The Next Gen Xbox Is Here

– Hey guys this is Austin and today at E3 Xbox finally has their next generation, Project Scarlett So first of all let's talk specs, inside there is going to be another AMD based APU

It has their latest Zen 2 core as well as they have Navi graphics This is going to give it a huge leap in two different areas First of all the CPU on the Xbox One as well as the PS4 is notoriously weak, it's a Jaguar based CPU, it's really meant for like mobile applications, super, super underpowered So the fact that these new consoles are getting a huge CPU bump are going to bring them much, much closer to what the PC is capable of The other aspect is the graphics

So with Navi graphics on board this will not only support 8K, although that'll most likely be for video, but importantly it does support 4K at a full 120 frames per second That paired with the variable refresh display means that you can actually get some proper PC like graphics out of the brand new Xbox, as well as of course the brand new PS5, as again, all these specs are literally identical as far as I can tell Jacques, are you ready to buy an Xbox Project Scarlett? – I am ready to buy an Xbox (mumbles) – [Austin] It will be $800, are you ready? – $800? – I just made that up – Yes, I'll buy one for $8 I think it should be $499, that's what I'm gonna call

I'm gonna call $499 in 2020 and, it comes with a fancy box as well – An Xbox some might say So there's no doubt that this thing is going to be pricey but there are a lot of other cool features on board So it does support GDDR6, not a huge surprise, as well as it does support ray-tracing Now this is actually one area where Sony wasn't super clear on what exactly they're doing with the ray-tracing but it should be nice to see exactly that we are getting this on the next generation of consoles

Again, we're seeing very much that same level of PC spec just coming over to the console side of things Now Project Scarlett, and to be fair that's probably not going to be the final name when it actually ships next year, is very much an evolution of what we've seen with the Xbox One as well as the PS4 It's an AMD based CPU architecture, GPU architecture, basically just essentially it's just a PC in a box but the cool part about this one is that we're actually seeing a huge leap on both fronts Last time we had good graphics but the CPUs really let it down And something else that has let the current generation of consoles down is the storage

So right now we have hard drives across the board, however both the PS5 as well as Project Scarlett will ship with an SSD This is probably the second biggest thing behind the CPU jump in that not only are load times going to be significantly shorter, but on top of that we're going to be able to see bigger, wider worlds that can load very quickly, right? Real question – Yes? – How much is the next-gen Xbox gonna cost? [Jeopardy music] – I'm gonna go with [Jeopardy music] $500 – $500 All right, all right, I can get behind that No, for real though, $500 sounds about right – Competitive, yeah

'Cause PlayStation is probably to be six, if not higher – I feel like they're gonna be the same spec and probably same price I don't know, to me these two consoles feel incredibly similar – I think Xbox is more willing take the loss for the sake of competition – Well another thing they did announce is that this new Xbox is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X

As far as gameplay goes we did get to take a look at Halo Infinite which will be a launch title for the brand new Xbox Scarlett Now I've got to say that this looked awesome, right, I mean, simple things like the depth of field was incredibly high quality, the textures were so detailed, and the fact this is going to be a launch title means that we are, I'm just, I'm excited, man It's finally time for new gen of consoles In fact, I actually have, like literally my very first E3 was actually when they announced the Xbox One so I feel like it's a full circle kind of thing Hi

– The highlight, oh, hello, Starbucks nearby – You're like ready for this right now – I always place an order at the end of the Xbox press conference and then I go and everything's ready – All right – That's the end of my story

– So how much do you think the Xbox Scarlett will cost? – I thought you were gonna ask me how much was the Mac Pro (laughs) – Wrong, that was last week, come on, get with it – I think probably like $700, maybe, do you think? You can't make it to high but you can, you know, I don't know, is that too much? – My guess is probably somewhere between $400 to $600, probably leaning towards $500 to $600 – Yeah, I think that's fair – They also talked a lot about cloud gaming and how this is going to impact Scarlett

So on top of their xCloud service which they've talked about in the past, it's very similar to something like PlayStation Now where you can stream Xbox games pretty much anywhere On top of that you actually don't even have to necessarily pay Microsoft for it because if you already have an Xbox One you can use that to stream no matter where you are Now this is of course going to be very dependent on the internet but it's a really cool feature They're also expanding Xbox Game Pass to PC So for $10 a month you get access to somewhere in the neighborhood of about 100 games and the cool part about it is that there's also an additional Xbox Game Pass Ultimate feature which will be $15 a month but includes Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, PC, and Xbox Live

I swear just said the word Xbox 12 times in that one sentence Okay, so I'm asking a literally everyone this question, how much will Scarlett cost? – I feel like Microsoft won't go crazy high 'cause we saw what happened with the Xbox One I'd be surprised, I'd say $500 to $600 If it were higher than that, even five to six is like pushing it I'm hoping five, if it's six that's the max

– When you figure the One X right now is $500 and you're adding an SSD, which is going to be very expensive, brand new CPU, GPU, ray-tracing, all that kind of fun stuff, I think $500 is to me probably close to the floor – Yeah, no, I think that'd be great If people expect, if, I don't know, if they price it any higher people are just gonna, you know people, they're gonna be upset – People, getting upset on the internet since forever ago Microsoft also announced a brand-new version of the Elite Controller

So there are a lot of small but important improvements So it finally has a rechargeable battery that's built in, which you don't have to pay for, so that's nice, it has Bluetooth, it has USB-C, and the entire controller's basically been renovated Renovated, redesigned? It's probably a better term So not only do have adjustable sticks, you have more options for customization, you have new grips, this thing actually looks pretty dope but I actually don't think we have a release date yet, it's soon, I think To me, E3 this Xbox seems very much focused on not only the next generation of consoles but importantly on the games that will actually be run there because put simply, these consoles are going to be very similar, right, the games are going to be the differentiator and Microsoft is the company with a lot of money and they're not afraid to use it to buy studios such as Double Fine which they announced today to make sure they are really staying on top of this next generation of consoles

I mean, Phil Spencer put it very clearly, this next console is about gaming, it's not about Kinect, it's not about video, it's not about any of that stuff, it is about making sure this is one of the best places to play games and from what I've seen so far it looks like they've done a great job, this is super, super exciting Now, mind you, we have no price or what it looks like or what makes this any different than PS5, but I do know this, make sure to subscribe for the next five years of console comparisons

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