel integrated graphics, but if you opt for the mid-spec or higher, you do get the NVIDIA MX150 inside Of course you're not going to blow away the 15-inch Blade as far as gaming performance goes, but it is a huge step up over just having integrated graphics Not only does it unlock a fair bit of gaming as well as some video editing, but, importantly, this is not the standard MX150 It is the higher 25-watt TDP version which does come with four gigs of GDDR5 memory

For example, Fortnite is no problem We're easily able to play at 1080p Medium here, and we're getting anywhere between 45 to 60 frames per second Black Ops 4 is also totally playable here at 1080p on Low Now the framerate's pretty solid We're getting 45 to 50

If it was me, I would sacrifice just a little bit of resolution to smooth it out and get a solid locked 60, but it is totally playable The Stealth has also been updated with the latest Whiskey Lake processors In this case, the only option is the Core i7 8650u 8660, 8565u It's the new one! It's the one that boosts, like, 4

6 gigahertz So on top of it being a quad-core processor, the nice thing here is that we actually have that extra turbo boost speed to make it feel very responsive Now I've taken a look at a lot of laptops lately, and some of them do feel a little bit slower when they don't quite boost as high, but this feels just as fast as pretty much any kind of gaming PC that I would try For normal web browsing and stuff that you do every single day This mid-spec model I have here is outfitted with 16 gigs of dual-channel memory, and that's backed up by a 256-gig NVMe drive, which is really quite fast Put it all together, and if I was building my dream 13-inch laptop, this is pretty much what I would choose: a great CPU, decent GPU speeds, as well as the rest of the specs all wrapped up in a nice aluminum package

The entire design is new this year, so this means that we have smaller bezels, which means that the entire laptop is a little bit less wide It's also got a more squared-off design, and it's all, of course, made out of this matte black aluminum I think not only does it look nice, but importantly it also feels nice Part of the reason that it feels so good is because it does start life as a giant chunk of aluminum which is then CNC milled down to the actual body that we have here Razer is one of the very few companies who does this in addition to Apple, and it does make a difference to the build quality and just the general heft and, you know, not heft, I guess, but the general feel

Like, it's a very rigid sort of premium-feeling laptop The only slight issue is that with my pre-production unit, there is a little bit of flex on the bottom of the chassis However, I actually did get to take a look at another Blade Stealth and that didn't have this problem, so I'm assuming it's just an early issue Remove a few torque screws on the bottom, and you have easy access to the internals of the laptop There's not a lot that you can work on here

The SSD is user-upgradeable if you would like Unfortunately, the RAM is soldered down, but it is actually a really nice little design here, and importantly you can see they have completely redesigned the thermal solution, mostly because, you know, they added a full GPU inside, so we've got two fans There's also a decently-sized 53-watt hour battery, and that's good in my experience for somewhere between six to seven hours of battery life I just realized, why does this say Pro in the inside? This, like, a prototype? Oh, oh, yeah, it actually is a prototype (laughing) What could Pro mean? Oh, right, 'cause they sent me a pre-production unit

The ports have also been slightly tweaked In addition to the Thunderbolt 3 port and two USB-As, we also now have a secondary USB-C port as opposed to HDMI Good stuff Then there's the screen Now on paper, this is actually a downgrade

So we're going from an 1800p touchscreen down to a 1080p non-touch display I actually prefer this, though, and a big reason is battery life, so going down to 1080p means we have to push a lot less pixels, and on top of that, it's one of the new ultra-efficient 1 1/2-watt panels, which helps to contribute to that pretty decent six to seven hours of battery life Now if you do really want a touchscreen and more resolution, there is a 4K touch panel option As far as I'm concerned, this is the sweet spot It's helped by excellent inputs, so not only do we have a Windows Precision Touchpad here, but I don't know what kind of wizardry Razer's doing, this is among the nicest I've ever tried on any Windows laptop

Not only does it have a very smooth glass surface, but the tracking is really, really on par with a lot of the best laptops on the market Then there's the keyboard Now it is using custom Razer switches, and to my tastes, I wish it would be just a little bit lighter, but I think a lot of people will be very happy not only for typing but also with gaming on this guy And, of course, it does have the full Chroma RGB support to customize it however you want – Play Fallout, you know what I'm talking about

A bunch of birds are getting lit on fire as they fly through the sky! – The speakers are also great This actually has a quad speaker setup, so it has a pair of two-watt speakers on either side And as far as the laptop goes, again, it sounds really good Are you sensing a trend here? The Razer Blade Stealth does a lot of things very, very well What's not so great is the webcam

As you guys can see, it's fine, and it is 720p, but the main issue here is that the Windows Hello support which is included just doesn't work all that reliably It's rare that I review a laptop that does so much right Razer definitely did their homework with the Blade Stealth this year The only thing I can really ding them for is price To get that MX150, which you really should opt for if you do have the Razer Blade Stealth, you have to get the mid-spec model, which does come in at a pretty expensive $1,600

Considering the entire package, though, it's so dope that I really can't even complain It's so dope, I can't complain That's a tagline for the website Razer, if you want to put that on the accolades It's so dope, I can't complain, Austin, 2018, feel free

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