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com/AustinEvans or at the link in the description So today I'm embarking on one of the most difficult PC builds I may have ever done, not because it is the most complicated or difficult But because obviously in this day and age it's kind of hard to get your hands on parts, many things are sold out Many things are far more expensive than they should be So my goal is to get my hands on some of the budget items, not the cheapest

Obviously, you could build the cheapest computer at any point but I wanna build the most affordable reasonable computer that you should buy for gaming right now Alright, so that was very successful So not only do we have our case but we also have our motherboard, graphics, ram, SSD, oh Wait, where's the power supply? Oh, all right, I'll be right back (beep) And with that, we have all the components for our reasonable you should actually buy this PC build So we'll actually go through some of the things we have because I am super excited for what we're able to get for less than 600 bucks So first of all, we have this, the Ryzen 3100

Now, this is a killer little chip because at $99 it's essentially a cut down version of the bigger Ryzen processors So we get these same cores into Zen 2 core, you get similar clock speeds and overclocking The main difference is, while this might only be a quad core chip, it's still more powerful than like a Core i7-7700K, which is almost $400 just a couple of years ago This is going to be a serious budget processor, that's only the beginning I almost okay, I'm not gonna break it

It's only the beginning of what we have Next we have a Asus Prime B450M-A So this is a B450 chipset, very standard for $1000 specifically on the slightly lower end What I like about this one is it's slightly upgraded, which because with this build, I don't wanna build the cheapest thing I wanna build the best thing that I can actually still recommend that's not super expensive, this board makes a ton of sense We also have 16 gigs of G

Skill Ripjaws memory 16 gigs I think is a really safe amount because well yes you get away with eight I don't really recommend it now especially if you're going to use in this PC for several years, this is much safer And on top of that, while it's only 3200 megahertz, it's a little bit slower than I'd like but it was also significantly cheaper than any other option out there And I would gladly save 20 bucks to lose like 2% performance

We also have what I think is a pretty solid SSD So this is a 500 gigabyte WD Black So not only is it PCI Gen three we have the four or three gigabyte per second speeds Well the thing is with 500, wow that's really it says 129, I paid $80 for that So obviously, it's seen a discount since it first went on sale

500 gig should be plenty of space, you obviously can sort of expand it later but you're not going to feel super cramped with a smaller SSD, you're giving the exact same superfast performance as a higher end gaming PC And the WD Black drive is quite well regarded pretty much across the board and it's now significantly cheaper than it used to be And then we have the GTX 1650 Super Now that $165 this might not be the most powerful or exciting graphics card in the world, but it is still going to be enough for TDP gaming on medium to high settings And importantly, this does have the Nvidia NVENC encoder

So if you're planning on doing any kind of say streaming that is going to make a big difference and because you're able to play games pretty consistently at 1080p 60, around $580 for this entire build It's a solid card which brings us to the EVGA 500 watt power supply There's nothing really special here it is an 80 plus unit that's certified power supply Really, it's enough and it will be certainly enough for the system If you plan on doing major upgrades, you might want a bit more power or a slightly higher quality supply

But for us, I feel this is going to be just fine So with all that being said, I think it's time to actually build our quarantine gaming PCs extravaganza It's an extravaganza, I just decided that So we are taking advantage of the CoolerMaster Masterbox Q300L, which is a case that we used in some build last year The thing is, this is fairly cheap, it's only 50 bucks

It looks nice It's Micro ATX, which means we're going to save a little bit of disk space One of the cool things about this case is that we actually have a couple of these magnetical dust filters So it has this sort of pattern where you can rotate either way and just sort of slaps on the front and the top So this is a pretty no frills case, we only have a single 120 mil fan inside, so you could expand it with more fans and honestly if you want spend a little bit of money you could also grab maybe like a couple of rgb fans for the front or add like a light strip

I think i might need a screwdriver for this one Okay, I'll just be a man and do it So if you can't tell this is going to be an incredibly chill build But you know what it is quarantine time, it's time to gather around with your loved ones Find a screwdriver and some friendly PC parts and enjoy hanging out with Uncle Austin as he builds a $580 gaming computer to make you uncomfortable

I just called myself uncle Austin coz I'm definitely uncomfortable right now And of course, if you'd like a full step by step tutorial on how to build a gaming PC, I actually did one very recently I've actually shot it at the Micro Center store a couple of months ago So there is a 50% chance I put this bracket on correctly and the 50% chance it is upside down Let's see, shall we? I think it's upside, super upside down

Okay, these things happen, it's fine So one of the only real questions I have here is on the motherboard itself So we do have a B450 board, it's in an Asus board, it should be fine Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my hands on the slightly upgraded version, which has a USB C port as opposed to take advantage of VGA, which is something I don't really need I am very excited to try this Ryzen 3

Zen has really made such huge strides and the fact that we're able to get $100 processor that is as powerful and more powerful than like the best gaming chip you could get just a couple years ago is really exciting Why is this not? Okay, I was about to go through the chip across the room So Ryzen 3 comes with a pretty basic wraith stealth cooler But the thing is, this is completely fine for something like the Ryzen 3 It will still easily dissipate all of our heat and realistically it's as good as a cooler that you buy for like $20, $30 bucks anyway

So generally speaking with Ryzen stuff, I actually kind of like using the base coolers especially on the lower end, goodbye little Ryzen It's nice knowing you, enjoy your life underneath this cooler So when it comes to building a Ryzen system, there are a couple of things that matter and memory is definitely one them So you 100% without a question want to rely on dual channel memory So on top of looking for dual channel, generally speaking I like to look for something around the 3600 megahertz range, especially with low latency

The problem is though, is because PC parts are so hard to find right now, a lot of times those kits have gotten really quite expensive So this was significantly cheaper and it was only a little bit slower at 3200 megahertz So yes, technically, we're giving up maybe two or 3% of sort of maximum performance, but we're also saving like 30 bucks I think that's a very easy trade, especially at a computer this sort of value And the nice thing is not only do we have 16 gigs of RAM, but this board also has four DIMM slots, which means that we can easily upgrade this to 32 in the future

I don't necessarily think you need to do that, but it's an easy upgrade to do Next up, of course, we have our WD Black SSD Now, usually when I'm using SSDs on lower end systems, I go for pretty much the cheapest thing I can get because pretty much any SSD or literally any SSD is going to be better than like a hard drive Alright, so with our motherboard installed, this is starting to look pretty good, which is where this comes in So this is a cheap clearance $10 LED stick, which normally I would not include on a build like this

But first of all, it's cheap Second of all, we have a window And third of all, besides our mustered cables, this actually should look pretty nice So with the PC complete, I'm actually really happy with how it turned out Not only does it look nice inside this fairly cheap case, but that single LED strip actually adds a lot to the aesthetic of the system

And of course, with our cable management, being decent constraints is a cheap system I'm really happy with just the overall look of it But of course, we're not here just for the look of a $600 game PC Let's see what actually performs All right, we are in oh yeah, no, we do a solid 200 frames per second right out the gate

So in CS:GO obviously it is not the most demanding game in the world What's nice about CS:GO is this is a game that actually does do a good job of showing how important your processor is, right, because while yeah, pretty much anything can play this at some level, but what we really want to be able to do is play it at something like 100, 150, 200 frames per second and that's really where the CPU makes a big difference But when we're getting 200 frames per second as that not such a big problem What is the big problem is everyone's really good at CS:GO and I've never been good at CS:GO So this is a good example of why gaming PC has some real advantages, right? Because with a console while yes, technically you can get some games with these next generations to play at above 60 frames per second but PC it works just right out of the gate, right? I don't have to do anything, literally if I have a monitor which isn't even that expensive, I can jump straight into a very nice looking PC game

I'm just gonna keep dying on it Okay, that's fine, that's fine, I like that, it's really fun Oh, by the way, have I not mentioned I'm also recording the gameplay right now too So in addition to getting this nice, smooth performance, I'm also seeing 200, 215 frames per second while recording I just got killed by a bot which is just great

All right, that's what you deserve my friend How did I not do that, why? (grumbling) So F1 2019 is certainly not the most difficult game to run in the world But we're running 1080p medium right now No, you don't know, you don't know, you (grumbling) come on (laughs) this is a game which is not crazy difficult to run but what we're getting here is oh God, we're getting 165 frames per second on medium at 1080p, especially considering them playing on a higher refresh rate display it's actually a really nice smooth experience, I mean this is $600, right? And while I mean yeah, I guess you could obviously get higher frame but you have to consider that now we're getting these hundred plus frames per second games, at 1080p or doing that all while recording, right? Which would mean that if we were say streaming we will be getting very similar performance, you really don't have a huge sort of bottleneck or penalty by going with something which is so much cheaper It used to be that long ago, that when you bring out at five $600 computer, it might be a play some games like medium or whatever, but then you're not gonna have enough memory, you're gonna have a slow hard drive, like you used to have to make a lot of compromises

And that's simply really isn't the case anymore, like this thing is like legitimately really solid Next up, we have the good old classic of GTA 5 Now here, I'm going to run it on 1080p at high settings What do you think should give us a little bit of a better sense for how this game is actually going to perform because while yeah, for things like CS:GO and F1 and sort of lighter Esports titles, you can get 100 plus FPS really easily But GTA 5 was a little bit of an older game can still be pretty taxing

Oh, wait, I'm just kidding, this is 115 frames per second Okay, so I'm 1080p high, not a problem, we're also getting hundred frames per second I know it's rare that I've been surprised by a computer being better than I thought, but like, I think we can crank things up even farther Now with our settings cranked up pretty much to very high and ultra, we're in the 45 frame per second range which makes sense, right? I mean, this is like fairly taxing, it's an open world game, it's also hitting the CPU This is a little bit more of a reasonable test but I mean, I will say especially if you have a monitor with any kind of adaptive sync 40 FPS is still not terrible

And if it's me, I'm going to crank down like this a little bit and I'm going to get a nice smooth 60 frames per second So the next step is to see how well this computer actually streams So after rudely denying him many shout outs in the past, I'm gonna let Ken have a try with this computer, get a little Twitch streaming action and see if it's able to hold up – All right, so Austin, let me have the reins with this brand new Ryzen 3 PC and most importantly, it has that GTX 1650 Super, which uses in videos and NVENC encoding to make streaming a little easier and less taxing on your CPU so I have my full streaming setup here I siphoned all of my gear from home so I have my Stream Deck my RX0 camera, Elgato Cam Link, HD60

So we're going to be testing out a stream, which I'm going to be doing in a couple of hours to see what this PC can do while streaming on Twitch, twitchtv/kenbolido follow me and subscribe if you guys are awesome people So I'm playing Valorant at 1080P while streaming in 720p60 and this is going really well so I have all the settings maxed and valorous with our setup and I'm barely dipping below 144, that's totally fine And keep in mind I'm also recording this stream as well using NVENC on OBS so it's again, completely fine One enemy remaining, ooh, here we go

Nice work guys, see not bad – I am really happy with how this PC came out So of course, as always, you can check it out at the links in the description You can also check out our sponsor, Omaze Now Omaze is a company that works together with creators and industry leaders to raise money for nonprofits

So donating via Omaze means that not only are you contributing to a great cause, but you're also entering for a chance to win incredible prizes, such as dream cars, vacations, celebrity hangouts, and of course, the ultimate gaming PC Not only do you have the chance to win that $20,000 ultimate dream gaming PC, but on top of that tax and shipping are included It all goes to help benefit Gamers Outreach, which is a nonprofit that provides recreation to children's hospital to the power of video games in the gaming community Using my code AUSTINEVANS50 gets you 50 additional entries So not only will you get a chance to win, but your donation will help ease the burden of hospitalization by providing equipment, technology and software that will help kids cope with the long term treatment

So definitely head over to Omazecom/AustinEvans to enter for your chance to win this amazing $20,000 dream PC, has it's ending pretty soon on June 9, so make sure to enter for your chance to win today Of course, use the code AUSTINEVANS50 for 50 additional entries, links as always will be in the description

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